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Canada Post Postage Rates

The Canada Post postage rates depend on the mail token, its weight unit, and the destination nation. The rates to send mail domestically are quite low-cost and offer Canadians a authentic means to send mail across the country. Sending mail to the US is besides quite cheaper as shipping to the US from Canada is faster as compared to other countries. Canada Post besides offers external transport to many other countries around the populace .

Standard Size Mail

Canada Post Stamp Price
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How much does it cost to mail a letter in Canada in 2022?

  • The cost of a Canadian stamp for postage within Canada is $1.07 for a postage stamp for sending a standard size letter mail of up to 30 grams or up to 5 paper sheets. If you purchase stamps in a coil or booklet, the price drops to $0.92 per stamp. This postal rate is for all standard-size mail items that are shipped within Canada
  • Mailing to the US (United States): For sending mail to the United States, the cost of a Canadian stamp for postage to the United States is $1.30 for a postage stamp.
  • Mailing Internationally: For sending mail internationally, the cost of a Canadian stamp for postage to an International Country is $2.71 for a postage stamp.

Standard-sized mail includes postcards and letter envelopes of the criterion size as prescribed by the Canada Post. The dimensions of a standard size mail should be a minimum of 5.6″ x 3.6″ with a thickness of 0.007″. The utmost size allowed is 9.6″ x 6.1″ with a utmost thickness of 0.2″.

💡 Also Read: Canada Post Approved Postcard Dimensions Square envelopes are acceptable and priced in the lapp way ampere hanker as they stay within the command dimensions – minimal 5.51″ adam 5.51″ adam 0.007″ and maximum 6.14″ ten 6.14″ x 0.19. mail weighing between 30 grams to 50 grams or consisting of up to 9 wallpaper sheets, the postal rate to ship nationally is $ 1.30. The rates to ship to the US and other countries are $ 1.94 and $ 3.88, respectively. Items that are over 50 grams can not be priced as standard size chain mail .

Non-standard/Oversize Mail

unusually shape envelopes and large documents are defined under the non-standard or outsize mail category by the Canada Post .

  • Oversized mail weighing up to 100 grams or comprising up to 20 paper sheets is charged $1.94 for shipping to any part of Canada. This rate increases to $3.19 for shipping to the US. International shipping can be a little expensive, starting at $6.39, which is the minimum postal rate for sending non-standard mail to any place outside Canada and the US.
  • Non-standard mail that weighs over 100 grams but no more than 200 grams, equivalent to sending 40 paper sheets – falls under the next weight category and costs $3.19 for national shipping. For shipping to the US and other countries under this weight category, the rates are fixed at $5.57 and $11.14, respectively.
  • For sending oversized mail of between 200 grams to 300 grams, the postage rate in Canada 2020 is $4.44 to ship across Canada. This rate jumps to $11.14 for mailing to the US and sees a whopping raise to $22.28 for international shipping.
  • The rate to send an oversized mail weighing between 300 grams and 400 grams is $5.09 nationally. Surprisingly, the rate to ship items to the US and other countries weighing under this category is the same as the rates under the weight range of 200 grams to 300 grams.
  • $5.47 is charged for sending non-standard mail weighing over 400 grams but not exceeding 500 grams. Similar to the above weight categories, the rates for shipping to the US and other countries are $11.14 and $22.28, respectively. Basically, the US and international postage rates for mail weighing between 200 grams to 500 grams are the same, providing an affordable option to mail non-standard items outside Canada.

 Also Read: The Right Direct Mail Size for Your Campaign The maximal dimensions allowed for sending non-standard mail are 15″ ten 10.6″. If these dimensions are crossed, the mail will be charged as a tract .
The delivery of your mail items will be done within two business days if they are sent within a town or city, three occupation days for mailing within a state, and up to 4 business days for shipping to early canadian provinces .
Mailing to the US through Canada Post takes 4 to 6 commercial enterprise days. International ship of both standard and non-standard mail is done within 4 to 7 business days .


Mail items weighing more than 500 grams are considered parcels by the Canada Post, and the rates are determined accordingly. Varying with the Canada postage rates, delivery time, and early features – parcels can be sent through any of the four options provided by Canada Post .

1. PriorityTM

priority, Xpresspost, flat pace box, and regular parcels are all charged differently and have different features. For the priority mailing option, the pitch is executed the identical future day across all places in Canada. On-time rescue, pitch confirmation, and tracking are the key features of this option .
The Canada postage rates for sending parcels through precedence chain mail, weighing up to 0.75 kg or 1.7 lbs, start at $ 20.08. The hark back to sender and hard-copy key signature services are available for an excess fee .
Prepaid envelopes can besides be sent using the priority chain mail option. The rate for mailing medium-sized prepay envelopes regionally is $ 26.57, whereas the rate is $ 38.69 for mailing these envelopes nationally. 318 millimeter x 241 millimeter x 15 millimeter are the dimensions required for medium-sized postpaid envelopes.

Large-sized prepay envelopes can be set at the cost of $ 27.43 within the same province. For mailing large-size postpaid envelopes across provinces, the postal rate increases to $ 44.03. 394 millimeter x 314 millimeter x 30 millimeter are the chief specifications for large-sized postpaid envelopes .
You can besides use prepay labels for sending parcels across Canada. however, these labels are only available to those customers who have signed an agreement with Canada Post regarding prepay products .
For the first 1.36 kilogram, the rates are $ 30.86 and $ 56.32 for regional and national mailing, respectively. For mail weighing up to 5 kg, postpaid labels can be availed at $ 37.61 for regional ship and $ 90.89 for national ship .

2. XpresspostTM

The following option to chain mail parcels across Canada is Xpresspost which delivers items the adjacent day if the finish address falls within the like province. All the services are the lapp as priority mail. The main differences are that it takes up to two days to deliver nationally, and the recipient role ’ randomness signature is taken if you pay an extra fee. The pace starts at $ 10.61 for mail weighing up to 0.75 kg .
 Also Read: Mailing Format for Canadian Addresses little, medium and large-sized prepay envelopes are sent using the Xpresspost mailing option for different rates. For regional mailing, the rates are $ 11.94, $ 13.50, and $ 16.59 for little, medium, and large-sized envelopes, respectively. similarly, the rates for nationally sending these envelopes are $ 18.12, $ 19.04, and $ 29.67 as per the size .

  • Small prepaid envelopes should fall under the dimensions of 260 mm x 159 mm x 15 mm. Medium-sized envelopes should not exceed the size of 318 mm x 241 mm x 15 mm, and large-sized envelopes should be up to 394 mm x 314 mm x 30 mm in size.
  • Bubble prepaid envelopes are also available to be sent through Xpresspost. Small-sized bubble envelopes can be sent at $12.49 and $17.14 for regional and national mailing, respectively.
  • Large-sized bubble envelopes are charged $18.67 to mail regionally and $30.22 to mail nationally. Bubble envelopes should fit the dimensions of 247 mm x 190 mm and 400 mm x 292 mm, respectively, for small and large sizes.

Prepaid labels can be purchased for mail up to 1.36 kilogram at $ 18.50 and $ 34.75 for regional and national embark, respectively. You will have to pay $ 24.35 for sending mail weighing up to 5 kg regionally. National ship for mail items of up to 5 kg will cost you $ 62.21 .

3. Flat Rate Boxes

The future choice to ship your parcels is by using bland rate boxes that come in three small, culture medium, and large sizes. The little flat pace box should stay within the command dimensions of 10.375″ x 14″ adam 2.125″. The price for sending a little flat rate box across Canada starts at $ 17.99. Medium flat rate boxes are of the size 15.375″ ten 10.25″ x 4.75″ .
The Canada Post postage rate for sending such a package is $ 22.99. bombastic apartment rate boxes fall under the dimensions of 15.75″ ten 11.8125″ adam 7.50″. The monetary value jumps to $ 29.99 for sending large flat rate boxes.

All flat rate boxes should be of the utmost slant of 5 kg and should be dropped at the station position. however, small flat rate boxes can besides be dropped off at your nearby street letterbox. On-time pitch guarantee and track are the two prime benefits of sending parcels using this option .

4. Regular Parcel

For sending mail using the regular parcel choice, you need to pay a minimal of $ 9.67 for astir to 0.75 kilogram. The delivery for sending chain mail to a local anesthetic address takes up to 2 business days, whereas regional mail can take 3 to 5 business days to reach its address .
All national mail deliveries are completed in between 4 to 9 business days. There is noon-time delivery guarantee, and largely all the accessory services are available for a fee .

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