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Coming from a bi-cultural home myself, it ‘s been an interest experience blend cultures and traditions in my own home as my kids grow up in a multi-cultural family. The kids are learning spanish and exploring more of a bilingual experience than I did. Sure, I took Spanish in gamey school and college but it just was n’t the same as memorize at home. While we do n’t speak spanish in the house ourselves, the kids hear it from family members and besides from me at times when I ‘m pronouncing brand names and explaining traditions. particularly here in Southern California, we are surrounded by Latin and mexican Culture casual, the kids are exposed to so much culture ! My dual inheritance and my kids ‘ mutli-cultural inheritance are celebrated in our class through traditions new and honest-to-god that we cultivate during the holidays. Hallmark is a region of that inheritance, helping us celebrate in the languages of everyone we care about. I personally love that Hallmark cards help me express myself in spanish in ways I ca n’t because I have n’t completely mastered the lyric. I ‘m learning it all again after all these years !

Hallmark cards for every day in Spanish and English

Though I enjoy making handmade cards, we have long loved Hallmark cards, gifts, and all that the stigmatize stands for. Hallmark can be a contribution of the celebration in any temper, today and everyday, but specially during the holidays. Connecting with family and friends is an integral separate of the holiday season for us. We visit friends, bringing homemade cookies to their homes. We gather around with family to make tamales for the holidays. We decorate the corner with ornaments from all sides of our syndicate, including heirloom Hallmark ornaments collected by my grandma. We send christmas cards to those who are close to our hearts but across the earth. Which reminds me, we need to get busy addressing those cards ! !

With Hallmark, we can send messages that are curious, lighthearted, religious or dear in both English and Spanish. Since there are few stamps with spanish sentiments, it ‘s specially important to me that Hallmark offers an categorization of cards in English and Spanish that help cultivate traditions with sleep together ones, both during the holidays and every day. Hallmark cards talk to the language that everyone understands — the affection, whether it ’ mho for mama, dad, los abuelos, buddy, sisters, the kids, or other sleep together ones. terminology is such a huge part of latin culture. When we are not raised speaking spanish, it ‘s so fantastic to be able to count on Hallmark to help us express ourselves to our spanish-speaking family and friends .

Multi-cultural family traditions through the years

We are proud of our roots and that has manifested itself in the mix of cultural activities that show up in our vacation celebrations. birthday parties must have a piñata. And we do n’t play with pulling strings – that bad boy gets broken with a cricket bat or broomstick ! For Christmas there is always tamales, handmade with masa from our darling local Mexican bakery. We constantly make mouth-watering tamales but trade a few twelve with friends and neighbors for sweet tamales or whatever their kin ‘s peculiarity is. Christmas mornings involve the kids opening presents in Christmas pajama, sometimes with Santa hats on ! On Sunday mornings I grew up feed menudo but when I was in my twenties, my good college friend Elvie introduced me to pozole. We always drop in at her ma ‘s house for the holidays, even now that we ‘re all grow and living on our own. There ‘s always steamed tamales and a hot pot of pozole on the stove, at the ready for guests. But it ‘s not equitable romance culture around here…

We ‘ve blended Xaver ‘s southerly traditions with the traditions of the american side of my class for a multi-cultural celebration for holidays, specially during Christmas. This photograph above shows my Christmas table this year, filled with items influenced by all the cultures in our family. Crystal candy dishes passed down from my grandma are always filled with candies, good like my grandma kept them. I skipped the formative and braid table covers my mexican grandma used for crimson and park linens from my american grandma. We make ham, joker, and ridicule beef from year to class and sometimes, we in truth guess outside our own cultures. For Thanksgiving we started going to Disneyland together and eating turkey legs from the food carts there, making our own new tradition .

Christmas Day celebrations in our mutli-cultural family

On Christmas Day we skip the over the visualize hot meals and choose for cold cut platters, fondness cheeses sliced with honey and dried fruit, shrimp cocktail, re-heated tamales, plates of cookies, sweet potato proto-indo european ( Xaver ‘s darling ), pumpkin pie ( my darling ), chilled cranberry gusto, and possibly leftover ham. There ‘s besides Punch Bowl Cake, another one of Xaver ‘s favorites, which will pretty a lot ruin any plans you had for a diet this vacation season. We have a holiday unfold where everyone can snack at their leisure and we can enjoy the sidereal day playing circuit board games, watching movies, and having a relax day. That ‘s wholly not what Christmas was like when Xaver and I were kids – we used to go from family to sign of the zodiac on Christmas Day, visiting and eating and visiting some more. For us, we love turning our own Christmas Day into a relax time, against all the traditions we had in the past .
There are therefore many traditions for any one vacation that we mix and match them so that over the years, we hit all the marks on the map. Some years we make tamales, like this year, and other years we ‘re all about roast beef, k beans, Yorkshire pudding, brown boom, and steamed peas. other years we make collard greens, black eyed peas, ham, fried chicken, and lots of visualize cakes. sometimes we have gingerbread houses and Matthew eats them ! The main screw thread through all of it is a celebration of all the things we are and all that we wish to pass on to our kids. latin culture is one part of this larger snack bar plate that makes up our family. And Hallmark helps us express and keep animated that separate of our culture in the exalted melt batch that is the Priest kin.

How do you express your culture ? Do you have mixed cultures in your family ? Tell me about it in the comments !

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