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Let ’ s take a journey through the ages and explore the gay attributes of past epoch. One of the undimmed was victorian – darkness and cryptic, shrouded in some especial mysticism and nonnatural spirit that penetrated into everything, even greeting cards !
If you suddenly find some modern holidays bizarre, you merely haven ’ triiodothyronine seen 19th-century victorian Christmas cards that were ampere chilling as those gloomy times .

Until the early nineteenth hundred, Christmas was not a particularly democratic holiday in England. At the like time, there appeared a comparable iconography with gifts, snow, St. Nicholas… Along with Christian motif, there were more ancient – hedonist. But the essence of some cards was lost in the centuries and has not reached our days : most probable, it is allusions to cursed poems or stories.

In the pre-Victorian era, the celebration of Christmas in Britain and other english-speaking countries was very modest. It was alone during the reign of Queen Victoria and her husband, the german king Albert, that Christmas became a real vacation, which is distillery celebrated today. frankincense, it is the victorian earned run average that we owe the appearance of most democratic Christmas traditions, such as the giving of cards, souvenirs, and gifts .
however, in the victorian era, there were traditions that would seem rather strange to us today. Most of them, unfortunately ( and in some cases, fortunately ), have not survived .
The victorian Age in Britain was celebrated for its unfamiliarity, ranging from photograph of dead babies, a heat for spiritualism, and ending with these ambiguous Christmas cards .

In the victorian era, the very first Christmas calling card was created. It was painted by the English artist John Calcott Horsley at the request of his rich supporter Sir Henry Cole. The idea of creating a Christmas card came to Cole after he realized that he was excessively busy to write his own Christmas greetings for all family members, friends, and colleagues. Cole felt confident that a movie postcard with a Christmas greet would be a much easier way to congratulate all relatives and friends .

In 1843, Cole printed and put up for sale the first base thousand raw Christmas cards. But they didn ’ thyroxine immediately gain popularity. Supporters of a drab life style even scolded them, believing that the images of drink scenes that were available on some copies promoted drink .
A class late, however, Christmas cards began to be an incredible success. Soon they became extremely diverse – largely because each artist had his or her own perspective on what the perfect Christmas tease should be. Some new cards were painted in victorian Valentine ’ s style – cherub, flowers, and other symbols of spring and newly life. But there were other cards, stranger and chilling : with images of a black clown poking a patrol officeholder with a crimson poker, colossus deadly wasps chasing children, or gambling monkeys .

Pinched turkeys roast the unfortunate under the cheerful shouts of “ Merry Christmas and New Year ” and the approving smile of a foreign round creature .

Plum pudding is a traditional Christmas treat in Britain. But sometimes something goes wrong…

dead birds are frequently seen on priggish postcards. It ’ s a strange holiday symbol, international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate it ? Some believe that dead birds symbolize children who have frozen to death in the afforest. Postcards were supposed to evoke a sense of compassion among the gifted. According to another translation, it was a kind of wish of happiness and good luck, because to kill the king or the thrush in December was considered a good model.

There ’ s decidedly something amiss with this Santa Claus. Or person wished this son for Christmas .

After reviewing these Christmas cards, you might be concern to know why the victorian earned run average was so creepy, and although there are no accurate answers to this question, we have found some reasonably good hints as to why. For starters, life sentence anticipation in priggish England was fabulously low, as the in-between class had about 45 years to live, workers only half, and children were lucky enough to survive their 5 birthdays .
So the day by day funeral processions were not unusual, and you could not scare a victorian with end or all the awful feelings that followed. In addition to the high mortality rate, victorian people were very sexually depress and embarrass. therefore much so that women were not allowed to ride horses equitable like men, then as not to cause any female love. On the other hand, priggish men were so agitate that the curl leg of the tables were seen as aphrodisiac and much covered with a special fabric. so here is a concoction of black passion and intimate frustration, credibly, and made the victorian earned run average adenine eerie as it was .

This solicitation of cards from the victorian era includes baleful wishes, bloodthirsty greetings, and severe Christmas fun .

In England, postcards have become an cheap and thoughtful way to tell or hint about love.
By 1895, just over fifty years after the first postcard was printed in England, about a draw of a million different variations had appeared on the market. still, how short more do we know about the customs and culture of those times ! And the celebrated English humor was not abruptly born, it was honed for generations .
here are some little know priggish examples .

But where did this foreign Christmas iconography issue forth from, and what does it mean ? english graphic design historians don ’ metric ton know, painting that deciphering the meaning of most of these cards is now impossible. The only thing that is known for certain is that Christmas was not celebrated wide in England at the begin of the nineteenth century, unlike in Europe, and our common Christmas iconography, with its rouge Santa, deer, sleds, and gifts, began to take shape merely at the very end of the nineteenth century.

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