How to Make Genius DIY Photo Ornaments {from Christmas Cards}

Make beautiful DIY photo ornaments from your Christmas cards with this simple tutorial.  This Christmas card craft is a great way to remember the holiday cards you send each year (or those you receive) by hanging them on the tree as plastic, durable ornaments that can be used year after year.
I love taking family Christmas photograph, picking the perfect family painting, then choosing a Christmas batting order design to go with the photograph each year .
Make DIY photo ornaments out of your Christmas cards! Turn your Christmas cards into hard plastic photo ornaments with these simple steps in just a few minutes!

There ’ s a lot of time and money that goes into my vacation cards every year, so I came up with a way to memorialize our family Christmas cards each year… by turning them into photograph ornaments !
These DIY photograph Christmas ornaments are made out of a hard, durable plastic that will final for many years .
Look complicated ? It ’ south easy !
You can make these DIY photograph ornaments in fair minutes, and it in truth couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be easier .
The secret component is printable Shrinky Dinks !
I ’ thousand sharing the simple directions and make a set of photograph ornaments for yourself or to give as gifts to grandma and grandpa, cousins, and more .
I buy my vacation cards each year from Minted, because I just love their high quality, beautiful cards .
Keep read for a great deal from Minted on your cards this year !
Thank you to Minted for sponsoring this mail. mail contains affiliate links, which means I get a very small share at no extra monetary value to you if a leverage is made. Thanks for your support !
DIY photo ornaments

DIY Photo Ornaments (Made from Christmas Cards)


  • Photo Christmas cards (My cards came from Minted and I LOVE them!)
  • Printable Shrinky Dinks
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Thin ribbon

Christmas card craft with Shrinky Dinks Inkjet

Scanning and printing your card

First you will need to scan the card that you would like to turn into an decoration .
My printer is besides a scanner, so I scanned my class ’ second Christmas card and saved it .
When using Shrinky Dinks with an inkjet printer, it ’ s crucial that you make your photograph or photograph about 50 % lighter .
When the printable Shrinky Dinks bake the design will get a lot dark, so this is why you must make your scan much lighter .
Printable Shrinky Dinks
You can do this in Photoshop, Lightroom, or even using dislodge editing software on-line .
I used PicMonkey and lightened my photograph up .
After saving my barge Christmas card photograph, I imported it into Pages ( you could use Word or anything else besides ) to fit two of my 5 adam 7″cards in an 8.5 ten 11″ format .
future I printed the page onto the Shrinky Dinks for Inkjet on the best choice and glossy photograph paper dress .
Shrinky Dinks
once the foliate was printed, I cut around each decoration with scissors .
next time I ’ m going to use a newspaper cutter because although I thought my cut was good, you can see that the finished ornaments aren ’ thyroxine absolutely straight .
not a huge deal, but easy to fix for following clock time .
Baking your photo ornaments
Line a bake sheet with parchment paper or foil.

Place your trimmed cards that printed onto Shrinky Dinks newspaper on top .
DIY photo ornaments using Shrinky Dinks
Preheat your oven to 325 degrees, then bake your DIY photograph ornaments .
If you ’ re anything like me, you ’ ll be watching the oven intently while they bake, and you might evening have a miniskirt heart attack as they curl and move, thinking that they are ruined .
Be patient ! finally the photograph cards will flatten out .
Leave them in the oven for about 30 seconds after they flatten, then cautiously remove the baking sail with a hot pad .
The photograph ornaments should be pretty directly, but if they aren ’ metric ton perfect, you can besides use a spatula to gently press down on them right when they come out of the over to flatten them .
just be careful because you don ’ t want to smear the ink .
Photo ornaments tutorial
Your Christmas cards will immediately be 1/3 the size that they were, and 9 times thick !
Aren ’ t they pretty amazing ?

Adding a ribbon to your DIY photo ornaments

The last step is to cut minor pieces of thin ribbon, then use hot glue to attach each one to the back of the Christmas wag photograph ornaments in a loop .
DIY photo ornaments tutorial
I made a few of these DIY photograph ornaments with this year ’ sulfur Christmas cards, and I plan on using some of our photograph cards from each previous Christmas and turn those into photograph ornaments excessively .
Make DIY photo ornaments out of your Christmas cards! Turn your Christmas cards into hard plastic photo ornaments with these simple steps in just a few minutes!
Whether you make these for your family Christmas corner or to give to relatives or even add to presents, they are a bang-up way to remember family, and all of the joy and magic of the Christmas temper .

Why I order my holiday cards from Minted

Minted sells such beautiful, high quality holiday cards, which is why I choose them each year for my family ’ sulfur cards. Their vacation cards are designed from independent artists around the globe, and there is dash to fit everyone !
The minted envelope is a favored mint feature. I uploaded my contacts into my Minted address book a few years ago .
This makes it easy to get FREE custom-made envelopes, styled to match my card design .
Minted holiday cards
See how the pretty greenery on my envelopes matches my cards ?
AND how my cards are beautifully addressed to my friends and class without me having to write anything ? !
such a meter and stress rescuer !
Minted holiday cards and personalized stamps
You can even buy personalize stamps that match your cards and envelopes, which I love .
happy holidays !


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