8 Surprisingly Helpful Christmas Supplies from the Dollar Store


Save money and time by buying some of your Christmas supplies from Dollar Tree. Check out these awesome dollar store Christmas items!
I have to confess…Dollar Tree in truth is one of my favored stores !
I buy so many things there, including beauty products, cleaning items, and even travel essentials .
But one of the best ways I find to save money during the vacation season is by buying Christmas supplies there .
There are some Dollar Tree items that are particularly utilitarian at Christmas meter .
I in truth wouldn ’ triiodothyronine buy many of these items anywhere else. Paying more than I have to good isn ’ thyroxine my cup of tea .
Let ’ s check out these superintendent helpful dollar store Christmas items !
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Save money and time by buying some of your Christmas supplies from Dollar Tree. Check out these awesome dollar store Christmas items!
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UPDATE : Did you know you can buy these dollar storehouse Christmas items and many others online, on the Dollar Tree website ? ! If you don ’ thymine live near a Dollar Tree, or prefer the convenience of on-line shopping, click here to check out their website!

1. Gift wrapping supplies

You ’ re simply not going to find endow bags and Scotch tape cheaper anywhere else .
All the endowment bags at Dollar Tree are always just $ 1, and the tape is sold in a pack of two for the lapp price .
They even have double sided Scotch tape, and sometimes I find Scotch pop-up tape dispensers there. They ’ rhenium not quite deoxyadenosine monophosphate economical as rolls of record, but boy do they make endowment wrapping easier .
I besides like buying Christmas wrapping newspaper at Dollar Tree .
It ’ sulfur not american samoa thick as more high quality wallpaper you ’ ll find at fancier stores, but I ’ molarity not ace finical about it. They have pretty, modern designs, adenine well as fictional character paper that works well for wrapping kids ’ gifts .
I always pick up bags of bows and To/From gift tag stickers while I ’ thousand there. They normally have a few different styles to pick from, and they ’ ve always worked well for me .
Dollar Tree Gift Wrap

2. Christmas cards

Whether you just send a few cards to the most special people in your liveliness, or mail out stacks of Christmas cards every year, Dollar Tree has you covered .
They have adorable individual cards that sell for either $ 1 or two for $ 1, depending on how fancy they are. They besides have boxed sets of cards that are bang-up for mass mailings .
I ’ ve seen boxes of Christmas cards at early stores for $ 15 or more. Dollar Tree truly has a decent categorization with a wide kind of designs .

3. Decor and ornaments

You ’ ll in truth be surprised at the charming Christmas ornaments available at the humble Dollar Tree !
My conserve and I got married in December, and we coordinated our wedding on a very compressed, small budget .
For wedding favors, I made batches and batches of peppermint bark, which I put into little cellophane bags .
We besides bought some in truth beautiful medulla oblongata ornaments from Dollar Tree ( sold in packs of 2 for $ 1 ) .
I tied an decorate to each bag of peppermint bark with ribbon. The ribbon was besides, or course, purchased at Dollar Tree .
Twelve years subsequently, I still get compliments from our wedding guests on those ornaments. They enjoy them every year, and cipher has any estimate they came from a dollar shop !
Dollar Tree besides has a wide assortment of vacation home plate interior decoration .
Garland, minor trees and wreaths, retro-looking attend signs, and cosmetic bows of all sizes are some of the options.

They get newly trade every year, and even throughout the season, so I make surely to check out their selection every meter I go .

4. Disposable pans, baking supplies and gift tins

I am always impressed at the enormous assortment of foil pans at Dollar Tree .
If you ’ re making a smasher to take to a potluck-style Christmas party, consider bringing it in an aluminum vessel .
The horde won ’ t have to worry about cleaning it and returning it to you, and you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to worry about transporting one of your breakable casserole dishes .
The parchment newspaper from Dollar Tree is perfect for baking cookies. The cookies don ’ thymine joint, and there won ’ thyroxine be a voltaic pile of plane pans to wash subsequently .
Wax wallpaper is besides utilitarian to have on hired hand for items that need to cool or set up ( but not bake ) such as Muddy Buddy mix and no bake cookies .
Do you like to give out tins of goodies to friends, neighbors, or coworkers ?
Hit up Dollar Tree for cookie tins ! They have a variety of shapes and sizes .
They besides carry packs of cosmetic cellophane bags to give out smaller amounts or practice for Christmas party dainty bags .
Dollar Tree Christmas

5. Inexpensive stocking stuffers

There ’ sulfur nothing worse than a limp, half-empty Christmas stock. Well, possibly that ’ s an overstatement…
But you can easily bulk up a stocking with items you find at Dollar Tree !
From fuzzed socks and gloves, to cute hair accessories and nail down polishes, there are simply oodles of options .
If your stockings are big enough to hold a script, they besides carry a wide variety of books, including color and puzzle books .
I ’ ve given books from Dollar Tree on more than one affair. I normally good check out the book style on Amazon ( using the app on my telephone ) cursorily at the store, to make certain it has at least a 4 star reappraisal .
Books are normally thus expensive, thus paying only $ 1 is a sum steal !

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6. Gift basket fillers

Aren ’ thymine themed gift baskets the coolest ? You can in truth put together some cheap giving baskets .
good pick up a $ 5 videodisk from Walmart or Target, or a Redbox giving certificate, and fill the rest with popcorn and candy from Dollar Tree .
They have an entire aisle of sugarcoat, including the movie theater dash boxes you pay $ 5 for at the field. Grab some Sno-Caps, Red Vines, and Sour Patch Kids, and a few boxes of microwave popcorn .
They evening have the red and flannel popcorn-themed credit card tubs you can use as the ‘ basket ’ part of the gift. Or you can use one of their many plastic storage organizing-style tub as the basket .
A girly health spa basket is another idea you can put together with Dollar Tree items .
You could make a manicure giving basket with complete polish, files, cotton balls, and pinpoint polish remover. They even sell little manicure sets with clippers, etc .
And I ’ ve found OPI and early brand name pinpoint polishes there on several occasions !
You can besides buy individual facial masks, bath bombs, candles, scented lotions and body sprays there that would make a nice pamper giving basket .

7. Cleaning supplies

Ok, so this international relations and security network ’ thymine inevitably identical Christmas-y, but you need to clean your house if you ’ re having ship’s company over, right ? I swear by quite a few clean items from Dollar Tree .
Two of my favorites are their disinfectant wipes ( like to Lysol ) and a spray called Awesome .
I have so far to find anything that takes out stains like that thrust .
If tipsy Aunt Doris spills her crimson wine on your white tablecloth, saturate the stain with Awesome, and it will most likely wholly disappear !

8. Serving pieces

Want to save yourself time having to wash tons of plates at the goal of your party ? Consider using the cosmetic, disposable plates from Dollar Tree .
They have a kind of gay plates and napkins to choose from. If your party is on the casual side, you could besides use formative silverware and plastic, paper, or styrofoam cups .
If you don ’ thyroxine want to go the plastic or wallpaper route, Dollar Tree besides sells an categorization of real glasses, wine glasses, mugs, and ceramic dinner plates .
You can besides buy formative trays to display adust goods or hors ’ vitamin d ’ oeuvres. I purchased a couple credit card trays that look like crystal several years back, and I use them every year .

Ready to shop at Dollar Tree?

As you can see, there are therefore many things you need for Christmas that can be purchased at the dollar store .
You can in truth stretch your holiday budget by making the one simple trade or buying these items at Dollar Tree, compared to a place like Target .
I fair love when saving money is effortless !
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Save money and time by buying some of your Christmas supplies from Dollar Tree. Check out these awesome dollar store Christmas items!
dollar store Christmas items

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