How to Make an Easy DIY Christmas Card Holder – Farmhouse Style

DIY hanging Christmas card holderDIY Christmas card holder with farmhouse style salt dough ornament garland It ’ s the time of year to receive Christmas tease updates from friends near and far ! I constantly find myself struggling to display the huge push-down list of cards that come in each season, so I ’ thousand sharing a flying tutorial on how to make a farmhouse DIY Christmas card holder that ’ randomness easy to store !
DIY Christmas card holder with jute string, farmhouse ribbon and wood board for hanging This military post contains consort links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. For more information, please see my disclosures.

I ’ megabyte joining respective friends today to share inspiration for Christmas cards and singular ways to display them. I hope you ’ ll pay them a visit once you ’ re done here ! ( See the end of this post. )

DIY Christmas Card Holder Wall Hanging

You ’ ll only need a few simple supplies to make this DIY Christmas card holder. The best share is, you can besides repurpose this wall hanging to display your kids ’ artwork projects, photos or fiddling disturbance lists .
I ’ megabyte looking forward to using this for the many paintings and construction newspaper crafts by boys bring home from Kindergarten !

Supplies for Christmas Card Holder

  • Scrap wood
  • Drill
  • Farmhouse ribbon
  • Jute string
  • Salt dough ornament recipe

Supplies for DIY Christmas card holder

Steps for DIY Christmas Card Wall Hanging

In my approaching video, I ’ ll show these steps in detail. The bottom line is, if you own a drill and have scrap forest, you can well tackle this DIY stick out !

Step 1: Cut scrap wood to size and drill holes.

Cutting scrap wood for Christmas card display holder I used cedar for this project, which is easy to cut and didn ’ triiodothyronine ask stain .
Using a japanese hand saw, I cut my scrap wood to measure about 2 inches by 27 inches .
I had a particular stead in mind for my Christmas card holder, so I took measurements before I cut the wood .
You ’ ll want to decide how many strings you want hanging on your Christmas calling card holder and drill holes in each spot a well as two holes for a ribbon to hang the while .

Step 2: Create salt dough ornaments for wall hanging.

Salt dough ornaments cut with star cookie cutter In my late YouTube video recording, I walk through how to make salt dough ornaments for Christmas. It ’ s a capital craft for kids during the holiday dampen !
I even used this same recipe to make a garland for my Halloween mantel interior decoration .
You ’ ll want to allow enough time for the ornaments to bake ( about 2 hours ), which gives you enough of time to get the piece of wood prepared for hanging .
tap : Don ’ triiodothyronine forget to make holes in your ornaments for hanging. I suggest using a regular toast straw for this .

Step 3: Tie ribbon and jute cord onto the wood.

Attaching ribbon and jute cord to wood for DIY Christmas card holder I decided to tie double knots to attach a cunning loss farmhouse ribbon and jute string to the wall hang .
The knots should end up on the bottom of the control panel for your hanging ribbon and at the lead of the control panel for your strings of ornaments .

Step 4: Paint salt dough ornaments and hang.

Painting salt dough ornaments with white chalk paint
I like to use this ultra-matte chalk rouge when painting salt boodle ornaments. It gives a decent weather texture to the project…perfect for a farmhouse feel !
After painting your ornaments, you can hang them underneath the wood with jute lasso or any early ribbon that strikes your visualize .
I spaced mine out in an understudy blueprint .

A Final Look: DIY Christmas Card Wall Holder

The smasher of this design is that you can always swap out the ribbon or cord as needed !
Final DIY Christmas card wall hanging As I mentioned, I plan to use this throughout the year to display photos, keepsakes or other composition items that tend to clutter our counters .
I hope you can put it to dear use in your home, excessively !

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DIY Christmas card holder with farmhouse style salt dough ornament garland

More DIY and Craft Inspiration!

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DIY Christmas card wall hanging with salt dough ornaments

How to Make a Farmhouse DIY Christmas Card Holder


Make your own rustic DIY Christmas card holder with a farmhouse spirit ! You can use this simple circuit board holder to display photos, artwork or early objects throughout the year…not precisely at Christmas .


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  • Drill


  • Scrap wood

  • Farmhouse ribbon

  • Jute string

  • optional : Salt dough ornament recipe ( available at )


  • Cut scrap forest to the desired size and drill holes for the ribbon to hang above and ribbon/cord to pin cards below .
  • optional : Create salt dough ornaments for decoration .
  • Insert ribbon and jute cord into holes in wood, and make a knot at the ends .
  • optional : Paint the salt dough ornaments and hang at varying heights on the jute cord .
  • Hang cards, photos or other artowkr onto jute cord using clothespins .


The “additional time” reflects the time to bake salt dough ornaments. Skipping that step will reduce the project time dramatically.

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