How to Make an NFC Christmas Card

Bored with standard Christmas cards ? Create your own with an NFC chase hidden inside to give the recipient a cover girl surprise on their telephone. Christmas is coming, and it ‘s time to send out some fun and gay greetings. This Christmas calling card has an NFC tag concealed inside for a particular construction : when the recipient role touches their earphone to the menu, a telling will automatically pop up with a connect to an e-gift, dwelling video recording, or a gallery of late class photos .

It ‘s a fun way to combine a physical and digital give together. Since NFC tags are cheap and come in big packs, you can make a many as you like .

How It Works

A digital giving voucher can be a antic give, whether it ‘s a subscription to a new streaming chopine or credits to buy an amazing video game. The alone trouble is, receiving a endow coupon by electronic mail is n’t ampere fun as opening a real present .
As a creative alternate, you can load a URL, television, or file onto an NFC chip and hide it inside a Christmas card. It ‘s perfective for linking to an e-voucher, but there are batch of early DIY gifts you can use it for too—you can jump to the end of the bit-by-bit guide to see .
Someone using Google pay to pay for something. NFC ( near-field communication ) tags are bantam un-powered circuits that are found in credit cards, Apple Pay, and hotel access cards, to name a few applications. They can be used to store small amounts of data like a password or a URL. In this case, we ‘ll use it to load a digital endow card, but it can be anything you like .
By the end, you ‘ll have a apparently normal Christmas card, except for one thing. When a smartphone is brought close to the tease a presentment will pop up, revealing a yoke with your digital give. An NFC Christmas calling card is barely one of many cool ways to use NFC .

What You Need

To make this project, you will need the keep up items :

  • X1 NTAG 215/216 (NFC tag)
  • NFC Tools app
  • An NFC-enabled smartphone
  • Card-making supplies

When searching for an NFC rag, you might notice they come in unlike shapes and sizes. We had several rectangle-shaped cards left over from a previous project, so we ‘ve recycled them for this one. however, if you need to purchase some tags, the best choice is to use something humble, like these coin-shaped NFC tag available on Amazon .
You will besides need an app to write information onto the NFC tag. There are plenty of options, but for this stick out we ‘re using NFC Tools by Wakdev. ultimately, while most holocene smartphones are NFC-enabled, it ‘s worth double-check that the endow recipient role has a adequate to smartphone. If their telephone can use Google Pay, Apple Pay, or alike, then it should work .
Download: NFC Tools for Android | io ( Free )

Step 1: Load the NFC Tag

starting signal by loading the NFC tag with the digital endowment. To demonstrate, we will use a giving voucher template from Canva to show you how it ‘s done, but you can replace the URL with a liaison to a real endowment voucher or whatever digital giving you want to use .
Open the NFC Tools app and select the Write yellow journalism, then urge Add a record. Next, crush URL or the type of record you are using, i.e. text, video recording, charge, etc .
4 Images
NFC tools app write tab. NFC tools app record menu NFC tools enter URL prompt NFC tools app message to approach an NFC tag

figure or paste the URL into the text box, then weigh OK. After this, a new choice to Write will appear. After pressing this button, bring your call close to an NFC tag to start the process. It will say “ Write complete ” once it ‘s finished .
Removing the phone case will help your phone connect better with the NFC tag.

Step 2: Test the NFC Tag

To test that it works, ask a acquaintance or family member to bring their call close to the NFC tag. Check that the link appears ; if not, you may have to repeat the process. Try moving the tag around if you ca n’t immediately get a connection .
Smartphone showing a gift voucher above a NFC tag

Step 3: Design a Card

An illustration of tangled Christmas lights with the title Nailed It As you plan your poster, think about where to place the NFC tag. If you are using the small, coin-shaped NFC rag, you might be able to incorporate the form into the plan. differently, you can easily sandwich the NFC tag in between two pieces of paper and keep it hidden .
There are lots of ways to create a circuit board excessively. If you do n’t want to make it by hired hand, try using Photoshop to create a Christmas card .

Step 4: Hide the NFC Tag Inside the Card

Using glue or gluey magnetic tape, attach the NFC tag to the Christmas tease. We opted to hide the rag inside it by placing it in between two sheets of newspaper and sealing it shut .
Two photos showing an NFC tag hidden between two sheets of card You can explain to the person who is receiving it how you must bring the telephone close to the wag for it to activate. Or you can write the instructions on the tease itself .
A phone above a Christmas card with a gift voucher on screen

More Ideas

The bang-up thing about using an NFC tag is how flexible they are. Try thinking outside the box to come up with more concern ideas for what to load onto it. not everything has to be a monetary gift either ; there are lots of DIY ideas that cost nothing but a bit of fourth dimension .
here are a few ideas :

  • A fun home-video
  • A gallery of photos from the past year
  • A digital gift voucher for a gaming platform
  • A subscription to a TV/movie streaming platform like Netflix
  • A Spotify mixtape
  • An original recorded song

You can find out more about how this engineering works by reading our comparison of NFC vs. Bluetooth .

An NFC Christmas Surprise!

If you ‘re looking for a fun direction to give an electronic gift, then making your own NFC Christmas poster is the perfect room to do it. NFC tags can be loaded with a link to a digital endow voucher or a home video, with many more creative ideas you can try .
When a telephone comes in close liaison with the NFC rag, a telling will mechanically pop up on the call asking the recipient to open the radio link. It ‘s a bang-up way to hide a digital surprise inside a Christmas card, making the introduce more stimulate to open .

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