25+ Ways To Reuse Old Holiday Cards | Upcycled Greeting Cards

If you are bathetic and keep everything then your storage quad is likely running low. Check out these fun and creative ways your kin can re-purpose last class ’ second Holiday cards. The following time you ’ re on the hunt for a flying, easy trade check out these ideas. From toddlers through adults ; we think everyone will find a way to create something fun with all those previous greet cards .

Ideas to Use Old Holiday Cards

Crafts Ideas for Holiday Cards

Post Cards

Cut off the front of the card so you only have the reasonably design. Draw a thick pipeline down the back to separate the message from the address. Save money on postage and stationary !

Design New Cards

Take thin strips of card and piece them into a tree or ornament .

Make a Tree

Cut circles in descending sizes. Slip the biggest r-2 over a sparse dowel perch attached to half a Styrofoam topiary testis. Stack each circle on top of a bigger circle for a 3d Christmas tree.

Create Puzzles

Cut up the front of the card into versatile shapes and sizes. Have your short one patch in concert like a puzzle !

Make a Book

Bind a years ’ worth of cards together and create a keepsake reserve. Or, cut up cards to create a limited message to a sleep together one .

Gift Box or Bowl

“ Sew ” cards together with thick string or narration .


Easy as cutting about 1.5 inch wide strip from a card. Punch a hole in the top and tie a ribbon or tassel to it .

Photo Frame

Cut out the center of a poster with a star or window design. Use that as your frame. Or, frame a gay piece of paper and use cut out greeting circuit board embellishments to decorate it .


Grab some old baby blocks and cut cards to fit on each side of the block. Decoupage onto wooden or paint blocks !

Create Tree Decorations with Holiday Cards


Can be a easy as cutting out a reasonably fit or figure or a complex as an origami ball made from a few cards. Have the kids cut out a few shapes and glue them to felt or cardstock for a reasonably tree adornment. ( photograph )

Ring Garland

Cut strips of cards the same duration and width and create rings, attaching a new gang to the last to make a long bandstand of rings to encircle the tree .

Garland of Circles

Cut small circles from cards and glue two together with a distance of thousand in between them. Continue until you have a dear sized duration to wrap around the corner .

Set the Holiday Table with Old Cards

Place cards

Dress up your vacation table with one-of-a-kind position cards. Cut a scenery or character from a circuit board and glue to the presence of a piece of composition folded in half. Have the kids write the name of whoever is to be seated at that spotlight .


place a few cards in concert to create a rectangle. seal with acquit contact wallpaper or slide into a clear page defender .

Attach Old Holiday Cards to Gifts

Gift tags

Cut a 2×3 inch ( or so ) slice of card and write to and from information on the back. tape an edge to your giving. Super easy !

Wine Bottle Tag

Using the lapp idea as the endowment tag above to label your bottle. Glue or tape the cut out piece of circuit board onto a nibble of paper. Cut to slip on to the neck of the bottle .

Custom Food Tag

Write the recipient role ’ s name on the back of the switch off out card, punch a fix in it and use a ribbon to tie around a jar of homemade applesauce or udder of cookies .

Gift Bag

Decorate a plain endow bag with a cut out wag

Ugly Sweater

Cut out a perspirer form from a gay card. Use for any of the above ideas .

Gift Embellishments

not only can you use the cards for endowment tags but so many vacation cards come with beautiful bows, bells and die mown graphics it is easy to add something excess to your bow and endowment rag .

Christmas Decorations with Holiday Cards

Christmas Bunting

Cut triangles or circles of the lapp size and string along a length of thread. Hang each end from the mantle, across a window or above a doorway for gay décor .

Non-Christmas Bunting

Use the blockheaded greeting card paper for this. We like to use the blank white back of the calling card or paint it the color of your option and make bunting for any other occasion ! New Year ’ sulfur Eve, Birthdays or Valentines Day ! !


Glue circles of cut cards onto fleeceable paper. Hang anywhere that needs a touch of flightiness .

Paper Chains

Make a Christmas countdown chain or advent chain. Write good deeds on the back to keep kids in the spirit of the season .

If Nothing Else…

Recycle Old Holiday Cards

Cut or peel off any glitter and embellishments then toss the paper cards into the recycle bin .

Donate Old Holiday Cards

breastfeed homes, Girl Scout troops, St. Jude ’ s Children ’ randomness Hospital, art teachers, and others are always looking for cards.

Did you know you can donate used stamps ? Charities like “ Amnesty ” and “ Stamps for the Wounded ” accept exploited stamps. They either sell them to collectors or to newspaper and crafting recycling programs. Trim the seal off the envelope leaving about 1 cm border around the emboss. You can normally find prepay envelopes to send them in. The holidays are a big meter to start clipping those stamps .
cook to move on from up-cycling Christmas cards ? Check out these DIY ornaments !

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