8 Money Lessons You Can Learn From ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’

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Classic holiday movies have some great financial advice to offer.

Key points

  • There’s a lot of personal finance advice to be gleaned from comedy films.
  • The right homeowners insurance policy (and a robust home maintenance fund) can save you money when your holiday celebrations go awry.
  • Don’t count on getting a holiday bonus, as you might get a Jelly-of-the-Month Club subscription instead.

Some movies just stick with you. For many people, it ‘s the ones they see as kids that have the longest-lasting impact. The 1989 Chevy Chase movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation decidedly fits the beak for a lot of people around my long time, and I have friends who add it to their holiday movie rotation every year. This class, I decided to take some notes during a rewatch, and in between fits of laugh, I extracted eight important money lessons that anyone can use, both during the holidays angstrom well as the lie of the year .

1. Save money on a Christmas tree by shopping online

In the beginning scenery of the film, the Griswold family heads out to the woods to pick out their Christmas tree. While cutting your own tree is a bang-up direction to save money, there ‘s a a lot smarter approach to it. You can purchase a let for $ 5 or $ 10 to cut your own tree in a national afforest, or to in truth save some time and get a capital consider on a corner, consider buying one on-line from a big-box store. I ‘ll besides note that artificial trees are low-cost, reclaimable, and do n’t come with pine sap that will make you stick to everything.

2. Make sure you have the right homeowners insurance coverage

Homeowners policy is absolutely crucial, and Christmas Vacation illustrates precisely why. If a cigar-smoking relative lights your desiccated corner on fire, or in the class of bringing said tree indoors, you wind up with break windows or other damage to your home, having a adept policy in invest could save you money on those repairs .

3. Keep a robust home maintenance fund

In a similar vein, if you ‘re a homeowner, you ‘re going to want to keep in take care the expensive ( and ongoing ) costs of homeownership. Maintain a hearty care store for home repairs that insurance wo n’t cover. You ‘ll be glad you have that money when you unintentionally fall through your attic ceiling into a bedroom below .

4. Beware of holiday energy costs

The holiday temper is a costly time of class. Between buying gifts and hosting family dinners, you ‘re already looking at spend extra money. But do n’t forget extra expenses for holiday dress, like higher energy bills if you decide to cover your home plate with 25,000 twinkle lights .

5. Consider getting a pet insurance policy

winter is an particularly dangerous clock time for pets. Eating turkey bones out of the garbage, chewing on Christmas lights, and even drinking Christmas corner water can all be hazardous to their health. Pet indemnity is worth considering at all times of year, but particularly before your pets are at risk this vacation season .

6. If you’re out of work, don’t hold out for a management position

If, like Cousin Eddie, you ‘re out of work, it ‘s best not to wait around hoping that person will hire you for management right off the squash racket. Despite warnings of a coming recession, the job commercialize is hush strong, then spiff up your sketch and get your mention out there. And remember that you can negotiate a speculate offer to ensure you get the correct burst for you .

7. Don’t count on a holiday bonus

It ‘s easy to sit and dream about putting in a float pool using your holiday bonus. however, you are n’t necessarily guaranteed to get one, and in fact may get the endow that keeps on giving — a class ‘s membership to the Jelly-of-the-Month Club. So possibly do n’t write a check for a $ 7,500 lodge on your newfangled pool unless you ‘ve already received that bonus in hand. And besides, make sure you consider all the costs of having a pool, including ongoing maintenance and indemnity.

8. Meet the neighbors before you buy a house

If you ‘re hoping to buy a home soon, here ‘s a lean for you. Try to meet some of your likely new neighbors before making an offer on a house. severe neighbors can bring down your property values and make life at home a misery. And you deserve to enjoy your Christmas dinner and margaritas without interruptions from the family adjacent door. It ‘s funny how much more we notice when we rewatch a front-runner childhood movie as an adult ( particularly as an adult who writes about personal finance ). I hope your holidays are safer and less expensive than the one had by the Griswold kin in Christmas Vacation .

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