50+ Family Christmas Photo Ideas With a Baby

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When the holidays roll around, you know that means it ’ s time for some Christmas family photograph ! Sending out a vacation batting order is a great means to wish your friends and family members season ’ sulfur greetings while showing off a recent photograph of your class .
Which, if there ’ s a new little one involved, means you might need some good family Christmas photograph ideas with a pamper !
Whether it ’ s baby ’ south first Christmas or YOUR first Christmas with a baby, finding ways to capture your little bunch of gladden in a creative way can be a very fun and heartwarming experience .
If you hire a professional photographer to do a family Christmas photoshoot, they will likely be able to help you come up with ideas or show you their portfolio so you can find what you like .
If you go more DIY, it is inactive fully possible to get some incredible photos when you know how to prepare. Check out these amazing Christmas photograph ideas with a child for some inspiration !

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Family Christmas Photo Ideas With a Baby: Everyone

here are some great ideas that include the entire family ! Whether you ’ re planning a syndicate photograph shoot for your first baby or bringing your newest accession into the flock, there are thus many creative ways to take a winter kin photograph !

Photo Ideas With Parents + Baby

These class Christmas photograph ideas are perfect for your newly-formed family of three !
Taking class Christmas photograph in the consolation of your own surviving room is never a bad estimate, particularly when the weather makes an outdoor photograph session less than ideal ! I love the estimate of having your baby unwrap a present. It ’ second candid and superintendent dulcet for a baby Christmas photograph .
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: The Pioneer Woman
Snow, washcloth, a Christmas tree and an old crimson hand truck ? The perfect recipe for some positively charm family Christmas photograph ! While not everyone may have access to everything in this backdrop, you could easily recreate the same idea for an evenly adorable effect !
This is one of my favorite Christmas picture ideas .
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Kelly in the City
When in doubt, you can never go incorrectly with taking photos outside of your festively-decorated house !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Emily Katherine Photography
A neutral coloring material palette and freshly-fallen snow make this a sweetness and simple family photograph seance idea ! I love the natural smiles !
Photo Credit: Emily Katherine Photography
Same photograph inject as above, but this meter, sitting in the coke with a nice tartan blanket and more sweet smiles !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Suzy Collins Photography
Both parents kissing baby from either side is an adorable shot and makes a arrant greeting calling card !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: KCillo Photography
I love the consumption of sugarcoat canes as props. Held up in the supreme headquarters allied powers europe of a heart, they frame baby ’ randomness face perfectly !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Caption: Twin Tested Blog
The beautiful fir trees and the cushy, achromatic coloring material pallette makes this photograph actually easy on the eyes ! Taking pictures at a Christmas Tree Farm is always a authoritative .
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Rachel Laura Photography
Another great shoot to get is this over-the-shoulder view of the parents doting on their sweet little ridicule or gal !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Pinterest
For a classic, about “ ex post facto ” look, having the kin sit in a tier is another capital way to get some adorable Christmas card photograph !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: NYC Photographers
I ’ m a boastful fan of blunt shots, and this one is in truth odoriferous ! The fagot lights add a indulgent, warm radiance and makes the whole quad look even cozier !
Bonus, wearing Christmas Pajamas is on theme for this search and therefore comfortable !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Pinterest
This photograph at a Christmas Tree Farm is another gorgeous “ baby in the middle ” photograph, but with Mom kissing baby and Dad kissing Mom… it ’ s enough to make your kernel melt !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Joy of Marketing
Kiss approach ! aside from how cover girl the shoot is, I love the dull greens and twinkling Christmas lights in the background ! You truly don ’ t need snow to get some perplex family Christmas photograph, fair happy faces !
The soft whites and sweetness family hug in this photograph instantaneously put you in a thoroughly climate !
casual kin photos in matching or coordinating pajamas are a front-runner, and for good reason. They in truth capture that holiday intent !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Parenting Healthy Babies
A squishy-face kiss : I dare you to find a better kin Christmas photograph mind with a baby ! Adding a Santa hat just ups the prettiness agent !
The soft, natural light and complemental red and fleeceable color pallette give this photograph a calm, easy count that very offsets the busyness that the vacation season tends to bring .
A gentle blanket with contrasting white and red immediately capture the capricious feel of the holidays without besides many props. I love how effortlessly the bolshevik ornaments make the bare trees look charming !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Sheets Photo
If you have pine trees available to you as a backdrop, why not take advantage of them ? Wearing shades of red truly help make the photograph pop without much work !

Parents + 2

When your family Christmas photograph involve more than one child, that barely means more opportunities for super cute, memorable shots !

Photo Credit: Rowlands Photography
There ’ south nothing angelic than showing that sibling love, particularly with a new baby !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Tips From a Typical Mom Blog
A dame ’ s center see shot of the class snuggling in their pit PJs is a creative way to get some candid-looking photos without worrying about anyone getting uncomfortable !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Erin Cox Photo
once again, a pine forest takes the cake for idyllic family Christmas photograph locations. The sweet in this photograph is barely heartbreaking !
Props can be a fun means to add some vacation spiciness to your kin photos. Choose your darling Christmas storybook and have a family read-along in front of the Christmas tree. Santa hats optional !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Dazzling Diva Photography
I love the use of Christmas decorations here ! In the first picture, you have a typical family photograph posed on a bench. But in the adjacent one, “ Santa ” comes to town… with dally ! What a cool idea !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Sheridan Gregory
dim-witted and sweetly : coordinated jammies in movement of the tree. With two kids, it ’ second easy to wrangle photos with one child on each parent ’ s lap !
here ’ s an easy way to get outdoor photos without your babies getting excessively cold : wrapping everybody in a gay across-the-board and scootch in close !
Photo Credit: The Ivory Lane
When there ’ south snow on the ground, you have the advantage of a clean, flannel background that makes all the other colors in the photograph pop !
once again, matching Christmas pajama for the winnings ! even the syndicate frump gets to be in on the fun !
Photo Credit: Fix The Photo
For a creative shuttlecock ’ s eye blast, have everyone ballad on the ground with their heads together and smile for the camera !

Parents + More Than 2 Kiddos

Most of these Christmas class photograph ideas ( and the ones above ) will work big for any size family, but I ’ m silent separating them into sections for easy reference !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Kristen Duke Photography
Get caught under the mistletoe for a cute, creative photograph op !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: The Pioneer Woman
Adding a wreath as a prop up is an easy way to add a focal orient without distracting excessively much from the syndicate. Pops of red aid set off a dainty line as well !
This is a cool edit idea that you could bring up to your photographer : black and white with one color. In this case, red scarf that pop out against the snow-clad background !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Katie Lamb
Getting all the siblings in one shoot is besides a effective mind, specially if they ’ re in cute matching pajamas like these !

Photo Ideas With Baby: One-On-One

here are some big family photograph ideas that involve one parent or sibling at a time interacting with baby !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Mochi Mommy
A great action shoot to get is of child putting a Christmas ornament on the tree… with the aid of ma or dad, of course !
Another sugared exemplar that involves pamper and some Christmas ornaments !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Extra Petite
blunt shots in front of the Christmas tree are a great way to capture those special moments one-on-one ! ( Matching jammies optional ! )
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Fix The Photo
A dulcet, capricious snapshot of siblings admiring some Christmas lights. I love the storybook quality of this photograph ! It in truth captures a sense of childhood wonder .
Have one parent read a favorite Christmas script to baby for a cunning, gay shoot !
Let the Christmas decorations you ’ ve already put up do the work as the backdrop and let those sweet, natural smiles shine through !
Photo Credit: Just Simply Mom
I love the idea of doing some humorous shots ! It looks like this little elf woke up Daddy from his long winter ’ randomness napoleon. Too cute !
Photo Credit: Shutterfly
share a vacation cover or cold glaze of milk for a merely adorable one-on-one shot !

Family Christmas Photos With Just Baby

You may besides want to get some creative photos with good baby, and these ideas are perfective for capturing those odoriferous, chubby smiles !
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Can ’ thyroxine resist a fiddling creative wit ! This small gingerbread man looks good adequate to eat… all he ’ south miss is his gingerbread theater ( another estimable prop mind ) !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: Gina Dreher Photography
person just cut down his first base Christmas corner ! If you have one of these small crimson cars, why not use it as a creative prop up ?
Photo Credit: Annie Baby Monitor
Warm Christmas lights add a nice touch to any vacation photograph, including one with baby as the subject !
Looks like person got into Santa ’ mho cookies and milk ! Oh well… wholly worth it !
family christmas photo ideasPhoto Credit: huntercrays
Using a letter board is an easy way to add a little personalization to your baby Christmas pictures… of course, the adorable baby and Christmas socks serve, excessively !
Photo Credit: My Life and Kids
The best christmas present ever !
milk and cookies truly do make the perfect prop up ! Utilizing vacation pillows as a backdrop is besides a nice idea !
You know I can ’ t do an article like this without mentioning twins at least once ! Of path any of these ideas will work WONDERFULLY with twins but I like this particular tribute !
Photo Credit: Love Our Littles
Baby in a basket keeps them from crawling or walking away… possibly equitable hanker adequate to get a good picture !

Christmas Family Photo Sessions

fair a few class photograph school term examples that combine some of the shots shown above ! Never hurts to have more ideas !
Photo Credit: Abigail Malone
Photo Credit: Hanna Anderson
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Family Christmas Photo Ideas With Baby: Final Thoughts

This sincerely is the most fantastic time of the class, and capturing that feeling in family photos is a truly sweet way to celebrate the vacation temper and show how much your short syndicate has grown !

Whether it ’ s your first time taking family photos or your fifteenth, I hope these adorable ideas help you get those perfect Christmas wag photograph !
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my family to yours !
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