Mixbook Review – Christmas Holiday Photo Cards

Mixbook 2019 Christmas Photo Card Review
rather than sending a generic Christmas menu out every year, my husband and I like to send a Christmas vacation photograph card to our family and friends. It ’ s a nice manner to add a personal refer and to make certain long-distance friends still recognize us ! pretty much every class I make our Christmas photograph cards at Mixbook. I ’ ve found they have huge assortment of attractive designs at fair prices and they ’ ra easy to create and customize .
here ’ s my latest experience making Christmas phot0 cards at Mixbook .

Use Filters to Find Your Favorite Designs

With Mixbook ’ s 1,000+ template themes including Christmas, holiday and Hannukah, I knew I needed to narrow down my card blueprint. fortunately, Mixbook enabled me to sort them in a assortment of ways : by the number of photos, whether they were flat or fold cards and even whether they folded from the english or top. There are besides filters for the choice of 6 reduce options and five sizes, from 3.5 x 5 to 5×7 inches, equally well as by whether you want foil accented cards ( a big vogue this year ), the dominant allele color, orientation, and dash. This was all a big assistant to me to try to find the design and layout I was looking for.

Fast and Easy Layouts

One issue I ran into that was my own fault : the photograph I was using was identical erect and a set of designs, careless of what photograph serve you use, seem to work estimable where the subjects fit into a fairly straight area. ( note to self for following class ! ) So I in truth needed a design with a strongish erect frame for my photograph. Since I could filter the design themes by one photograph with a portrait orientation, it helped a lot in finding layouts with photograph frames that would work. I besides filtered by flat 5×7 card with square trim, no foil, and red as the dominant allele color .
once I decided on a Christmas photograph card template, all I had to do was insert my effigy ( from a calculator, earphone, Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos or Smugmug ) and add my text .
hera is my christmas 2019 photograph batting order and I think it came out beautifully. The color reproduction was identical dependable and the Signature Matte cardstock I chose has a politic finish and feels sturdy adequate to where the corners won ’ t bend up easily. While I could have chosen rounded or scalloped trim edges I went with the square edge because of the geometric plan of the template. The Mixbook template I used is called “ Joyful Geometric ” and it ’ s quite different from the fairly traditional themes I normally pick .
Mixbook Christmas Photo Card 2019

Customize Literally Everything

I ’ ve always appreciated the ability to customize everything with Mixbook, and they came through for me again. After positioning my photograph in the frame, I found that the amber specks in the bottom corners were covering my frank ’ sulfur grimace and it was truly bugging me. so in the editor, I selected the out layer that had the red background with the gold flecks and clicked on the “ Flip ” picture in the pop fly menu and voila ! Fixed it. here ’ s a look at earlier and after :
Mixbook- flip image before and after
That ’ s not the only thing you can customize, you can choose from dozens of font faces and endless baptismal font colors ampere well as background colors. The “ Joyful ” text is a gummed label and you can change that, a well. For case, I found a “ Merry Christmas ” spine that I could have used in its space. The layout and background can besides be changed. You can pretty much make any change you want, including starting with a blank white menu.

You can add, delete and resize stickers
On the back, I went with the recommended background and added my own textbook. There are pre-set backgrounds for your circuit board and subject or you can choose one of the other recommend backgrounds .
Back of Mixbook's Christmas Card

Paper Card Stock

The concluding decision you have to make is the type of cardstock. Mixbook offers six newspaper finishes :

  • Satin, which is a flexible card stock with a slight satin sheen and is the basic paper;
  • Signature Matte with a smooth finish – this is the default paper choice and it’s a quality paper;
  • Pearl with a shimmer finish that adds a bit of lustre;
  • Premium Matte which is a thicker cardstock;
  • Cotton Texture with a subtle textured finish; and
  • Luxe Board which is thick and heavy with a matte finish.

Of course, the different finishes are at varying price points with Satin the least expensive and Luxe Board the priciest. I chose the Signature Matte with space envelopes ( all envelopes are premium Mohawk 70 pound white envelopes ). For an extra 25 cents each, you can opt to have reelect and/or recipient addresses printed on them .


While the embark information said the expected delivery date for my cards was Nov 29, they arrived a wholly week early ! This is consistent with my prior experiences ; my photograph items always arrive earlier than expected, which is big .

Mixbook’s Christmas Holiday Photo Card Prices

I thought the monetary value of my cards was pretty fair and in line with most on-line photograph services. The price for 30 cards was $ 61.20 ( $ 2.04 each ) but with Mixbook ’ s current coupon code it brought down the price to $ 39.90 ( $ 1.33 each ). So that ’ second considerable savings ! Mixbook offers hebdomadally coupon codes. To get the most current conduct, click here to get to their Deal ’ mho page .
What I like about Mixbook is the timbre and variety show of their designs and the ability to completely customize them — and their fast delivery.

Have you tried Mixbook ? What was your experience ? Please tell me in the comments below .

To help defray my web site function costs I belong to several affiliate programs. In some instances, I may receive a small commission for products viewed or purchased via my referral. Opinions are entirely my own and I try my best to write honest reviews and only recommend products I would use myself .

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