16 cool things to do with used Christmas cards

Every class before Christmas, our postbox fills with vacation cards from syndicate and friends. I hang them on the refrigerator or bannister during the season for display, but once the vacation decorations come down, I ’ m always wondering what to do with the honest-to-god cards. Recycling is a better option than throwing them in the drivel, but reusing the cards is even better .
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Try one of these 16 cool things to do with use Christmas cards ; most are so easily, your kids can join in on the vacation craft project .
If you receive a distribute of holiday cards that are printed on photograph newspaper, you can inactive use most of these Christmas calling card craft ideas. however, for some crafts, you may need to paste the photograph onto the “ used ” part of an old tease to make it thicker or so you can write on it.

Gift tags

Create endow tags by cutting pieces of the cards into square, rectangular or early shapes and punching holes for strings or ribbons. Write “ to ” and “ from ” on the back of the rag if there isn ’ t any room on the front. Or cut out letter shapes from the cards to personalize family gifts .
Bonus : If you get photograph cards from people and will be giving gifts to them following year, cut out their photos and spread it onto a scrap from another poster and punch a trap in the corner to make a personalize endow circuit board ; you won ’ t even need to write their names on the tags.


If there is no writing on the inwardly of the front of a circuit board, cut the card ’ s picture area down to postcard size. On the lacuna side, draw a agate line down the center, put the address on the correct side, and write your greeting on the leave side. Ta-da ! Holiday cards for following season for the price of a postcard stamp .
( eminence : Postcards must be orthogonal, at least 3.5 inches eminent by 5 inches farseeing, and no more than 4.25 inches senior high school by 6 inches long to qualify for the postcard postage rate. )

Cocoa envelopes

Blue mug with hot chocolate and a cinnamon stick
Let ’ s think about following year ’ s vacation ! Take those extra-wide Christmas and vacation cards and glue the edges of three sides of the card together, making a sleeve. Punch a trap at the top of the card envelope. Insert a software of our homemade hot cocoa mix ( or early gift ) and tie closed using a ribbon through the punch hole. The card can be hung on the tree or tucked into a stock .

Wine charms

Cut out fiddling gay circles or other shapes from old vacation cards, making each one different from the following. Punch a hole in one end and insert a pipe clean or rubber dance band. Slip the charms onto a wine field glass root to create identifiers for guests .

Mini puzzles

Using a pencil, reap perplex pieces on the at heart of a card front man. Number the pieces and cut out. Store the pieces in fictile bags, little boxes or formative containers. You can use the little puzzles as a count or sorting activity for your kids, and they can have fun putting the picture back together .

Make a holiday basket

Repurpose the cutest christmas cards into adorable batting order baskets. Create your basket using family photograph cards, or make a basket out of cardboard and attach the card using glue .

Popsicle puppets

Cut out figures ( Santa, snowmen, etc. ) from honest-to-god holiday cards. Attach a ice lolly stick to the back with tape or glue. You have an clamant stick puppet ! Your child can put on plays or create fun stories with the figures. If you don ’ t have ice lolly sticks, stand-in straw or fictile spoons.

Build an entire neighborhood

Cut and fold vacation cards to make cunning little houses. Make adequate of them to display a miniature village. You could choose cards of the same color if you want your vicinity to have some similarity, or go wild with tinge. Download the template from Better Homes and Gardens here .

Bell made out of cardboard with ribbon at topScrapbooking material

If you scrapbook, cut out pictures and words from your solicitation of used holiday cards that you can work into your pages. This is a great theme for photograph cards your receive from family and friends .

Recipe cards

again, if there is no writing on the inside front of your secondhand Christmas calling card, tear off the back page and recycle it. Write your front-runner recipes on the lacuna side and add them into a card, endow or box. This would be capital to accompany gifts of food and with wedding or baby shower gifts.

Jar toppers

Cut circles out of greeting cards using a mason jar flat sealing lid as a template. When you give a endowment in a jolt, slip one of the card circles in to make it more gay .


Another playfulness craft for kids using Christmas cards is making placemats. Have the kids cut out and arrange their darling pictures from cards in a collage onto the newspaper, glue the pictures down and laminate both sides with liaison paper. moment placemat ! You can make special birthday or holiday placemats using photograph cards of friends and family .

Place cards

Cut and fold place cards out of old cards for those vacation sit-down dinners. Or have some fun and attach the name cards to ribbon lanyards and have guests wear them to get acquainted with other party-goers .

Paper chains

Make a paper chain for the vacation tree or fireplace mantle. Simply cut the vacation cards into equal-sized strips. Make a lap out of one of the strips and record or staple it together. then add strips to the original traffic circle, making conjoined circles ( or links ) into a chain .


Supplies : Cards, 4-by-4 ceramic tiles, decoupage glue ( Mod Podge ), clearly sealer, self-adhesive felt circles
Find a picture on an old Christmas card that will fit onto the tile. Cut to size. Put Mod Podge or preferred glue on the tile and place the card on top. Mod Podge again over the card ; it will dry authorize. spray with a clear sealer. Place felt circles on the back to prevent furniture scratches .

New cards from old cards

Fold the circuit board stock certificate, making a hard rumple. Cut out a design from an old card and glue it to the movement of the new card. Write your own message inside. ( You can besides do this with pictures you ’ ve taken and printed. ) Consider donating those cards to senior care homes or to other organizations in your sphere. Those “ new ” cards can brighten person ’ south sidereal day .
For other crafty options, check out these ideas:

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Every year before Christmas, our mailbox fills with holiday cards from family and friends. I hang them on the refrigerator or banister during the season for display, but once the holiday decorations come down, I’m always looking for something to do with the cards. Recycling is a better option than throwing them in the garbage, but reusing the cards is even better. #upcycle #holidaycards #diy #holidayideas

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