DIY Christmas Card Holder with the Cricut

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Display all of your Christmas cards and other merry mail with this DIY Christmas card holder! Use your Cricut to craft this Christmas card board, and then use ribbon and mini paper clips to display your cards!
Finished Merry Mail Christmas Card Display on pink background
We ’ re on Day 13 of 25 Days of Cricut Christmas and today we ’ rhenium crafting a handy way to display all of your alert mail—a DIY Christmas card holder ! This fun board is perfect for displaying all of the cards you receive during the holidays and can be used year after year.

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This tutorial, in particular, is helpful for projects you want to make using boisterous wood. The control panel I purchased from JOANN was identical rustic with a grey wash. The wood is very hempen and crafters can find it frustrating to use with Cricut materials. In this post I ’ ll parcel my front-runner tap for getting iron on vinyl to stick to rough wood surfaces !
I besides gave the gestural a coat of white paint with a leech brush, which didn ’ thymine cover it amply but made it a little bright and more my manner. normally I wouldn ’ metric ton recommend using iron on vinyl on a painted coat ( it tends to bubble ), but because this rough woodwind soaked up so much of the paint, it was no problem .

Christmas Card Display Board Supplies

All the supplies needed for this post: Cricut, Cricut mat, iron on vinyl, EasyPress Mini, glue gun, weeding tool, ribbon, tiny clothespins, wood sign

Grab the SVG for this Project

Christmas Card Display Board Instructions

Upload the Merry Mail file to Cricut Design Space

To start, upload the Merry Mail file to Cricut Design Space ( see Uploading SVG Files to Cricut Design Space if you need help ) .
Cricut Design Space: Uploaded Merry Mail file
I am making this file as is, but if you need to change the colors to use different iron on vinyl, do that nowadays. then resize to fit onto your board .
Cricut Design Space: resized Merry Mail file.
now we are ready to cut the file ! Click Make It in the upper correct and you ’ ll be taken to the Prepare Screen. here, we want to click the “ mirror ” slider for any and all mats you are using. This will ensure that the words face the right direction when ironed onto the circuit board .
Cricut Design Space: Prepare screen with different mats
then click Continue.

Cut Your Iron On Vinyl for Your Christmas Card Display

On the Make Screen, you ’ ll set your material to iron on. Make certain you have your fine sharpen blade in your machine, insert your felt, and your Cricut will cut your project !
Cricut cutting black vinyl

Weed Your Iron On Vinyl

Next we ’ re going to “ weed ” the negative space from around our images. I have an extensive post about Weeding Iron On Vinyl, which you ’ ll want to read—tons of tips and tricks to making it easier .
Hands weeding Merry Mail image

Adhere Your Iron On Vinyl

nowadays we are going to adhere our iron on vinyl to the display panel. I like to start by placing all of my decals on crown of each early to make certain I have the placement correct .
Hands placing all decals on board
Peel back the early layers, so you ’ re just left with the first MERRY decal. Use your EasyPress or mini iron to adhere the iron on vinyl to the display panel .
Hands ironing MERRY to sign
This is generally not enough to get iron on vinyl to stick to the rough surface of the wood. So before you start to peel back the carrier sheet and while the image is still hot, use a piece of fabric or towel and truly press that iron on vinyl into the woodwind .
Hands using a piece of cotton to press MERRY onto the board
then peel back the carrier sheet. If you have some iron on that very won ’ thyroxine stick, repeat this process .
Hands peeling back MERRY decal
If you find that the iron on is releasing from the carrier sheet but doesn ’ thymine look well-adhered to the display panel, use the framework or towel to press the iron on into the board more—it works actually well once the carrier tabloid has been removed.

repeat with the remaining layers of iron on vinyl. then cut strips of ribbon about 2″ wider than your circuit board. Wrap them around the battlefront of the control panel and glue the ends to the back using the blistering glue gunman, making sure the ribbon is taut .
Hands hot gluing ribbon to the back of the sign
Add some miniskirt clothespins and you have the cutest direction to display your Christmas cards this holiday season !
Finished Merry Mail Christmas Card Display on pink background

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