The Best Strategy for Organizing Greeting Cards (And Sending Them on Time, Every Time!)

This simple organization will help you with organizing greeting cards and sending them on time, every meter ! Such a capital way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you !
I may be in my 30s, but when my birthday rolled around last month, I distillery got super excited when I opened up the postbox and found cards addressed to me ! There ’ south just something therefore extra about getting an actual tease in the mail ( specially when it includes a personal note ! ) that makes me feel so loved .

The Problem: Lack of a Solid System

But equally much as I love receiving cards, true, I used to be pretty frightful about sending them at all, let alone on time .
I had the best intentions. I loved the important people in my life and wanted to recognize their particular days ! But my rattlebrained tendencies seemed to take over in this area. And by the time I realized that I should have sent a card and/or giving, it was often excessively late.

But as I mentioned, my people are authoritative to me. The apology that “ I ’ thousand bad at sending cards ” precisely wasn ’ t cutting it anymore. I wanted to make sure my family members and friends knew that they were limited to me on their boastfully days .
When I have an topic like this– a modern habit or routine I want to build– I will create a system to help me make the new habit american samoa easy as it could possibly be. So I set out to come up with an organized system for sending birthday, anniversary, and other cards on meter, every one meter .

How to Get into the Habit of Sending Cards (And Organizing Greeting Cards Once and For All!)

interestingly enough, it was one of my sleep together ones– my cousin, Laura– who helped me come up with the card-sending system that has worked truly well for me !
two little girls on a swingsetLaura and me on the swing set as toddlers! Laura and I are entirely 4 months apart in age. We have been buddies our entire lives. not lone did we bond over creating roller skating dance routines to Amy Grant songs and reenacting SNL skits when we were younger ( 🤣 ), but our common love of both creativity and administration led us to our current jobs a adults as well !
two girls showing a graduation cakeAt our high school graduation party! Laura and her husband Justin run a cunning and far-out calling card shop called Cards Don’t Matter (Yeah…write!) that has wholly reinvented the way people shop for and send cards. Their singular strategy not entirely makes total and dispatch sense, but it is besides responsible for helping me get out of my card-sending slump for good .
here is the card-sending organization that has been a entire game record changer for me…

Step 1- Make a list.

Lists are constantly the answer, amiright ? ! 😉
The very first thing I did when I set out to be more designed about making my love ones feel special on their bad days was to make a list of everyone I wanted to send cards to throughout the year .
I wrote depressed birthdays and anniversaries. I thought about limited holidays like Father ’ second Day and Mother ’ s Day and Valentine ’ s Day. And I was sure to include any recurring card-giving events that I wanted to remember. For each class, I wrote the person ’ sulfur name and the date of the event on my tilt .
then I moved my focus specifically to the coming year. I noted anyone I knew had a big event coming up– weddings, babies, graduations, retirements, etc .
To help me organize my thoughts, you know I constantly use a pretty printable. But this time I didn ’ t even have to make it myself ! Laura and Justin already had the perfect pages to help me get my card list organized. You can click the button below to snag these cute freebies !
After I had written down every single person I wanted to make certain I sent a circuit board to throughout the year, I organized the events chronologically then I could easily see what cards needed to go out each month .
I ended up having 34 entries on my list. And my number making process only took me about 20 minutes to complete. ( Again, you can snag the free pages to make your organized card-giving list here. )

Step 3- Set reminders in the calendar app on your phone.

once my organized list was complete, I knew that my scatterbrained self would need reminders of all of the important dates that I wanted to remember .
I took a few minutes and set up notifications in the calendar app on my call. They will alert me five days before each birthday, anniversary, or other event on my list is set to take place .
Reminder to send card on phone calendar app once I had my number created and all of my reminders in position, all I needed were the cards !

Step 4- Buy cards in batches.

This is where the substantial charming happens !
I have always been a big fan of batching tasks to save time. For the blog, I try to “ batch ” my photograph shoots ampere much as possible. I take photos for multiple posts at one time so I only have to set up my gear once and come away with tons of content. ( Editing photos in batches make it go quicker besides ! )
I besides prefer to do chores in batches. For exercise, I do all of our laundry at once on the weekends so it ’ s not hanging over my head all week long. I try to do all of my patronize and errands on one day so I don ’ t have to spend more time making multiple trips .
So it only makes sense that I would do my card buy in batches excessively !

How I Remember to Batch My Card Buying

Remember how I said that the Cards Don ’ t Matter denounce is completely unique ? They only open their [ virtual ] doors once per quarter. This helps normally scatterbrained folks ( like me ! ) and procrastinators ( besides like me ! ) to get all of their cards for the following three months all at once. That way, they have all of the cards they need and are prepared for every juncture !

Our brains are eldritch. There is something about having a deadline that makes us stop putting off a job and ultimately take action on it. so CDM ’ s quarterly shop acts as a admonisher and forces me to get my loot in gear while they ’ ra afford so I can make indisputable I have a hoard of the cutest cards in all the estate any time I need them .
My type-A side gets reasonably dizzy every time a love one ’ randomness birthday rolls around and I can equitable head to my tease hoard and pull out the perfectly chosen menu I had already purchased for them a few months prior. 🎉
I don ’ t have to run to the memory survive infinitesimal and choose from whatever generic cards are left over. I already have cunning, playfulness cards for everyone on my number ! Yippee ! It brings so much peace of thinker knowing that I am prepare in promote for all approaching holidays and events .
Oh and while you ’ ra browse, don ’ t forget to…

Step 5- Grab a few extra cards for unexpected events.

I love only having to think about card shopping once per one-fourth. But no matter how much I plan, there will always be things that pop up last moment. Birthday parties for my kids ’ friends. Surgeries or illnesses for which I want to send get well cards. Promotions or other excite biography events that aren ’ metric ton always planned out in overture. And therefore on .
so while I ’ thousand doing my quarterly wag shop, I take a expect at my hoard and make indisputable I have a few excess cards in each of the following categories…

  • Birthday Cards (Since I have boys, I especially make sure to stock up on cards that would be appropriate for their friends’ birthday parties.)
  • Thank You Cards
  • Get Well Soon Cards
  • Sympathy Cards or Thinking of You Cards
  • General Congratulations Cards

Depending on your current phase of life, your calling card hoard might look identical exchangeable to or very different than mine. But having a few extras in your most practice categories is always a beneficial estimate !
Since I keep cards for upcoming events well stocked, I want to make sure I can find them when the time comes !
When I order cards from Cards Don ’ t Matter, I can put in the date of my event and person I ’ m buying cards for. then they will automatically bundle my cards by calendar month for me ! Amazing !
Whenever I receive the monthly bundles, I pop them into my little card box, which has tabbed dividers for each month .
I keep my extra near the back of the box, behind tab key that are labeled by category .
[ This cunning storage corner is from Cards Don ’ thyroxine Matter excessively ! You can snag one here ! ]
I keep my card personal digital assistant in my office so it ’ randomness always well accessible. ( My boys besides know where it is kept and will raid it whenever they need a card as well ! )
When I ’ megabyte organizing greet cards by calendar month and/or class, I can easily find whatever card I ’ m looking for, whether it ’ s a circuit board that I ’ ve picked out for a specific person or one that ’ sulfur barely part of my general hoard .

Step 7- Write a quick note and send off the cards to their recipients!

If you ’ ve completed each of the steps improving to this period, you should start getting alerts telling you when it ’ s time to send out the cunning cards you ’ ve choose for your sleep together ones .
When the alarm pops up, simply steer to the topographic point where you ’ re keeping your cards organized, and pull out the one you ’ ve picked for that person .
Write a agile note, address and stamp your envelope, and send it on its way ! ( Or give it in person if that ’ s an option ! )
And then good prepare yourself for how special your love one will feel that you remembered their big day. 🙂 The best !

Mission: Organizing Greeting Cards Complete! Happy Card Giving!

Cards are so amazing because unlike most “ stuff ” we receive that will wear out or go out of manner, the kind and thoughtful words we share with the recipients can make them feel loved for a farseeing time to come. I still have cards that I get out and reread whenever I ’ meter feeling down !
particularly in this old age of quick and impersonal communication, getting a physical, personalized card in the mail brings a soar of excitement. And it is such a enchant to be able to give that feeling to the important people in my liveliness.

If you ’ re looking to improve your hand-written beloved life, begin by getting organized and then merely follow through with your plan ! You will be amazed at the positive impact you make on your love ones ’ lives !
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Thank you so much for following along ! Have a fantastic day !

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