‘Christmas City Station’ stamp back in service at Bethlehem post office

bethlehem post office holiday stamps

christmas mail sent from Bethlehem can once again carry its Christmas City dub. The independent Bethlehem post office on Wood Street had stopped this week allowing vacation cards and letters to be stamped with limited holiday postmarks, which note the city ‘s nickname and include either a ace of Bethlehem or the three wise men. But after customers complained, the service has been returned, said Raymond Daiutolo Sr., a spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service. “ They were doing it and then for some cause they stopped for the people that were walking in, ” Daiutolo said. “ In hindsight, they realized it was a error. ” The post position suspended the Christmas City postmarks after staff got very busy with people mailing vacation packages, and officials there figured most people had already sent out their vacation cards, Daiutolo said. The service returned as of today on Wood Street, he said. The vacation postmark was created in 1937 as separate of Bethlehem ‘s push button to be known as Christmas City USA, said Lynn Collins Cunningham, frailty president of Bethlehem initiatives for the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. The chamber at the time helped to create the postmark and encouraged early chambers from around the area to have its members send their christmas cards through Bethlehem to promote the nickname, Cunningham said. Bethlehem ‘s efforts helped to win the city its national dub in 1937, making this year its seventy-fifth anniversary as Christmas City USA, Cunningham said. “ literally one of the reasons we were designated is because of the stomp, ” she said. “ It was just a little dry that on this 75th anniversary class there was this confusion and people were n’t getting them. ”

Cunningham received several calls and emails from people earlier this week complaining that the stamp was n’t available this year. She followed up with Bethlehem Postmaster Joe Manzo, who called her today to let her know the stomp was back in operation .bethlehem post office holiday postmarks

Bethlehem ‘s Wood Street post office was very busy today, though most people in cable carried packages, not Christmas cards. Tom Ryan, however, had a push-down list he wanted stamped with Bethlehem ‘s especial vacation postmark. The Sayreville, N.J., resident has been living with class in the Bethlehem area since his home was damaged in Superstorm Sandy, and his wife thought it would be fun to get their Christmas cards stamped in Bethlehem. “ It was n’t my idea, ” he said, looking ahead at the long line. Bethlehem and Nazareth are among several twelve post offices nationwide that offer especial vacation postmarks, Daiutolo said. Others include Christmas, Fla., and North Pole, N.Y.

Most of these mail offices with Christmas-themed names get most of their requests for vacation postmarks from out of town, which creates a fortune of influence for the employees at these offices, Daiutolo said. The marks are all done by hand, and the sour can be time-consuming, he said .

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