Driscoll Children’s Hospital unveiling 2022 Holiday Cards designed by kids

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas ( KIAH ) – Driscoll Children ’ s Hospital ’ s best and brightest young artists will shine Friday, Oct. 7, as they usher in the approaching Christmas temper with the introduction of the one-of-a-kind 2022 Holiday Cards at the Celebrity Party .
Starting at 3:30pm today the Driscoll Children ’ s Hospital will present its 2022 Holiday Cards !
It ’ s sponsored by the Auxiliary to Driscoll Children ’ second Hospital, a group of volunteers who altruistically devote their prison term to the patients at Driscoll Children ’ s Hospital main campus and clinics throughout South Texas .
For this gallant annual custom, Driscoll patients from throughout South Texas drew pictures for 12 vacation cards, and a committee of five residential district members selected the artwork to be used. The children ’ randomness artwork will be on display and the cards will be for sale during the event.

just like movie stars, past and present Driscoll patients whose artwork were chosen will be dressed in their Hollywood best as they stroll down a crimson carpet particularly installed for the occasion .
Every child is THE star during their solo walk. As the budding artist struts down the rug, the master of ceremonies tells the fans gathered a small about each one .

Favorite color ? Food ? Hobbies ? These and more will be revealed. It ’ s a delightful room to learn that these kids are so much more than the illness that may have brought them to Driscoll – and the kids love the individualize care. They smile, joke and enjoy their moment in the spotlight.

once they walk the crimson carpet, the artists stop at a poster-size copy of their card and meet their individual sponsors. After photos are taken, they autograph their work for family, friends, staff and other fans .
It ’ s a fun event on the Driscoll calendar, and one enjoyed by the organizers .
“ This decidedly is one of The Auxiliary to Driscoll Children ’ s Hospital ’ s most anticipate events of the class, ” said Lizette Saenz, Director of Volunteer Services at Driscoll Children ’ s Hospital. “ We look forward to rolling out the bolshevik carpet and putting the spotlight on our Driscoll stars, giving them a opportunity to shine. ”

Proceeds from sales of the cards will go toward the Marcia K. Wilcox Scholarship, which helps stream and past oncology patients go to college. Some of the designs for the vacation cards besides are made into T-shirts and ornaments .
All items can be purchased through Driscoll ’ s web site ( www.driscollchildrens.org/holiday ) and at the hospital ’ s Carousel Gift Shop. The Driscoll Children ’ s Hospital ’ mho 2022 Holiday Cards come in packages of 12 cards and sell for $ 12 .

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