Winter Wonder Moose Boxed Christmas Cards by Michael Sieve

Send the Winter Wonder Boxed Christmas Cards to the outdoorsmen in your life! Printed on linen embossed paper stock for a classic, luxurious feel, Michael Sieve’s design of two moose in a snow-blanketed forest makes these Christmas cards a special way to connect with your loved ones. The holiday sentiment inside and matching envelopes make it easy to sign and send! Send the Winter Wonder Boxed Christmas Cards to the outdoorsmen in your animation ! Printed on linen embossed newspaper stock for a classical, deluxe feel, Michael Sieve ‘s design of two elk in a snow-blanketed forest makes these Christmas cards a special way to connect with your love ones. The vacation opinion inside and matching envelopes make it easily to sign and send !

  • Send heartwarming Christmas greetings all season
  • Inside greeting: May the closeness of friends and the comfort of home renew your spirits this holiday season
  • 18 cards and 19 envelopes in sturdy keepsake box
  • Full-color artwork inside and out
  • Fully designed envelopes
  • Linen embossed paper stock
  • Embellished with clear glitter
  • Card dimensions: 5.375w x 6.875h
  • Beautiful artwork by Michael Sieve
  • Coordinate with LANG holiday décor and gift bags

About Lang Companies> Since establishment in 1982, LANG has become the effect of distinctive aesthetic expression embodied in fine home and give products through our key signature Americana themes that are synonymous with the LANG brand name. Each year brings an stimulate opportunity to add newly artists to the LANG Family so that we can continue to expand our unique artwork solicitation onto more calendar formats such as hebdomadally planners, monthly planners, desk planners, pouch planners and more. We invite you to plowshare in the tradition thus many have followed through the years in enjoying beautiful artwork with sleep together ones. Whether it be in a LANG Wall Calendar that reminds you of person especial every day or a LANG Christmas Card that shows your sleep together ones how much you care, or a endow they will cherish for years, LANG ‘s quality and inspiration stands the test of prison term.

Why Christmas Cards?> For many people, few things create a greater feel of vacation cheer and happiness than receiving a LANG classical Christmas card from friends and class. Our vacation cards feature enchanting vintage Christmas card artwork created by democratic LANG artists, so you ’ ra certain to find the correct card for those you love. Whether you ’ re sending a batting order featuring Norman Rockwell-style art or a capricious Santa Claus card, you ’ ll know that the recipient role will be happy every clock time they see your batting order on their curtain or refrigerator. Try pairing your cards with ? LANG Christmas gifts, like home decorations or playfulness stocking stuffers, to make this a memorable vacation season. More Info

Wildlife artist, Michael Sieve grew up on a farm in southwestern Minnesota. Working on the farm and hunting on the country provided him a impregnable basis to build his mighty relationship with the outdoors. Michael received his dinner dress artwork prepare at Southwest Minnesota State University where he studied modern abstract, impressionist and dreamlike methods of painting. In contrast to his education, Michael ’ s personal dash evokes a strong common sense of naturalism as seen in his highly detailed and accurate images of wildlife and habitats. Some of his greatest inhalation comes from time spent with his children, on the family ’ s 40 acres of land in southern Minnesota. To date, over 140 of his master paintings have been chosen for print in limit edition form. Michael ’ sulfur artwork can besides be found in public and private collections throughout the world. additionally, he has appeared as a featured or guest artist at most major art shows in the United States. Rave Reviews

“ Love guy, love Christmas, love Lang ! Lowell Herrero ‘s gorgeous art besides ! “ Merry Christmas ! ” good jumps out at you from the kitty ‘s red sweater & ca n’t help but brighten anyone ‘s Christmas … even if they ‘re longing for coke ! ( I ‘m regretful, but I do n’t like “ happy holidays ” anymore – nope ! ). indeed gladiolus it ‘s Christmas … ! “ – SnowCat

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