Christmas Salon Gift Cards – 11 Ways to Boost Sales.

Do you realise the likely gross salon giving cards can bring in at Christmas time ? unfortunately, many salons, watering place and barbershops overlook salon gift cards and are missing out large time during the most significant outgo time of the class. Learn how to harness the baron of selling giving cards with these 11 great ways to boost sales and increase salon tax income .

What’s So Good About Salon Gift Cards?

good, here are some current statistics to show you why salon endow cards are so effective at boosting tax income :

  • Gift cards are a $160 billion industry! 
  • 60% of surveyed adults said they would prefer a gift card over a gift.
  • 93% of consumers will give or receive a gift card this year.
  • 73% of adults have purchased at least one gift card at Christmas time.
  • 72% of those who received a gift card spent more than the value of the card
  • While 90% of gift cards are redeemed within six months of purchase, a massive billion dollars in gift cards is never redeemed by the people receiving gifts.
  • Gift cards have been the number 1 requested item on wish lists since 2007. 

Salon Gift Card Benefits.

There are so many benefits for your health spa, salon or barbershop when you sell a endowment poster ;

  • Improves cash flow
  • Increases client spending
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Gain new clients
  • Gather potential new client data
  • New referrals
  • Convenient for you and clients
  • A free marketing tool for your salon
  • Use in Campaigns to improve revenue
  • Use in conjunction with a loyalty points program to improve client retention
  • Solve gift-giving problems for your clients 

Santa with lots of money.


SMS and Email Campaigns. 

promotion is the key to selling more salon give cards at Christmas. Your clients need a little push, and a bang-up way to do this is via an SMS or Email campaign .
Be indisputable to dress up your SMS and electronic mail messages with a beautiful Christmas theme .
Try to incorporate your logo and salon root colours to delight the eyes and cement your mark identity. Neko has the tools to help you create targeted marketing campaigns.

Staff Awareness and Incentives.

Make sure your staff are in the loop. Getting everybody on the same page makes promotions more successful .
You may even like to start a friendly competition among your staff. For exercise, whoever sells the most salon endowment cards by Christmas Eve gets spare movie tickets, a salon merchandise or treatment. You may even try to make it more of a game with a points board and display a mystery give in the staff room for temptation .
Offering incentives is a great way to get your staff pro-actively sell and be happy about it .

Hands holding up a Christmas salon sign with test "the winner is..."

Gift Card Placement.

There are many places where you can display your endow cards. The count one space is, of course at the compass point of sale. Giving you another casual to prompt your customer to buy a gift card for friends or syndicate .
Refresh your retail area with a stocking filler section, including your endow cards. You could besides make a endowment basket with a few products and a endow batting order included. Make these gifts so beautifully presented, so they are hard to resist .
Placing give cards or promotional posters in assorted other places can besides be advantageous .
Areas to consider are ; in the treatment area, in the expect board, add a aviator to your menu or invaluable, and don ’ metric ton forget the toilet. The spinal column of the toilet door is one place you are certain to get your clients attention.

Christmas Packaging and Displays.

Be creative with your endowment cards. There are therefore many cost-efficient ways to print out lovely gift cards that you can design yourself .
Canva is a bang-up app that makes designing simple and easy. Use our brand color and logo on the card or at least on the envelope .
You may besides like to consider reasonably give wag tins or small cardboard boxes with Christmas ribbons .
You are limited only by your imagination. The more attractive your give cards are, the more likely they will gain care .

Salon Gift card in Christmas packaging.

Voicemail and On-hold Messages.

Spread some Christmas cheer in your salon voice mail or on-hold message, after all, you have your clients undivided attention .
Creating a Christmas voice mail or on-hold message which mentions your amazing gift cards and their benefits is an slowly and free way of promote .
Take advantage of this opportunity for any other Christmas promotions you may have on offer .

Online Availability.

Making salon endowment cards available on-line is a big way to encourage clients to buy this Christmas. They don ’ t even have to leave the house ! You decide whether you would like to send out a physical give wag or supply an e-card. E-cards are very popular as consumers love them .
While physical give card sales are improving by 6 %, e-cards have exploded with a 200 % addition in sales. therefore, e-cards are something to consider in this increasingly on-line business worldly concern. Plus, they are convenient for you and your clients .
furthermore, e-cards can be bought at the very last moment. So you never miss out on a quick pulsation purchase or last-minute give hunter. ( SmallBiz )
A woman buying a salon gift card online.

Social Media.

We all know the meaning of social media when it comes to business. so, creating a gay social media page for December and promoting your salon give cards should be a no-brainer. It ’ s an easy way to get the parole out and entice clients to buy a salon endow card.

47% of millennials look to Facebook for holiday gift inspiration.
then while electric potential clients are browsing their social media, you could stand out as the solution to their gift-giving hassles .

Offer Christmas Discounts.

You may like to offer incentives to your unconstipated clients to sweeten the hand .
For model, spend $ 100 on a giving card and the value of the wag will be $ 120 or, buy a giving card by December 24th and receive 20 % off your following visit .
There are many ways to incentivise your clients, but please make sure you crunch the numbers and employment out what is right financially for your health spa, salon or barbershop. These are only examples to stimulate ideas.
Salon tags

Align with a Charity.

Donating a assign of the sale of a endow batting order to a worthy cause is a fantastic way to market your salon endowment cards .
Did you know, 70 % of millennials stated they are more probably to spend more at a commercial enterprise which is aligned with a charity. Why ? Because it makes them feel good .
Charities elicit an emotional response, so this helps your business plug in with your node on a deeper level. Building faith and a better reputation as a socially responsible business. now, that ’ sulfur potent !

Gift Cards and Loyalty Points.

If you run a salon loyalty program in your health spa, salon or barbershop, you will know how clients love to rack up points to receive something for nothing. so, attaching commitment points to the purchase of a giving card is another great bonus .
not entirely are you potentially gaining a new client from the endowment calling card, but your firm clients feel valued, further building your customer loyalty and improving client memory. And, we all know that improving node commitment and retentiveness equals increased tax income !
If you don ’ metric ton already have a Salon Loyalty broadcast, Neko has all the tools to make allocating points easy. Click here to learn ideas on how to implement an excellent salon loyalty course of study .
Two hands holding a sign that says "Loyalty Program".

In-store Marketing.

Marketing the handiness of Salon endow cards to your clients during treatment is a great time to plant the seed in your customer ’ second mind .
You may like to tell them about any offers or promotions connected with the endow card, such as the ones mentioned above .
Weaving sales promotions in your client conversations is a great way to sell. Read hera to learn more about how to successfully up-sell and cross-sell in your salon .


When considering selling endowment cards and implementing any discounts, campaigns or incentives, make surely you do your homework ahead. You want to entice sales but not discount your offers so much that your business doesn ’ metric ton profit. Remember, it ’ mho all about boosting your tax income, therefore never implement anything that your commercial enterprise can not sustain .
besides, remember to always provide thorough terms and conditions policies with any giving cards and/or promotions .
Measuring your results after the completion of your Christmas campaign is besides a must. Knowledge is baron. You need to know how profitable your campaigns have been .
Neko has all the tools to bring up reports, racetrack give cards, loyalty points, discounts, selling campaigns and more .


In termination, it is obvious that there are many, many benefits to selling salon endow cards at Christmas .
By implementing some or all of the above ways to sell salon endow cards, you are sure to see a promote in your salon gross this Christmas .
Selling salon endow cards doesn ’ t have to cost you anything, except a little premeditation and resource .
Neko is a ace at managing salon gift cards. Search a endow card by menu total, value, date or buyer. It ’ randomness that easy. furthermore, Neko will add any salon commitment points mechanically to the buyer ’ mho customer card .
If your Salon international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate already using Neko Salon Software, its time to get on display panel so you can manage your giving cards, gift wag campaigns and loyalty points .
Why not try it for yourself. Sign up today for a loose 14-day trial. hypertext transfer protocol : //

We provide free electronic mail support as part of every subscription so getting started is super easy .
already using another software system ? No worries, we will migrate all your data into our system so you are ready to go .

Neko Salon Software is the simple and affordable key to making your business brilliant.

No hidden fees! No contracts! Only pay for what you need!

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