Why We Still Send Out Christmas Cards

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Some people just don ’ thymine appreciate the fine art of Christmas cards. You may be wondering why people send out Christmas cards and why it ’ s even still a thing. One matter is for certain, you will see me sending out Christmas cards every year and here ’ randomness why .

#1. I’m a little old school.

flush though it seems everyone is on Facebook nowadays and we see pictures all the time, I think there is something special about getting a Christmas poster in the mail. Opening up the envelope, reaching at heart, and pulling out a circuit board from a family that cares for you is then fun .

I said I ‘m a little old school, not completely previous school ! Thanks to Minted, I do n’t have to sit down and address all of my envelopes by hand. They offer a special give of free custom-made envelopes and free recipient role addressing. I ‘m able to keep my savoir-faire bible saved on their site and can use them year after year ( and throughout the year for diverse occasions ) .

#2. It’s fun to catch up with everyone.

If I wrote a letter to everyone we have met over the years, it would take awhile. Which is why I love sending out Christmas cards. I can update everyone at once and it makes life easier on this busy mama. obviously, I love receiving Christmas cards from my friends and family because it keeps me in the loop on everyone else .

I have a short tree that I pop all the cards on as we receive them. It ‘s a fun decoration to have around through the holidays .

#3. Sending out mail is fun.

I will always remember sitting down with my kids while they help me meet envelopes. It ’ s a memory I ’ thousand making with them and that ’ s what is indeed authoritative to me. Sending Christmas cards with ma and dad. Sending out mail is fun, but it ’ s besides a great memory to make with my kids .
What kid does n’t love sticking a stamp on an envelope ? Try not to stress if it ‘s not directly !

#4. The family photos are special.

I love putting the family photos together in our cards ! syndicate pictures are something that we ‘ll have everlastingly. Each class, I hang all of our Christmas cards ( which of path feature photos ) on a wall. I love looking back at how everyone has changed each year .
The thing is, these do n’t all have to be professional photograph. If you took a short ton of selfies with the kids this class and that ‘s all you have – include those on the cards ! They ‘re fun and the actual you ! Our photos on our cards this class are a mix of professional shots and ones I snapped with my telephone .

#5. It’s a tradition of ours.

Our first Christmas as a family of three, I went crazy about our Christmas cards ! Like, good crazy. I was so delirious to send out cards with our small family on them ! It was something that my family did and I knew it was something I wanted to continue doing as I built my own family. It ’ s a small custom that I do with my syndicate, but it ’ s a big one. Each year, we look fore to it and I have even to miss a year .

Minted has Christmas cards and vacation cards in all formats ! This year, I decided on these adorable short booklettes ! I was able to contribution so much about our class in our card. It reminds me of an old annual newsletter that people used to send but with a modern twist ! I ‘ve already received so many compliments on our cards !
No count the card expressive style you choose, Minted makes it easy to add a photograph ( or photograph ), text, and actually personalize it. Your class ‘s vacation card should represent your family !

Sending a Christmas tease is fun for the wholly family and it ’ s something we look fore to every year. largely, it ’ s a tradition and a bang-up way to capture my family in photograph, plus I can catch everyone up on what our family has been busy doing the by year. Why do you send out Christmas cards ?

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