Reasons Why You Should Hire a Defense Attorney Before Being Charged

hiring criminal defense attorney during investigation

hiring criminal defense attorney during investigation

If you face investigation for a crime, especially possession of child pornography, you may wonder if you should get a defense lawyer during that investigation.

The answer is a resounding yes.

Some people believe hiring a lawyer during an investigation is a bad thing since it might suggest an admission of guilt. In truth, hiring an experienced defense lawyer is just the opposite. It provides you with legal help as soon as you need it and shows police and prosecutors you mean business and will stand up to false accusations or illegally obtained information, which often arise in cases such as child porn.

People also wrongly believe that engaging a defense lawyer during an investigation will anger police and make things worse. But the opposite is true, according to veteran Houston criminal defense lawyer Neal Davis.

Recently named a 2018 Super Lawyer of Texas  (placing him in the top five per cent of all Texas attorneys), Neal Davis knows the score when it comes to police investigations of persons who then hire a lawyer to back them up.

“We’ve repeatedly found that hiring a defense attorney early on in the investigation only helps,” Davis said. “It can help lead to charges not being filed or, if they are filed, the charges being reduced as a result of having an attorney by your side.”

Taking steps to hire an attorney can also help in your argument for a bond by showing that a defendant is serious about making a strong legal defense for child porn possession or other crimes when facing investigation.

“If you don’t hire a defense lawyer during an investigation, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll be arrested and charged after the investigation,” Davis said. “That can happen suddenly and without notice, and often involves being held in jail at a high bond or no bond at all.”

At the Neal Davis Law Firm, we’ve succeeded in helping many clients avoid arrest and being charged, or at least gaining a reduced charge. We’ve even succeeded in getting an illegally obtained confession of child porn possession thrown out of court.

Not only should you hire a lawyer during an investigation for child porn or another crime, but you should hire a lawyer with expertise in that criminal area.

Today, many specialized DWI lawyers whose business has declined are claiming to be skilled criminal defense attorneys for child porn or other criminal charges when they’re clearly not.

Sex crimes involve serious charges and serious punishments. You should hire only a sex crime lawyer with knowledge, experience and skill in the area of child porn charges or other sex crimes. In this case, not just any lawyer will do.

“Never hesitate to hire a sex crime defense attorney during an investigation,” Davis urges those accused of a crime. “In fact, that’s the best time to do it, rather than waiting until after you’ve already been charged, arrested, and jailed.”

Neal Davis also emphasizes that hiring a strong criminal defense lawyer doesn’t mean you admit guilt, but just the reverse. It shows that you believe in your innocence and want to defend your legal rights to the fullest, avoiding charges and arrest.

And the proper defense lawyer can help you to do that.

To learn more, contact our law firm today for a legal review of your case. It’s confidential and at no obligation to you. Then, you can decide if you’re ready to act in your defense by engaging the best criminal defense lawyer for you.

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