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Giving gifts can be hard when a friend or syndicate member lives far away. sure, give cards are constantly an choice, but sometimes you merely want to send something especial .

Sending packages can be kind of a pain because you have to get a box, make sure to package it right field, and then pay to send it .
Wouldn ’ t it be nice to send something easily through the mail that won ’ t take a lot of time and money ?
enter : a list of items that you can actually mail in envelope !


The Joy of Receiving Something in the Mail

I don ’ thyroxine know about you but I love to receive escargot mail in my mailbox, ampere farseeing as it ’ s not a bill ! 🙂
As it becomes more of a rare thing, it besides becomes a more special thing to receive paper mail. sol why not up the belly laugh factor by tucking in a endow to accompany your note card ?
There are a kind of different bantam gifts that will fit in an envelope that will allow you to brighten person ’ sulfur day, whether it ’ s parents, friends, or pen pals .
You can even make it more special by creating an envelope of your own using the template below to send your endow in .

just make sure it fits the USPS regulations ( mentioned down below ) once your item is inside .


30+ Easy To Mail Gifts

Let ’ s start with some great DIY endowment ideas for mailing with your following letter .

1) Hot Pads

Hot pads are a great flat gift that will fit into an envelope to mail. If you are crafty and love to make helpful gifts, this would be a great endowment to send, specially if you personalize it .
If you don ’ metric ton know how to sew or equitable want to have person else make them for you, you can always buy some. just look how cute these colorful hot pads are .

Beginner Sewing Projects has a capital tutorial so you can make your own hotpads with hand pockets !


2) Coasters

Coasters are another great apartment gift to mail. Beginner Sewing Projects has a tutorial for you to make them easily and give to your friends .

If you are giving these as a birthday or Christmas give, you could find a particular framework with some of their favorite things on it .
With therefore many fabric options out there, there actually is no limit to the types you can create. You can even get creative with the determine and size for people that love unique ones. Just imagine making these in the shape of pumpkins or apples !
If you don ’ t have the crafty gene in you but still love the look o these, check out these that you can buy on-line .
Batik Quilted Fabric Coaster Set with Colorful Sunflower Print

3) Corner Bookmarks

Every since I saw the Mega fantasy library in the Beauty and the Beast movie, I have dreamed of having a library of my own wax of my front-runner books ! * sigh… *
Do you have a ally or family member who loves to read ? How do you feel about dogears on the pages of your favorite book ?
People seem to either not care at all– > or hate them. If you know person that can ’ t stand making creases on their books, this giving is perfective for them .
Check out how sophisticate and handy this bookmark is .

These corner bookmarks are therefore cunning and easy to make. Head on over to Happiest Camper to get the details on how to make these .

4) DIY Phone Case

Another great, easy-to-make endowment is a call encase ! Happiest Camper has another tutorial on how you can make cute call cases that will help protect your acquaintance ’ south and class ’ south phones .

This could be a big gift to mail to a niece or nephew for their birthday .
For an easily to order interpretation that is superintendent cunning and floral designed, this framework telephone encase makes a bang-up give .


5) DIY Bookmark

Bookmarks are such fun gifts to both make and transport. If you have friends and family who read a short ton, considering sending some bookmarks. Like the corner ones from above, traditional bookmarks make easy and playfulness presents to send in the mail that will get consumption for many years to come .
If you want to learn how to make your own elementary bookmark, check out this tutorial .
The Craft At Home Family has a great tutorial on watercolor bookmarks. They are simpleton adequate for even kids to make and look very adorable .
I love the look of these personalized resin bookmarks. They are so sturdy so far calm classy and beautiful .

If you have to urge to personalize some yourself and have a creative/ artistic streak check out these ready to assemble bookmarks. They set you up with all the materials you will need to make your own and they still make fantastic gifts that are personal and fun to send through the mail .


6) Wire Heart Bookmark

If you want to do something a small different from a regular paper bookmark, check out this neat estimate from Single girls DIY. > >
This little heart is indeed cunning and what a cagey way to mark a page without folding it over or damaging it .

Single Girls DIY shows you how to create dim-witted cable affection bookmarks that will be super special and easy to mail .
If you don ’ t have time to make a bookmark, you could buy this cunning LOVE electrify bookmark and send it your Valentine .

7) Elastic Book Band

An elastic book isthmus is another easy giving you can make for your friends or family members who love to read. These antique stylus book bands are elegant and functional at the same time. Sending one of these in a caution software to a loved one will make their day .

This super cute book band will help hold down pages while they are reading and is a perfective small endow that will fit in an envelope to mail .

Follow these dim-witted instructions from Easy Things To Sew to make your own .

8) Cross Stitch

If you are crafty and love to DIY, make a simple hybrid sew to send in your card. It ’ s an easy endowment that will fit perfectly in an envelope. Need some inspiration ? Check out these cunning satellite cross-stitch patterns .


9) Personalized Card Holder

Cardholders are an easy way for person to carry around important cards like their driver ’ randomness license or credit card without having to carry and wallet or purse. These personalize menu holders would make a great endowment to tuck in an envelope .
When I was in college, I loved getting random worry packages in the mail from my family. Something like this would have made me smile and feel very loved .
As a ma, this would besides come in very handy when I ’ m out running errands .

10) Phone Lanyard

If you have person who likes to accessorize with their telephone, consider a personalize phone strap. This handmade beaded lanyard on Etsy is an easy gift that will get used for sure ! These telephone lanyards are superintendent cute and would make a great birthday or Christmas gift .


These next 9 gifts fit easily into a card or flat envelope

11) Stickers

Did you collect stickers as a pull the leg of ? I don ’ thyroxine know what it is about stickers that can good brighten your day. Adding stickers to your card is a playfulness surprise, particularly for kids .
My kids get stickers in the mail from their grandparents at random times. It ’ second constantly a nice surprise and make them glad for weeks afterwards. Try sending some to a child in your life .

For the adults, these planner stickers make big gifts adenine well. specially if you have an organizational overlord you want to send them to .

12) Bangles

If you want to send a giving in the mail with some sparkle, you can send these bangles. They are belittled and slender adequate that they should have no problem adjustment in a embroider envelope ( a bland one may get ripped ) .
jewelry is never expected as a ad-lib giving. What a way to surprise person !

You could besides send some thin earrings ampere well. These wooden drop earrings are easy system of weights and expression amaze .

13) Motivational vinyl stickers

Want to cheer person up or give them some motivation ? You could send some motivational vinyl stickers that they can stick wherever they need it .

This is a fun way for them to decorate a planner, book, laptop or any item they use a set and will take up identical small space in a card.

This one made me giggle. It ’ second amusing but besides motivational in its own way .

14) Money Origami

I learned recently that you can make some truly cunning origami out of dollar bills .
It ’ s such an unexpected item to receive, which makes it ace aplomb ! One of my identical favorite envelope gift ideas !
Find more details about money origami in this post > > Best Ways to Give Money as a endow
photograph Used with Permission by sae_makendecorate on Instagram

15) Socks

Something else that constantly gets a smile are playfulness socks. Grab a pair of socks with a root of something you know the recipient will like and send them through the mail .

16) Keychain

Keychains can be a superintendent playfulness endow to send through the mail. Sending one in a traditional letter envelope can be crafty, when they go through the slots, the creases in the newspaper can get caught and rip. Try sending these in a categoric cardboard envelope or a puffy bubble wrap one .

If you know your pen pal collects sealed things you can credibly find a keychain to go with it .

17) Tickets

Tickets to a movie, express, or attraction are a great endow to send in the mail. If you buy on-line, you can print them out and put them in a cute circuit board to brighten their day .

18) Art Prints

artwork prints are a cute means to brighten up any space. They can be encourage and elate and easily to send. Find one that speaks to your friend or family members ’ current site that will brighten their day .
These Henry Matisse Digital Prints are beautiful and equip so many colors schemes .

19) Mini-books

very well guys. I barely thought these were besides dang cute to pass up ! Mini-books are a fun endow for creative types or make a great give for kids .
The blank books can be used for anything they like, and they are small adequate that they will fit in an envelope .

Do you have a friend or mom that needs some pampering? Send along these gifts so they can make time for self-care.

20) Nail File Case

here is a cute homemade theme from Easy Things To Sew. This nail down file event is so virtual + functional…who wouldn ’ thymine want something therefore pretty to make themselves feel good ?

Have a personalized one made for you if you can ’ thymine stand sewing. They ’ ll never know…

21) Nail wraps

One of my favored little presents to send in a card are nail wraps .
They are such a fun way to do your nails without having to worry about polish. There are besides sol many playfulness designs you can get, it makes you feel like doing your nails is a real process. Nail wraps are flat and easy to send .
It ’ s the perfect self-care endow to send to your mother, daughter, or best acquaintance. ( Except for complete biters, lol )

22) Facial Mask

Another bang-up mailable endowment to put with a card is a facial mask .
It ’ a thoughtful self-care estimate and very lightweight. This is another bang-up manner to give the endowment to remember to pamper yourself to whoever needs it.

Before I tried confront masks I was doubting on how relax they would feel. I ’ molarity hooked nowadays !

23) Tea/Drink Bags

You may not be able to sit down with your ally and chat face to face, but you could send them your favored or their favorite drink that you guys can enjoy together individually .
Pick out a few of their favored tea flavors and send a tea bag/hot chocolate mix ( or other fun drink in a bag ) in your envelope.

24) Gum

This is another little envelope give estimate that is fun to contribution. There are all kinds of flavors of gumwood you can send. You could besides send some type of candy, barely be careful. A cocoa banish in July may not get the chemical reaction you want. 🙂

Kids specially love getting gum or sugarcoat in the mail. And it is a pretty unexpected item to get with a letter.


Things You Already Have Around the House

If you don ’ t have meter to make or buy something to send, check out these cool ideas from around your house that will placid be meaningful to your pen pal .

25) Pretty Fabric

Do you have a crafty family extremity or supporter ? Send them some new framework !
You can tuck in some darling pieces you have leftover or grab a small sample the following time you are at the store .
These dulcet linen fabrics would be so courteous to get in the mail. They could make great washcloths, handkerchiefs or headbands .

26) Seeds

If you have some favored seeds you used in your garden this year, pass them on ! Sometimes it can be hard to know what seeds to buy and plant, so if you are very felicitous with what you have growing, share it !
I know it seems like a airheaded estimate, but getting seeds from the favored flowers in my friends gardens has led to some of the most beautiful plants I have around my family. We share plants and seeds and cuttings. It ’ s a fantastic way to parcel something natural and sometimes besides delightful !
Super mailable because the packets are flat !

27) Recipes

Aren ’ t we all always looking for a modern recipe to make ? If you ’ ve got a dish that everyone raves over or you know your ally enjoys, why not send it over. Grab a recipe card or two, and share the giving of a plan dinner .

28) Poems

Does the person you know have a favorite poem ? Do you have a front-runner poem you like to share ? Send it ! You could either print it out in a fun font or you could handwrite it on pretty stationery. Either way, it will make a thoughtful endowment .
Do you know person who loves to write and create ? These are the arrant whippersnapper gifts to mail .
This is where calligraphy skills could come in handy. IF you have a dainty dress of pens you can very make your poem POP !

29) Sticky Notes

awkward notes may not be your first think when it comes to gifts, but hear me out. You can never have enough because they constantly disappear. Plus, if you find some with cute patterns, it makes it super fun to write notes on .

You may not be able to send the solid embroider, but you can surely send a nice sum. And what a great way to extend out a giving. Almost like a sticky note of the calendar month golf club .

30) Washi Tape

Washi Tape is a way to decorate lots of things. You can find dilute rolls that will fit into a card to send .
You can even decorate your envelope and card with it excessively !

31) Stationery

If you have a pen buddy that loves to write, send them some fun stationery for their following letter. Pretty patterns and colors can make it even more fun to send a letter. These vintage newspaper sets are then different and would make for a great giving .

When I was a adolescent, I had composition sets precisely like these ! I loved them so much and would write letters to my friends on them all the time .

FAQs About Mailing Items in an Envelope

Wondering what will pass the USPS ’ s guidelines for what you can send in an envelope ? The USPS is reasonably net on what they will allow you to send in a letter and how much it can weigh .
What size can the envelope be? Here are the specifications:

  • An envelope needs to be rectangular.
  • The length of the envelope can be anywhere from 5 inches to 11-½ inches.
  • The height can range from 3-½ to 6-⅛ inches.
  • The thickness of the envelope and content can be from ¼ inch to ¾ inches.

How much can the letter weigh?
The weight unit of the letter and contents can range from 1oz to 3.5 ounces .
How many stamps do I need?

  • According to the USPS website, for a 1-ounce letter, you would need one stamp.
  • For a 2 or 3 ounce letter, you would need 2 stamps.
  • For 3.5 ounces you would need 3 stamps.

Sending mail is actually more fun than receiving it. Using this number, you can bring smiles to those you love with your letters .
many of the items you probably have approximately your house making it easy to tuck in a endowment with your following letter .

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