Sending Christmas cards linked with lower levels of depression, study finds

The death of the Christmas card has been greatly exaggerated in the virtual age with the pandemic seeing a dramatic return of the old-school season ’ sulfur greetings and modern research pointing to the genial health benefits of sending and receiving cards. A survey carried out in the University of Limerick ( UL ) has linked the send of Christmas cards with lower levels of depression. Researchers have besides suggested that a change of accustomed card send could be a bolshevik pin that person may be struggling over the Christmas season. The inquiry was led by Prof Stephen Gallagher, director of the Study of Anxiety Stress and Health Lab at the university, and published in the journal Cogent Psychology. It examined whether the station of Christmas cards offered insight into the sender ’ mho mental wellbeing. Using data from more than 2,400 people who took share in the UK ’ s Understanding Society Wave 5 datum fit, the UL researchers extracted information as to whether individuals sent Christmas cards.

READ MORE “ While many of the behavioral characteristics displayed by people with depressive disorder are well known, here, for the first base time, we demonstrate that a Christmas behavior, or the air of Christmas cards, is besides affected, ” said Prof Gallagher. “ We found that approximately 55 per penny of non-depressed people reported ‘ always ’ sending Christmas cards, compared to 46 per cent of those with depression. The researchers besides looked at other findings that showed “ expressing gratitude in letters and cards has been found to boost positive emotions in both the receiver and transmitter ”. “ We found that it was more than good the central of pleasantries and good wishes over the gay season, ” Prof Gallagher said, with evidence pointing to the senders ’ mood as influencing their Christmas behavior. “ If you do not hear from person who regularly sends you a Christmas card, it might be worth checking in with them to spread some Christmas cheerfulness, ” said Dr Jennifer McMahon, a lecturer in psychology at UL and a co-author on the study. Elaine Kellegher did not need a scientific study to tell her about the plus benefits of the menu occupation, although the wag designer welcomed the findings.

She began designing and selling far-out Christmas cards from her Dublin home in 2016 and said she went into it without any marketplace research and despite people telling her the mind of sending cards was on the means out. “ I very started making the cards because I wanted to use my design skills but angstrom soon as I started selling the cards, I noticed there was a demand there and it grew and grew and then when the pandemic hit it just shot up, it was incredible, ” she said. “ People couldn ’ triiodothyronine see each other or physically touch each other so they wanted to send palpable tings. even seeing person ’ s handwriting was a way to connect. ” She sells on-line and in craftsman food and coffee shops angstrom well as give shops. “ These are not irish pound patronize cards and they are for people who want something different. demand is still in truth good this class and I think people are identical keen to support irish designers and buy irish products. ” Elaine Kellegher, an irish calling card couturier, says her largest customer base is those aged 25-40 She said her largest customer base is those aged 25-40. “ I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think we have seen the end of the Christmas wag just even and I think like many things it has come back into manner. People want that feelgood factor and like that survey from the University of Limerick, I have read others that show how good people feel when they send and when they receive Christmas cards so it is a win-win. ” Anna McHugh of An Post besides extolled – unsurprisingly – the virtues of sending a batting order this Christmas. “ We all have the best of intentions to stay in reach with friends and relations but yet besides much the year draws to a close without us actually managing to make the trip or arrange the night out. A Christmas card with a personal message helps keep the connection alive, and let that person or family know that you haven ’ thyroxine forgotten them, that they are still important to you, ” she said.

She said mindfulness coaches “ recommend that we make our tease writing a enjoyable activeness, taking an afternoon or even to get comfortable and to reflect upon the past year and our friendships and family connections. ” As a resultant role of the holocene cold upwind, she said, “ stamp sales are actually well ahead of this time end class ”. “ We ’ rhenium hope that the frigid temperatures forecast for the coming week will keep everyone focused on the fact that Christmas is less than three weeks away ! ”

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