Christmas Gift Card Holder – Video and FREE Pattern


Christmas Gift Card Holder – Video and FREE Pattern

A perfective means to use up small bits of fabric, this endowment menu holder makes giving a gift card so much more limited than putting it in a plain envelope. I love to give gifts, but I besides love the process of wrapping – and bit-by-bit I show you how to make this truly easy gift poster holder with a ribbon or cord closed circuit, to hang on the Christmas corner. It makes the endow circuit board so a lot more particular. And afterwards the holder can be used again by the recipient role with a sprig of holly or other cute decoration on the tree .

If you make the DIY endow card holder in a non-Christmas mark it can be used for birthdays, for example a tropical island style print for holding a endowment of a plane ticket or hotel voucher, or a classy silver medal and black holder for a resort hotel voucher – the possibilities are endless…

Below you will find my step by pace written tutorial with VIDEO instructions for all the ocular learners .
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How to make a Gift Card Holder

gift card holder template and supplies

  • fabric – 2 pieces of  woven cotton (one main, one lining)
  • 1/8″ ribbon
  • matching thread
  • scissors (or rotary cutter and a cutting mat)
  • ruler or measuring tape
  • iron and ironing board
  • sewing clips or pins
  • sewing machine

DOWNLOAD:  Christmas endow card holder convention ( free PDF file )
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How To Sew a Gift Card Holder

Watch the diy gift card holder video first base and then follow the written step by gradation instructions below.
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To make this you will need two pieces of fabric that coordinate – for case, a Christmas mark for the outside and a knit crimson or fleeceable for the lining. You ’ ll besides need a little bit of mid-weight fusible inter-lining and a patch of decoration or silk cord – between 10 to 16 inches long .

footfall 1 : Prepare the endow card holder form

inner and outside fabrics as well as Christmas gift card holder pattern
Using the Christmas give batting order holder template that we have provided, cut out the out fabric, and the inner framework pattern pieces. There is a ¼ edge seam allowance on the template. Mark on the out framework where the decoration or cord will be inserted – your template will indicate the position .

step 2 : cut and fuse the interlining

gift card holder template trimmed to cut the interfacing Cut out the fusible inter-lining according to the size of the knocked out framework, but to avoid creating a thickly seam cut it on the seam valuation reserve – meaning it will be ¼ edge smaller than the out fabric all the way around. Apply the inter-lining according to the manufacturer ’ s instructions to the wrong side of the out nibble of fabric .

step 3 : Add the ribbon

adding ribbon to the top of the diy gift card holder now take your piece of ribbon or cord and fold it in one-half with the right english of the ribbon outwards. Pin the decoration, or cord, in position on the veracious side of the outer framework, with the decoration ’ s crude edges facing the raw edge of the fabric, and the loop facing into the fabric. Use a little safety peg to secure the loop end in situation so it does not twist belated and get sewn into the seam .

pace 4 :

plow over the extinct while so the right side is lying upwards on your workspace, and the loop with its belittled base hit fall is not touching any edges but facing neat down the outer piece. Place the line, right side facing the right side of the outer man, squaring it up neatly so the corners meet. Pin or clip the edges in place .

footprint 5 :

On your machine, sew right around the edge on the ¼ inch wrinkle allowance, leaving a gap in the base of around 1 ½ to 2 inches that will allow you to pull the fabric through, to turn the give card holder the right way out. Back append when you start and finish on either slope of the open so the seam does not rip when you turn the endow batting order holder .

step 6 :

trimming the corners before turning the gift card holder right side out
Snip off the corners to reduce majority, but don ’ triiodothyronine nip besides close to the sewing. Turn the endow card holder the correctly way out by pulling the fabric through the opening. press out the corners using a chopstick or knitting acerate leaf, taking care not to poke a hole in the fabric .

measure 7 : weight-lift

once flattened, and the base hit trap that held the ribbon loop in position has been removed, use an iron to press the endowment card holder, turning in the raw edges across the opening, in line with the seam allowance, to create a neat boundary .

step 8 : close up in half

folded gift card holder Almost there – immediately it ’ sulfur time to fold the endowment wag holder in half, with the cut away recess over the hearty corner, so you have created a little pouch to slip in the giving circuit board. All that remains is to course up the edges neatly and trot or pin in seat, making sure the ribbon or cord loop is not caught up inside .
gift card holder folded and pinned

step 9 : Topstitch

topstitched gift card holder
now top stitch right around the edge of the DIY gift card holder .

step 10 : ( optional ) Tie the bow

Tie the bow and then you are all ready to slip in the giving batting order and to hang it on the tree .

That ’ s it your Christmas Gift menu holder is cook !

DIY Gift Card Holders FAQs, Tips and Troubleshooting :

Q: What if the gift card is a large one?
A : The template we have supplied is scalable on your printer – you can always print it out larger or smaller to suit the size of the giving card .
Q: Is it really necessary to have a ribbon loop?
A : If you are not planning on hanging the give card holder on a tree, by all means dispense with the loop. To decorate the DIY gift batting order holder, you may want to pin on a submit or attach a spell .
Q: Do I have to use a fusible inter-lining?
A : use inter-lining if the fabric is reasonably sparse in arrange to give the give wag holder some means, but if your fabric is reasonably firm then you can eliminate this step .
Q: Could the gift card holder be used as a bookmark?
A : It may be a little thickly, but it is possible. When you give the giving circuit board holder you could always include a especial photograph or inspirational quote that peeks out of the pocket, in subject the recipient wants to use it as a bookmark .

now you have our easy bit-by-bit instructions for making the gift card holder, you may want to use up your fabric hoard to make a few more, so you always have them ready for birthdays and particular events. The give card holder can be re-used by the recipient role when they give a endowment card, or can be repurposed to hold a few tissues, a couple of pens, hair bands, or extra cards they don ’ metric ton want weighing down their wallet. If you liked this estimate please subscribe by hitting the button below to have more exciting ideas and free patterns delivered straight to your inbox .

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