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I tend to draw blanks when it comes to gay holiday crafts. As I stalk other blogs, I see all kinds of cute ornaments, garlands, table settings, etc that make me feel like a creative failure. This class specially, I ’ ve been loving wreaths. And it got me thinkin…
Why not take the same concept as this project   with the clothespins, and make it A WREATH for holiday cards ! Cute AND functional. And this way you won ’ triiodothyronine have allll the vacation cards cluttering up your refrigerator .

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I wanted this project to be cheap, and not use any office tools so it would be an accessible project for anyone ! And because I love a good instant-gratification-project. 😉

We were able to use the leftover clothespins from this project   ( which would be such a great Grandparent endow idea ! ), although in hindsight, I would have used some clothespins that are larger ( like this ) so they could hold a little more weight .

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First things first, we ’ rhenium going to glue on these clothespins around the perimeter of the spiel ! The scallops along the edges made it easy for me to evenly place them, but if your platter is a perfective traffic circle, you may want to measure out where the clothespins would go ( full disclosure… I STILL WOULDN ’ T ) 😉
Use the Priming Marker in all the places you will be putting the clothespins. It primes that spot for utmost adhesion ! The wet streak from the marker will dry clear .

Apply a bantam quarrel of Rapid Fuse glue to your short clothes bowling pin, and set in home on the phonograph record. This glue is so comfortable to work with, and dries in 30 seconds, so you can move cursorily ! ! ( honestly, we use this gorge all the time and for SO many things. We keep some in our junk drawer and use it often ! )

These clothespins aren ’ thymine going ANYWHERE .

next, we ’ ra going to lightly sand that two-dimensional area in the in-between, and spray key with this chalkboard spray paint ! Yes, it makes anything into a running blackboard !
The spray paint goes on looking like a glossy black, but when it dries, it ’ s the arrant flat of a blackboard !

Use the side of a firearm of chalk, and season that flat center circle. then wipe off with a wallpaper towel .

print out a design you want to transfer onto your chalk wreath. You can good do a google research for ‘ Christmas Chalk Art ’ and find soooo many great pics to use !

Cut around the edge of the design so it will be easier to make sure it ’ second centered on your wreath. then put a piece of Carbon Paper behind it ( with the colored side facing down ).

I used an embossing stylus to trace over the design, but you could use a pencil or a playpen besides. Make indisputable you trace over every function !

At this distributor point, it ’ randomness EASY to just chalk over it with some regular old chalk ! You ’ ll look like a real methamphetamine artist ! ( okayyyy, I know mine international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate that great. We can ’ triiodothyronine be adept at everything. 😉

now that it ’ s all traced out for you, it ’ s EASY to pull off some gorgeous chalk artwork ! even if you have no artsy bones in your body !

You could even wire it up to an actual wreath ! So pretty, right ? !

As always, if you give this project a sample for yourself ( even if you modify the theme and truly make it your own ) PLEEEASE tag us on social media ! We ’ re @ RealityDaydream on both Instagram and Facebook .
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