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Get ready for the holidays and make some Christmas shaker cards with me ! You can make these cards for all of your loved ones this Christmas as an supernumerary especial means to wish them a happy vacation season .

These cards are fun to receive, but they ’ re besides super fun to make ( angstrom long as you don ’ thymine spill your glitter ). And, as an total bonus, today I ’ thousand going to teach you all about using your Cricut pens to write a special note for a extra circuit board !

Christmas Shaker Cards

This Christmas Shaker Card Craft is Day 10 of our Christmas Craft Kickoff for 2022 ! View all 14 projects here. If you love composition crafts you ’ ll love these Christmas craft !

Supplies for Christmas Shaker Cards

  • 65lb Cardstock – 12″x12″ Needed for Envelope (Your Choice of Color) –
  • Quick-Dry Tacky Glue
  • Chunky Glitter –
  • Foam Tape –
  • Acetate Sheets or Any Clear Plastic Sheet (A Ziploc Bag Will Work) –
  • Cricut Cutting Machine & Tools –
  • Cricut Pens
  • Scissors
  • SVG File for the Christmas Shaker Cards – More Details Below

Christmas Shaker Cards Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Step 1: Download the SVG File and Upload it to Design Space

For help downloading SVG Files and uploading them to Design Space see this post.

The free SVG file for the Christmas Shaker Cards has expired .

Or Grab the all-access pass here and get instant access all 14 projects, 25+ SVG Files, and printable instructions .

once you ’ ve got your purpose onto the canvas, you should see all the different layers of the poster, including a white square. This white square is for cutting the acetate sheets. If you ’ re using another material, you may want to cut the square by pass and delete this layer .

acetate sheets in design space

Step 2: Add Text to the Card

now, before we can cut out the card, we ’ ra going to add text to have a particular written message. To use the Cricut pens, it ’ mho best to use a writing font. If you have Cricut Access, there are a lot of writing fonts available to you. equitable use the filter in the font menu to find them .

If you don ’ t have Cricut Access, you can choose to pay a little fee to use the write font, or you can select a cut font. If you select a cut font, you can use the playpen to color in the white outer space when your batting order is finished, or you will have a bubble letter effect .

After you ’ ve chosen your font, no matter if it is a write or cutting font, spirit at the exceed menu to see the operation. It should say ‘ Pen ’. If it doesn ’ thymine, use the drop-down menu to change it. If you ’ re using a publish baptismal font and your letters placid have a burp effect, change the style to ‘ Writing ’ from the top menu .

text settings

now, to add the text to your card, ungroup the design from the top of the layers menu. Move the top of the batting order to one side. The top will have the snowflake, decorate, or tree cutout on it .

Type out your text, adjust the size to be how you want it and then center it horizontally from the align menu. immediately you can select your text and the front of your menu and click ‘ Attach ’ from the bottom of the layers menu .

attach text to card

To put textbook on the inside of the poster, type out your message and set it to the right side of the perforation line on the large rectangle. Select the poster and the text and bind it .

Step 3: Write On & Cut the Cards

With your text added you can click ‘ Make It ’. There ’ randomness nothing to do on the mat screen, so snap ‘ Continue ’. If you have a Cricut Explore, set your dial to Cardstock or if you have one of the Maker machines, choose cardstock from your cut number .

Because we ’ ve set the text to ‘ Pen ’, your Cricut will prompt you to add a Cricut pen to side ‘ A ’ and your cutting blade will remain in side ‘ B ’. To add the pen, open the clamp, take off the pen detonator and identify it tip down into the holder. Press it down until you hear a snap, then close the clamp .

place pen into side 'A'

Put the cardstock onto your flatness, stead it into your Cricut, and crush the flash k ‘ C ’ button to load. Your Cricut pen will do all the writing first, then it will cut.

To remove cardstock from your felt, flip it over and peel the mat away from the cardstock. The design should pop correct off with no curl or tear .

When all pieces have been cut, you ’ re ready to assemble !

Step 4: Make the Envelope

To make the envelope, fold all of the pill at the perforation lines in toward the middle. then, add a thin strip of glue on the penetrate 3/4 of the side pill .

glue side tabs of envelope

Fold the large bottom yellow journalism of the envelope up over the sides and press them down lightly. Check to make indisputable you have not gotten glue on the inside of the envelope that may seal it shut .

Set the envelope away to allow the glue to dry .

Step 5: Assemble the Card

We ’ ll start by assembling the front of the tease. First, glue down the acetate rayon public square or clear formative onto the back of the front of the card over the cutout form .

glue acetate sheet to card

then topographic point foam tape over the acetate rayon sheet. Make sure that the foam tape does not go over the invention where it can be seen on the front of the card. You will besides need to make certain there are no gaps in the foam, as this will be what holds the glitter in set .

After you ’ ve put foam all around the design, add some to the corners and sides of the calling card. then, remove the back .

add foam tape

now we ’ rhenium fix to add the glitter ! Use one color or angstrom many as you ’ d like to cover cutout shape. Chunky glitter works best .

add glitter to shaker card

now we can add the card slip in. Take the larger rectangle and fold it in half, with the words on the inside. Make surely it does not get turn top down ! All of the writing should be facing the chastise manner before placing the insert onto the front of the batting order .

carefully line up the front of the menu insert to the card front with the foam tape on it. When you ’ re certain it ’ s aligned, bid it down hard so no glitter falls out .

add card insert

Step 6: Add Embellishments

On the front of the circuit board, add the cutout outline with a finely tip glue. You can besides add any other embellishments you ’ d like .

then, all that ’ mho left is to sign your tease, place it in the envelope, and send it off !

finished Christmas Shaker Cards

If you ’ re enjoying the Christmas Craft Kickoff 2022 and can ’ triiodothyronine wait for more, or if you ’ ve missed a day, you can buy the All-Access Pass for life access to ad-free videos, 30+ SVG files, and printable PDF instructions !

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