10 Art Projects With Old Greeting Cards

today, we ’ re talking about how to reuse greeting cards ! Often, greeting cards are reasonably and sometimes even handmade and they are equitable army for the liberation of rwanda besides nice to drop in the recycle bank identification number. Thanks to these top greet circuit board recycling tips, you can make the most of those gorgeous handmade cards you receive for any occasion this year. here are several pretty art projects with old greet cards. These crafts are a great way to preserve your memories !
Are you ready for some fun craft projects with old holiday cards ? You ’ ll love these unique ways to reuse special cards and give new animation to those beautiful greet cards. Whether you are looking for what to do with erstwhile birthday cards or other greet cards, there are so many cool ideas. Upcycling is an easy direction to make use of by years materials to decorate for this year ’ second holiday seasons .

What To Do With Old Greeting Cards

handmade cardPhoto Credit for handmade card: decorquecards.com

Cool Crafts From Old Greeting Cards- Make Bunting

You don ’ t need to be a dab hand on the sew machine to make bunting. If you have some previous greetings cards, or possibly even a tabloid or two of reasonably endow wrapping, make some that room. Use some jagged-edged scissors to cut out your triangles, before punching holes in them with a trusty trap punch and looping a little bite of curling ribbon through each slice. You can then hang under a single shelf, or drape over a mirror for a party or ‘ merely because ’. Why not hang onto Christmas cards this class, besides, making a gay florilegium to use during Christmas 2016 ? It may seem a long way off but there ’ randomness absolutely nothing wrong with being organized. alternatively, buy a carry of bum cards and make one ahead of Christmas this year ? We know it international relations and security network ’ metric ton quite recycling but ssssh, we won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate distinguish anyone.

greeting-card-gift-tagsGreeting Card Gift Tags: Photo Credit Decorque Cards In the world of crafts, this is an oldie but a goodie. surely everyone knows that by cutting out sections of your cards you can make cute endow tags. In much the like means as you made your bunting ( above ), grab a hole punch and punch out some holes, before threading through some bumpkinly string and tying to a endowment. You can besides save erstwhile birthday cards for friends ’ and kin members ’ approaching birthdays, adding twine and string to them to create bumpkinly endowment tags .
greeting card wreathgreeting card wreath: photo credit whitney-mcadams.blogspot.com

Make a Wreath

We love this idea for repurposing Valentine ’ s Day cards– and it couldn ’ metric ton be simpler. With a little bit of solitaire and enough of crimson and pink biased Valentine cards, you can make a adorable cosmetic item for your home ahead of Valentine ’ s Day. February 14 will no doubt be here before you know it american samoa well, so get creative a early as potential and see what you can come up with. Click the blogspot associate above for the full moon tutorial .

Upcycle Christmas Cards- Create a Festive Centerpiece

Yep, we ’ ra talking about Christmas again ! But December 25 will be here in a blink, sol get your creative think cap on now to beat the induce later. Get hold of some Mason jars or early methamphetamine cosmetic jars. Add gay old Christmas cards inside the jar, cutting to size and pressing up against the methamphetamine. You can then add the lids and tie a pretty decoration around the top ; these make gorgeous centerpieces for your dine table ; add little baubles excessively, or artificial snow if you fancy something a little sting different .

Make Postcards

Want to send your friends and family a friendly note out of the blue sky ? Hang onto your old birthday cards and magically transform them into far-out postcards. All you have to do is cut off the use 2nd page and then add a handwritten note to the back of the effigy and pop in the post ! hera is a link if you post batting order accurate measurements .
how to reuse greeting cards

Make Coasters Out of Used Greeting Cards

Select a blank, boastfully can can that has a diameter that will be big enough to hold your cups well. You will use this for tracing circles onto your greet cards. Place the can over the parcel ( sulfur ) of the photograph ( s ) that you want to use and trace around it. Cut out trace circles cutting on the inside of the circles. immediately you have bare cardboard coasters !
You could stop here but they would be more casual and for manipulation merely 1 or 2 times because the condensation from your beverage would start to leak through after a few uses .
To make your DIY greeting card coasters last long, use a foam brush to apply a thin, even coating of Modge Podge to the cardboard coaster. This will serve as a layer of sealant. It appears slenderly opaque when wet but once it dries it is glazed and clear. After allowing your first layer of sealant to dry completely ( about 20 minutes ), you can brush on a second thin, even coat of Modge Podge to get a better navy seal and a nice thick glossy coat. Allow to dry again wholly. now you DIY coaters are ready to be used. Enjoy !

Christmas Card Ornaments

Another fun theme is turn your favorite cards into Christmas circuit board ornaments. This is so simpleton to do. You good trace a circle onto the card over your favorite setting or center the set around the people if they are photograph cards and then cut it out. Use a hole punch to create a small hole at the top of the circle. Slip some ribbon through and hang on the tree !
old cards into diy gift boxes

Make Gift Boxes

You can even use beautiful cards to make little gift boxes. Sum of Their Stories has a big tutorial where explains precisely how to cut and glue give cards to create a endow box base and gift box eyelid .

Paper Chains

I normally use construction newspaper when making wallpaper chains but use occasion cards work capital as well. They are after all a firearm of cardstock so they are blockheaded and hold their shape well. You can put the movement of the cards facing outward or the back of the card if you want a more homely chain .
how to turn a greeting card into gift card holders

Make Gift Card Holders

This is a genius recycle idea ! You can make endowment tease holders out of cunning cards and it is so easy and they look bang-up ! Organized31 has a bang-up tutorial you can follow so that your DIY give calling card holders will come out very professional looking .

9 More Ways to Repurpose Old Cards:

  • Make Christmas decorations out of your favorite Christmas cards
  • Name cards for the table (cut them down and use the blank sides for the place cards)
  • Mini puzzles (just cut the front of the original card into pieces and try to reassemble)
  • Make in little bins for your desk or drawers
  • Create wine charms (cut out small circles and attach to glass stems with a rubber band or string for the night)
  • Pretty mason jar toppers for your DIY gifts
  • Homemade cards (reuse elements of several old cards to make new cards)
  • DIY decorative matchboxes
  • DIY Bookmarks


I hope you enjoyed these great ideas for how to reuse your greet cards. Do you enjoy eco-friendly crafts ? Which of these art projects with old greet cards will you try first ? We ’ five hundred love to hear some of your circuit board recycle ideas besides. Let us know how you get creative and reuse old cards ! Share you pics @ familyfocusblog !
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