Repurposed Playing Cards into DIY Christmas Tree

Repurposed playing cares into DIY Christmas treeEasy DIY Repurposed Playing Cards Christmas TreeFun & Easy DIY Christmas tree from repurposed playing cards

Create a DIY Christmas tree from Repurposed play Cards

From December 1st to December 23rd I ’ m sharing three Christmas projects per week, for Twelve Days of Christmas Projects .

Welcome to Day Seven!

You can find links to the other projects at this end of this post .
so a while back I was in one of my local parsimony stores and they had a bin full of decks of cards. I think person must have donated a whole collection at once because there were all different kinds of decks .
Some were from cruises .
Some were from casinos .
Some had the names of places on them .
But, thankfully, there were many that didn ’ thyroxine have any advertising on them at all .
As a careful creator I can never pass up a find to buy something in bulk, so of path I had to look through the integral bin to see what I could find. There must have been fifty deck in there .
It was fun looking through them, and I ended up bringing ten 50 cent decks home plate, and I ’ megabyte using one of them in my repurposed playing cards DIY Christmas tree project that I ’ m sharing today .

Repurposed playing cards into a Christmas tree

deck of playing cards and styrofoam cone
To create my DIY Chrstmas tree I ’ molarity using this reasonably bolshevik deck of cards, and a 12 inch $ 1 styrofoam cone .

Folding playing cards into shapes

folding playing cards to make a triangular shape
The first stop is to bend the cards into a form that classify of resembles the boughs of a corner .
This is easy to do by simply folding over one side, like in the above photograph .

folding playing cards to create triangular shape
And then you fold over the other slope, overlapping at the clear of the card .

stapling playing cards to keep them in triangular shape
then you staple your playing card triangle in concert so it keeps its human body ..

repurposed playing cards after being folded into triangjular shapes
And you fair make a whole crowd .
I wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sure how many I would need then I started with the count cards. I wanted to save the grimace cards if I didn ’ t need them .

Adding trunk made of poker chips

gluing green poken chips onto bottom of DIY Christmas tree
So the cards can hang below the penetrate edge of the tree, I needed to use something for a foundation, or torso
I had a bag of $ 1 thrifted poker chips in my hoard, so I pulled out some green one and glued them in concert using my glue gun .

Gluing playing cards onto styrofoam cone

gluing first layer of bottom row of folded playing cards onto styrofoam cone
then I started gluing on the cards. I added a first gear layer to the bed, spacing them out a bit .
TIP: The cards adhere effective if you give them a round shape that aligns with the cone. You can well do this with your fingers.If you equitable stick on a stiff straight cards, they ’ ll stick out all over the place .

gluing second layer of bottom row of folded playing cards onto styrofoam cone
then I added a second layer to cover the space .
TIP: When adding the glue for the second layer you need to place it where the cards will come into touch with each other, not precisely on the cone ..

bottom row of folded repurposed playing cards in place on styrofoam cone
here ’ s the bottom row all done .
As you ’ ra creating your tree fair remember that actual trees aren ’ thyroxine perfect so trees that we create don ’ metric ton have to be perfect either .

two rows of folded repurposed playing cards in place on styrofoam cone
then I added a second row the lapp way .

three rows of folded repurposed playing cards in place on styrofoam cone
And then a third base row.

It was here at the third course that a pair of things dawned on me .

stapling playing cards vertically so they are easier to bend
It ’ s better to staple the cards vertically because it makes it easier to give the cards the roundedness that ’ second helpful for placing them on the cone .

creating narrower triangle shapes when going higher up the styrofoam cone
And as you make your way up the cone, the tease shapes need to be narrower. It makes sense that as the cone gets narrower, the poster shapes should excessively .
so, this creating thing is constantly about learning. I ’ thousand learn with every new project I try, and I adapt as I go .

four rows of folded repurposed playing cards in place on styrofoam cone
From the one-third rowing up I just covered the gaps as I went, making certain no staples were showing as I went .

five rows of folded repurposed playing cards in place on styrofoam cone creating DIY Christmas tree
here ’ s the tree all done .
You can see how the batting order shapes got minute as I made my way to the top .

Creating an easy tree topper

vintage star-shaped light reflector with toothpick glued on the back
For a tree topper I glued a toothpick onto the back of a crimson vintage light reflector .

Vintage light reflector on top of repurposed playing cards DIY Christmas tree
For some extra sparkle I glued a fake rhinestone into the middle of the ignite reflecting telescope, and then stuck it into the top of the styrofoam cone .

Supplies needed for this Repurposed Playing Cards Christmas Tree

  • Deck of cards
  • 12 inch styrofoam cone
  • poker chips
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue sticks
  • scissors
  • vintage light reflector
  • toothpick

DIY Christmas tree created from red repurposed playing cards
For this project I used every card except one, the Queen of Hearts. I ’ ll put her with the other cards for a someday project .

Repurposed playing cards into DIY Chrismtas tree
And here ’ s my repurposed play cards Christmas tree, with my repurposed garden hose tree, and one of my gift bow trees .
I love how the three of them look together .

DIY Christmas tree from repurposed playing cards
This was such a playfulness visualize, and a relatively easy one excessively. I figure it took me about 3 hours, if I count the time spent fold and stapling the cards while I was watching a Hallmark Christmas movie .
And at a cost of about $ 2 it was very careful .
I hope this project has inspired you to create something fun out of repurposed meet cards. With a little fourth dimension, and a fortune of hot glue, creative things are always possible .

It would be greatly appreciated if you would pin this project to your favorite Pinterest board, and also share it with your friends.

Fun & Easy DIY Christmas tree from repurposed playing cards

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Thanks so much for reading and until adjacent clock time ,

keep on keepin’ on!


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