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disavowal : THERE IS NO WHITE BOX PHOTO INCLUDED. USER MUST HAVE THEIR OWN BOX TO PHOTOGRAPH IN. THE WHITE BOX IS JUST FOR DEMO PURPOSES.You are purchasing a single 9 box template .png with a RED AND WHITE SNOWFLAKE THEMED BORDER surrounding it. How to use this product : Open up the .png template inside photoshop. The at heart of the power system borders are transparent. Add photos and place them UNDER the grid margin .png.

Edit the borders and prototype to create an Inside the Box composite. You can find tutorial on how to edit Inside the Box tutorials here : hypertext transfer protocol : // ? view_as=subscriber Consider joining the largest Facebook group for box photography where you will get defend, discount rate codes and a free 3 box template at : hypertext transfer protocol : // Click on Photos to see wax size images of template an surround. due to the digital nature of this merchandise this is a concluding sale. No returns or refunds. Our video instructions on you tube are ALWAYS FREE ! ( You do n’t even have to make a purchase to watch ! ) Our guidelines on how to use the templates and build your box are ALWAYS FREE at our Facebook foliate ( no buy necessary ! )

Our Facebook group is thriving with support which is besides ALWAYS FREE ! ! important FACTS : All white grids are templates that can be used for photograph that have been taken while their subjects were posed “ in the box ” OR as a collage for digital photography. The white box photograph is not included in this template. Please join us at our Facebook page for subscribe and a fantastic grow and eruditeness environment at : note : The template is for the individual buyer ONLY. Do not partake or resell the instructions or templates in any way or form. It is for individual consumption for the determination of creating a collage for clients or personal use. You may sell completed, compressed files that include the template but not the .psd file of this template individually. The templates and instructions are the property of Alissa Beth Photography.IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS : • PHOTO OF AN ACTUAL WHITE BOX IS NOT INCLUDED. USER MUST HAVE THEIR OWN BOX TO PHOTOGRAPH IN. THIS PRODUCT IS A DIGITAL GRID. • USER MUST HAVE WORKING KNOWLEDGE OF PHOTOSHOP TO USE THIS PRODUCT. • Photo Box Designs will not be creditworthy for hapless printing due to negligence on the buyer ’ south separate ( for not converting to the chosen printer ’ s print profiles, not understanding or formatting for a printer ’ s bleed or size requirements, not checking with the printer before ordering, or any other reason. ) compatibility with every printer is not guaranteed nor warranted.

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