Handmade Potato Stamp Christmas Cards

Handmade Christmas Cards

Learn to create these beautiful cards by carving, painting and stamping with potatoes ! You can reuse your potato stamps to recreate the same wag multiple times while maintaining that handmade, personal allude .

Snowman Supplies

To make your snowman poster you will need one potato cut in half, white, black, orange, imperial and blue acrylic fiber paint, a paint brush and paper. Choose a thick, stiff wallpaper that wo n’t warp when you paint it. You can use blank cards or buy big sheets of newspaper and cut them to size .

Create Your Stamps

Begin by cutting a clean potato in one-half. Draw out the shape that you want to stamp using a soft pencil or pastel. then cut away the areas you do not want to paint. Draw and then cut the shape of the snowman ‘s consistency and a background shape. The backdrop does n’t need a lot carve, just make the edges irregular .

Stamp the Background

next, paint the background stamp purple with acrylic rouge. Try mixing in some crimson and blue, but do n’t mix your colors wholly. Let some areas be more loss and others be more blasphemous. Stamp the purple twice to create an ellipse shape in the setting. then paint your background shape a very ignite gloomy and stamp it across the bed to create snow .

Add Finishing Touches

once your background layers are dry, add your snowman stamp. Paint the blank on decent and blockheaded to cover the dark setting colors. When your snowman is dry, use a small, pointy brush to add an orange nose, black eyes and buttons .

A Completed Snowman

You now have a beautiful, handmade Christmas card ! Your potato stamps will alone stopping point about a day, so make some more cards while the stamps are fresh !

Bird Supplies

The boo batting order has a couple more stamps than the snowman, but once they are carved the process is the lapp. To make a bird card you will need two potatoes cut in one-half, crimson, brown, yellow, blue and egg white acrylic rouge, a paint brush and blank cards to put your stamps on .

Create the Stamps

Draw each supreme headquarters allied powers europe on its own potato one-half. Cut away any parts you do n’t want to show in your stamp. You will need a fork branch, two parallel branches, a background and a boo body. Keep the background stamp simple, all you need are atypical edges, merely like the snowman backdrop .

Draw a Bird

not certain how to draw a dame body ? Do n’t worry, all you have to do is draw two circles and a rectangle ! then smooth out the places where the shapes union and you have an easy bird. The picture on your card will be the change by reversal of the image carved on the stamp, so be sure to carve the bird facing the reverse management from the final prototype .

Stamp the Background

Begin your boo batting order by painting and stamping a background potato. Use lots of white with a little blue because acrylic rouge will look dark when it is dry. Stamp doubly to create a setting encircle .

Add More Stamps

When your background is done, rouge and stamp the branches on. Do n’t be afraid to overlap your stamps or have the branches go off the page. Mix up the key colors, try adding hints of red, aristocratic and yellow to the brown to give your branches more depth. Add bits of white besides, to give the impression of coke on the branches .

Finishing Touches

last, paint your bird ‘s belly crimson and his back and stern chicken. Mix a short brown university with the yellow to keep it from getting besides bright. Add the finish touches with a humble brush by painting in your bird ‘s legs, feet and eyes. If the white did n’t show enough on the branch stamps, touch up the snow with a few strokes of white paint .

Finished !

Your bird card is now complete ! finish with a fresh note inside and send off your personal, handmade Christmas cards.

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