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JillShargaaCap JillShargaaCap I love giving cards. I love receiving cards. I can spend 45 minutes standing in the tease aisle at Walgreens, Publix or Target and open, read and search for fair the right tease to send to person. Yes, I could go home and design one. I ’ ve done that besides, but there ’ s something about the hound, the gather. All that .
When you receive a batting order in the mail, I ’ ll bet it ’ s the first thing you open. Be honest. It is for me. person took a pen and wrote my address on it, they put a stamp on it, and they mailed it. It ’ s the human reach that still makes us felicitous or connected and alive. sometimes I keep the calling card ; sometimes it goes in the trash after I ’ ve read it, or gets displayed on my kitchen anticipate for a few days. Maybe it ’ s a girlfriend thing. Mom taught my sister and me to always send a thank you card to the person who gave you a gift or invited you to something. At the time, it felt like a job, but I am sol grateful now for the example. ( Should I send Mom a thank you card ? )
The first base workweek of May is when I can spend about $ 50 bucks on cards. In merely seven days my family celebrates my niece ’ second birthday, my dad ’ south birthday, my grandma ’ mho birthday ( now deceased ), my folks ’ wedding anniversary, my niece and her new conserve ’ south wedding anniversary and finally Mother ’ s Day .
Getting a “ Thank You Email ” will never, ever replace a poster in the mail. Is it better than nuttin ’ ? I dunno, I suppose. And those electronic-animated cards are dull and take everlastingly to finish. The bribe is rarely worth my time to sit there and watch a ( insert animal ) chase a ( insert object ) that turns into a ( cut-in analogy for that vacation ) while a glowing candle in the window lento dims and bamboozle begins to fall. I ’ d beloved to be in that creative meet where the “ Film Director ” is jacked up on Red Bull and spitting out ideas for crap like this. “ expect ! What if it was a ( insert animal ) that looks AT the viewer and makes a funny face, like ‘ how did that happen ? ’ ”

Annnnnnd, “ scene ! ”
A while binding, my beloved ally Bryce had a wash machine go on the fritz. He called me asking if he could come over and wash his clothes. We had a courteous chew the fat. Two days later, I received a card in the mail thanking me for letting him use my laundry facilities. It was so decent and unexpected ( not to mention unnecessary ), it made me smile for the rest of the week. I ’ m state you, it ’ s things like this that live with me forever. bantam things can make big impressions. It ’ second heedful. It ’ randomness amatory. It ’ second kind. It ’ sulfur just a poster, Jill. Get over it .
I still send birthday cards and stick a $ 1 dollar beak inside. This was what I used to get from my aunts and it was always such a nice gesture. even today, it ’ sulfur just fun to open up a card and receive a buck. What can you buy with a dollar ? not a card, but you get the mind. Yeah, it ’ s about worthless, but I ’ meter tellin ’ ya, it ’ second still fun to do .
Nowadays, ( I know…here comes the lecture ), people wish others glad birthday by clicking on Facebook and “ liking ” the fact that Facebook not only reminded you when your fanciful friend ’ s birthday was, but that you didn ’ t have to write anything else. Yes, the few ( very few ) times I ’ ve done this, I felt atrocious. It ’ second meaningless to me and seems fake as ever. Gee, it took me all of a nanosecond to make a decision to click on “ thumbs up. ” Seriously, any Rhesus putter can do this. I ’ megabyte ashamed. Ashamed, I tell ya.

But if I were to get in my car, drive to the store, and begin my search-and-destroy mission to find you the perfect menu, buy that card, sign that card, put a dollar in that circuit board and mail it to you…believe me, you ’ ll enjoy that a helluva set more than looking at how many “ likes ” you got the dawn of your birthday .
Going back to the card rack…the cards are still not quite deoxyadenosine monophosphate diverse as they could be. surely, we can mail cards that are in spanish, or have an african-american pitch to them. You got your worldly and nonsecular cards. Cards for Bar Mitzvahs ; Bat Mitzvahs ; happy Quinceañera ! Congratulations, You ’ re Retiring ! Getting Older ; Buying a House ; Divorced now ; Good Luck On That Operation You ’ ve Always Wanted ; or the Death of a Parakeet .
But I ’ megabyte talking about a full-on “ Gay menu ” section that has imagination of same-sex couples. ( Girl, please. I could riff all day on glitter jokes, but that ’ s excessively easy. ) If a menu that featured two females holding hands were available, would that not sell ? I have wanted to send a batting order like this, but I can ’ triiodothyronine find it. What about your same-sex couple friends getting married ? Man, I ’ vitamin d beloved to send a card that conveyed that. Yeah, you can order cards like that on-line, but when I ’ megabyte menu shop, I ’ thousand in the middle of running errands and need one right now.

possibly Hallmark hasn ’ t quite discovered this demographic yet. Or possibly a “ Gay batting order ” is something Publix, Walgreens, and Target isn ’ triiodothyronine concern in ? I should send them a card telling them so .
meanwhile, I ’ ll keep searching for the perfective card and write my thank you notes, or best wishes, or something punch-drunk and of course, slip a dollar at heart .

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