Be a Better Person and Send a Damn Christmas Card

I suppose we could start with the image of me, at midnight on a Friday night, covered in confetti and dog hair’s-breadth, glugging gin and tonics like pop whilst daubing images of myself, my pawl, and my cat with a glue stick. possibly this is a will to me being a certified Crazy Person ; possibly it speaks to the perils of living alone – either means, in my defense, I was perfectly capacity. I had given myself a delightfully juvenile project to occupy the sweep of free clock I normally find unmanageable to fill : I had decided to make and send a small bus of Christmas cards .
Christmas cards were always just a “ done ” thing, in my syndicate. To this sidereal day, my Nan displays the annual Christmas cards sent to her by her nephew ( the only early member of our family who upped and moved to America ) in a shambly, semi-chronological ordain across the walls of her dine room. My Grandma prop cards I ’ ve sent her over the years – all smiling visions of a previous me and varying iterations of my kin whole – on assorted ledges around her bantam, storybook bungalow. Every year, my dad sits at the kitchen table, glasses perched halfway down his nose, and squints down at his address script as he trots out greetings in playpen to every individual friend and kin member that graces its pages. And as a child, I was ingrained to do the lapp – all my friends at school, all my family members. They all got a card. Everyone got a calling card .
Put simply : somewhere along the occupation, I learnt that sending cards at Christmastime is the most basic gesture of affection and respect to people you give a denounce about .
As an adult – and a married one, at that – I continued the tradition, albeit idly. My ex-husband dubbed me “ the PR person ” in our relationship and, in many ways, I was wholly that. I was the relative-caller, the social media campaigner, and – possibly my favorite tax of this domestic billet – I was besides a diligent mail-sender. Every year, I would hop onto TinyPrints or Shutterfly and curate our annual happy Family propaganda. I still like to think our cards were good ones – I recently remembered one corker that featured my antique ’ sulfur hand disappearing cryptically behind his guy ’ s raise end – but, in hindsight, it strikes me as a slightly banal campaign. I would rate fifty-something cards and have every individual one routinely sent out by mid-december, my entirely handwriting efforts exhausted by grinding out address after address for people that, in some cases, I didn ’ triiodothyronine even very care for ( such is the destiny of a Marine Corps military officer spouse, but that ’ s another story ).

And then divorce became A Thing, in the fall of 2018 .
The problem was, I was living in our marital home while he was oversea. As Christmas drew near, I was already in the throes of something I can lone describe as a country of frenzied depression. The tipping indicate came in the chain mail : card after circuit board addressed to “ Captain and Mrs Byrne, ” “ the Byrne family, ” “ Mr and Mrs Byrne. ” I had thought, given the timing of everything, that our depart of ways was a well-known event. But unfortunately, the power of Facebook only goes so army for the liberation of rwanda, and many missed the memo. I doubt any of our friends and relatives are obtuse – or barbarous – enough to knowingly make such a mistake, but either way, the contents of our postbox presented itself to me as a callous admonisher that I was no longer the PR person for anyone but myself. I remember crying a lot before I threw them out .
I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate very celebrate Christmas that class. No presents were bought. No cards were sent. The extent of my deck ended with one light-up sign that read “ NOEL ” – which, amusingly, faltered halfway through Christmas day to merely read “ NO. ”
This year, I ’ m registering Christmas insofar that I ’ thousand travelling dwelling to England to be with my kin again. I hadn ’ metric ton thought to decorate, because a ) very few people ever step foot in my apartment, which suits me barely fine, and bacillus ) I gave away all my Christmas decorations in the process of moving. I hadn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate thought about gifts, nor had I written my own letter to Santa because – truth be told – I outgrew gift exchanges when I had to start worrying about bills again .
I besides hadn ’ metric ton thought about Christmas cards, because Christmas cards price money, and besides – I didn ’ t have a cute family portrayal to adorn the walls and fridges of my friends and relatives .
But then a good supporter of mine reached out. She wanted my address. My address .
I am not proud of my first gear thought, but it was basically a mental eye-roll. Great, I thought. Another smug fucking family to let me know I ’ molarity not one of Those People any more .
And then I thought doubly .
I realized I do have a family. And I do have fantastic friends. I do have a network. I do have people I give a shit about. And I do actually, in truth love sending mail .
And so it was that I decided to reclaim Christmas. And this time, I decided to do it in the way that felt truly organic to me : I was going to handwrite every individual one of those notes and I would do it with pride. I would do it precisely as my parents do, precisely the way I was raised, and precisely the way I show people my affection for them. I would do it the antique direction, because – to me, at least – Christmas is about love, not likes.
The future sidereal day, I made a pitstop on my way to work to scour Target for cards ; the project was cursorily complicated by the fact that my local Target is deplorably understock on properly designed gay greetings on pleasantly-weighted cardstock. My alternatives seemed scant. As person who recently accepted the fact that a minimum engage speculate does not permit for luxuries, but who remains clannish enough to look down upon brassy blueprint work, I was limited. A mass purchase of small-batch, locally-handcrafted vacation cards would have been attainable at another nearby store, but this is a storehouse that I Am not Allowed To Enter Because I Will Spend Too much Money In It .
And then : a revelation. I would make these goddamn Christmas cards myself. I would muster all the calm energy of my stepmother – who begins her annual Christmas-card-craft seance somewhere in early November – and I would produce thirties identical, absolutely fallible little suckers that would put all the smug TinyPrints efforts of my by to shame.

I began at 8pm. By 8 AM the following day – between gin, dilatoriness, rest, a couple of chase walks, and some chocolate – the first gear fifteen were on their means .
It may sound absurd. It credibly is absurd. here I am, a single woman in her mid-to-late twenties, whose estimate of playfulness is ( apparently ) staying up half the night and eagerly ploughing through a mildly-drunk craft school term. But it was besides a labor of beloved, a therapy school term, and a milestone all of its own .
It was a reminder to myself that I am enough, as I am, just in the like way that I see my love ones. It was a reminder that I don ’ t need a distribute of money to let the good people in my life know that I ’ megabyte thinking about them when I ’ thousand far away. It was a reminder that putting some meter and energy into a project – one that will garner a smile on the faces of people who matter to me – is, at the end of the day, the best kind of visualize there is. And trucking through those notes and thinking about each person – that is, in truth thinking about them for a moment – is, in and of itself, being finale to them when life throws everyone all over this planet .
And so it is, on that note, that I implore you to write to people this Christmas, and every Christmas future – regardless of your whereabouts, and regardless of the fact that you have a nice photograph to go along with it. Your handwriting will, of naturally, be a pleasant break between the catalogs and the coupons and the unopened bills – but you will besides make person smile in a way that a text message, a DM, or a snapchat can not. It will reconnect you in a way that the Internet snatches away from us on a day by day basis .
furthermore, it ’ ll make you smile, excessively. Believe me when I say that there ’ s a very warmly satisfaction to be found in engaging take care to pen to wallpaper at a methodical yard. Notecards and biros are not only cheaper than their impersonal, Instagrammable counterparts, but they ’ re besides cheaper than therapy .
And if gin-and-tonic-fuelled art projects have become the hallmark of my fury, I ’ d like to think I ’ thousand doing alright. A smattering of Bridget Jones syndrome never hurt anyone, after all. And besides : the universe could always do with more confetti, more photos of my chase, and more kind words from a good place .

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