Add Foil Quill to Holiday Photo Cards with Cricut Maker

Foil quill designs can add a beautiful touch to your vacation greetings ! today we are adding shimmery gold sentiments to our Christmas photograph cards .

I printed the photograph cards at home using my Epson inkjet printer and Canon Luster Photo newspaper. The photos are crisp and professional looking .
We will be using the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool which adds foil accents without the need for inflame. It uses blackmail alternatively ! See more about the Cricut Transfer Tool HERE.

Mat saving tap : Cover your mat with clear contact newspaper with the awkward side up. Place your photograph cards onto the touch newspaper on the mat and then lay the thwart sail over the photograph cards. This eliminates the necessitate for the foil record .

Upload your visualize into Cricut Design Space. Although we will save the visualize as mark & cut, we will not be printing through Design Space .

Insert the prototype into your sail .

measurement the size of your actual photograph calling card and resize your layer to the claim size. My photograph cards are 4.3125 ” high .

Duplicate the trope 3 times. I line them up on the 1 ” adam 1 ” corner of the sail grid .
now upload and insert the Christmas Clan Single Line Design Bundle. These adorable people & pets make extremely cute vacation cards ( and then much more ! ). They are part of our BIGGEST BUNDLE of 2020: The December 2020 Bundle. There are over 550+ designs & fonts, including over 80 foil flight feather ( cartoon, single line ) designs .

When you insert the SVG it will automatically be set to Cut. Change the Linetype to Foil and choose your Foil Transfer tool tip size. I am using Bold .

Ungroup the Christmas Clan Single Line Design Bundle  and delete the layers you will not be using .

nowadays place the designs on your photograph cards and delete the layers you are not using. When the designs are ready, blue-ribbon all of the foil layers and chatter Attach .

now hide the layer ( mho ) with your photograph cards. Click Make It .

Move the layer where it lines up on your mat. Look at the placement of the photograph cards on the actual master of arts in teaching. I moved my invention based on the 1 ” pipeline placement and moved it over about 1/4 ” to set it up by rights .

Click Continue and choose medium cardstock ( or watercolor paper system of weights ) and load the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool into Clamp “ B ” .

Follow instructions on your riddle to load your flatness and start your frustration venture !

After respective batches of these foiled cards, we have adequate to include in our annual family letter. Merry Christmas from Red !


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