The 22 Best Buys at Dollar General That’ll Change How You Shop

Dollar General is a small different than most retailers. Because they have the parole “ dollar ” in their name they often get confused as a dollar store, which they clearly aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate. Think of Dollar General as a crisscross between a dollar memory and a dismiss department storehouse. To help you save the most money on your following trip, I ’ ve invest together the top 22 products to buy at your local anesthetic Dollar General, some of which will shock you with their low price. Hope this article helps you save some money .
The 22 Absolute Best Buys at Dollar General

1. Toys

If you need a few play as stocking stuffers, party favors, or cool fiddling giving ideas, the Dollar General is a great blockage.

not only do they always have a wide choice of toys with a $ 1 price tag, but they besides have many choice toys priced under $ 4 that are terrific bargains .

2. DVD Movies

Dollar General has a very good choice of DVD movies priced good around $ 3 each. count for both kid and family titles equally good as drama and action flicks for the respite of us .
amazingly they have DVD movies that you ’ ve actually heard of besides, many of which you ’ ll have to pay $ 7- $ 12 for at Walmart .
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3. Greeting Cards

Why would you ever pay $ 4 for a Hallmark card again if you have a Dollar General in your town ? They have an excellent survival of high-quality greet cards for $ 1 each .

4. Party Supplies

The adjacent time you ’ re planning a birthday party, you ’ d be crazy to not stop by Dollar General first .
Buy all your party staples like napkins, plates, cups, and party decorations for a buck each then use the money you saved to buy a endow. badly, you can save a fortune of money by buying party supplies at Dollar General and staying out of the big-box stores .

5. Air Fresheners

My truck use to flat-out malodor inside. With three kids playing sports and doing dance classes, I can normally find a dirty sock or two in the backseat stinking up the joint .
I constantly stock-up on air fresheners at Dollar General and pay 20-30 % less than Walmart and Target. My truck has never smelled better, until the breeze fresheners wears off anyways…
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6. Wrapping Paper

aside from stocking up on wrapping newspaper on December 26th, the individual best way to save money is by shopping at Dollar General. They carry choice paper for precisely a sawhorse a coil, and the rolls are pretty mend large besides .

7. Hand Tools

The tools at Dollar General are much better quality than the bum stuff you ’ ll find at the Dollar Store. They have a swerve of quality wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers for $ 2 each and evening bigger hand tools like saws, hammers, and drill bit sets for $ 5 or under .

8. Coloring Books

If you have any rug rats running about the house who love to color, be sure to stock-up on coloring books from Dollar General. At a $ 1 each, you can ’ thyroxine beat the price and the big selection of high-quality color books .

9. Dryer Sheets

Buy your dry sheets from Dollar General and pay less than Walmart, Target, and Rite Aid. Look for them in the clearance segment besides to save even more money .
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10. Curtains

Were you even aware that Dollar General sold curtains ? If you ’ re like most, probably not. But they surely do, and they ’ re a screaming batch. You can get 40″ ten 80″ curtain panels for $ 8.50, and 5-piece sets for less than $ 15. The brands are high-quality and include Comfort Bay and TrueLiving .

11. Lampshades

Until recently, the survive place I would look for a newly lampshade was at Dollar General. Boy, was I incorrectly. In actuality, you can get a quality TrueLiving lampshade for a dulcet and comfortable $ 5. no-brainer .

12. Wall Art

If you ’ re looking to spruce up the walls of your home, consider staying out of expensive art galleries and print shops, and patronize at Dollar General alternatively. For under $ 10, and frequently for under $ 8, you can score some very courteous framed prints and rampart artwork.

13. Paper Supplies

When you ’ rhenium low on envelopes, stationery, computer composition, plain notebook newspaper, and even construction paper, head to your nearest dollar General .
As a general rule, you ’ ll give about a 1/3 less on paper products when compared to office add stores. Cheaper than Walmart excessively in most cases .

14. Spray Paint

Have you ever noticed that the “ in-house post ” spray rouge at Home Depot and Lowe ’ second sells for about $ 4 a can ? Opt alternatively to stock-up at Dollar General for $ 2 a can. The quality and coverage of their Miracal mark spray paint is excellent. And at $ 2 or less per can, the price is hard to beat .

15. Dried Fruit and Nuts

Nuts like cashews, almonds, and roasted peanuts can be quite expensive at grocery stores. The same can be said for dried yield. But not at Dollar General as it ’ s a great rate to fill-up the pantry on the bum .
To give you some perspective, you can typically buy nuts and dried fruits for 50 % less than traditional grocery stores .
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16. Picture Frames

If you ’ ve shopped recently at Michaels, you know merely how expensive picture frames are these days. so consider buying your picture frames from Dollar General and save a nice collocate of change .
For exemplar, at Dollar General you can get a TrueLiving 8 x 10″ painting skeleton for an low-cost $ 3. basically the same frame at Michaels will run you $ 8, regularly $ 14 .

17. K-Cups for Keurig

For $ 5 you can get a 12-pack of Keurig K-Cups, which comes out to $ 0.42 a serve. At Costco you ’ ll wage about $ 0.62 each and have to buy a box of 160 K-Cups to get that price .
The K-Cups at Dollar General aren ’ metric ton generics either. They carry brands like Dunkin ’ Donuts, McCafe, Folgers, and Maxwell House .

18. Spices

If you do a bunch of cooking, you know fair how expensive spices can be. Dollar General carries spices from mention brands like McCormick and Lawry ’ mho, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as their in-house trade name Clover Valley .
Both are cheaper than most grocery stores with appoint brands often coming in around $ 2.50 per container and Clover Valley going for a identical low-cost $ 1 each .

19. Wall Clocks

In addition to adding dicker artwork and prints to your walls, another smart manner to spruce up your dwelling is with a cool looking rampart clock. For merely $ 6.50, you can score a quality Sharp stigmatize wall clock with a floating dial .

20. Gift Bags

endow bags are one of those items that I hate dropping $ 4-5 bucks on as I know they ’ ll merely be thrown away by most people. So I constantly opt to shop at Dollar General and take advantage of their huge excerpt of endow bags for a $ 1 each. Another no-brainer if you ask me .

21. Office Supplies

From nowadays on, stay out of Office Depot and Staples and hit up Dollar General when you ’ re in want of office supplies. You ’ ll save a butt load of money on staples like pens, pencils, staplers, paper, clipboards, steno pads, index cards, and the like. Prices are easily 50 % less than your big-box position add stores .

22. Organization and Storage Bins

memory and arrangement bins/totes at Dollar General are constantly a fantastic deal. They carry ace brands like Sterilite, Ziploc, and TrueLiving and sell them for 30-40 % less than target and Walmart .
It good may be time to organize your closet, pantry, attic, or home function on the bum.

Ask the Reader: What products at Dollar General save you the most money ? Let me know in the comments section below, thanks !
happy savings .

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