Rude Christmas Cards

Who can I send rude Christmas cards to?

Anyone ! No in truth, anyone ! Christmas cards are an excellent way to show your friends and family that you are thinking of them this season. That being said, there are some people you might want to think twice about letting see your card before sending it. If you ’ re not surely whether your partner or relative would appreciate a crude Christmas card, then it ’ s best to err on the side of caution and find something a little less risqué. Keep in beware, that rude Christmas cards are normally filled with insinuation, so they are not suitable for kids. Before letting your children near the Christmas wag box, make sure they know which cards are off-limits.

What should I write in an inappropriate Christmas card?

great motion ! Inappropriate Christmas cards are all about double meanings. Think about what you are actually trying to say to your sleep together ones, and then find a creative means to get that message across. For example, if you are not particularly adoring of your uncle, you might want to write something like “ I ’ ve been naughty this year ”. But if you change the wording slightly to “ I ’ ve been naughty all year ”, then you ’ ve barely managed to insult your uncle rather of flirting with him. These cards are all about pun and double over entendres – the more risqué, the better ! There is no limit to the number of inappropriate things you can write in a Christmas card. Just make indisputable you do n’t cross any personal boundaries, and you should be fine. Some great examples are :

  1. Merry Christmas from the family who always opens all of your presents before Christmas Day.
  2. Wishing you health, happy New Year, and hopefully a quick recovery from your pig’s foot Injury.

How can I add a special flare to a rude Christmas card on Boomf? 

Boomf has an incredible excerpt of ill-bred Christmas cards — so you can be indisputable that they have something to suit every preference. Please do n’t fret if you can not find what you are seeking ! You can constantly add a particular contact to your card by adding a bite of confetti or pop-out butterflies. If you don ’ thymine want to go with a traditional card design, then you can upload your own artwork and have the cards designed around that. The only specify is your resource !


Rude Christmas cards are one of the best ways to say “ Merry Christmas ! ” to your friends and family. We hope that our tilt has inspired you to try something a little unlike this year. And if you have any ideas that you ’ d like to share, we ’ five hundred love to hear them. After all, the more natural Christmas cards the better. So what are you waiting for ? Scroll up and choose a poster – the sooner you send it out, the sooner you ’ ll get a reply !

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