Which Co-Workers Get a Holiday Card? (Holiday Business Etiquette Fun!)

2019 Update: We still stand by this advice on which co-workers get a holiday card, but you may also want to check out our more recent posts on whether working moms should send a family photo card to colleagues, as well as all of our posts on holiday business etiquette.
Reader J writes in with a request for aid on holiday cards, specifically wondering which co-workers get a vacation batting order ? here ’ s her interview :

I wonder whether you could post a very timely comment thread. I sat depressed, as I do every year, to address and send my vacation cards – only to realize that as a freshman lawyer at a quite boastfully firm that I had no idea who I should include on my mailing list. Likewise, I ’ ve accepted a clerkship in the relatively near future – would it be appropriate to send a card to the pronounce or to the chambers ? I ’ thousand very curious to hear others ’ thoughts on whom they include on their lists and why. When is it thoughtful to send a card to a higher-up, and when is it just kissing behind? : ) How does one pick the list – it can ’ thymine be that one sends a batting order to every person one has always worked with !

which co-workers get a holiday card

We sympathize — agency politics are fabulously difficult to navigate come holiday-time. First, we stand by our advice concluding class on how to sen five hundred vacation cards to coworkers, from how to address the letters, what kind of letters to pick, and sol forth. ( Pictured : New Year ’ second Fireworks, nobelium longer available at MomaStore.org for $ 17.95. ) { related : our best tips for family holiday cards ( CorporetteMoms ) } second : Of course you don ’ t have to send them to everyone you work with, the possible exception being when you ’ re the owner of a business. But presumably, you would know everyone then — which is most probable not the lawsuit now. For our $ .02, we would build the colleague circuit board tilt as follows :

  1. Good friends who you also see outside of work.
  2. Your secretary (and her cash gift or gift card — our old poll on the best holiday presents for administrative assistants (with lots of comments) is here…)
  3. Co-workers with whom you actively work — if you’re on a team of 50 people but directly report to 2 people, and work with another 3 people at your level, we would include those 5.
  4. Bosses who know your name, even if you only report to someone below them. Ask yourself this question:  If this boss were to call you out of the blue to ask about some work assignment you’ve done, how odd would that be? (On this point — we would send a card to your future judge. The absence of a card certainly won’t be missed, but your best wishes for a happy year in 2010 are certainly not going to be seen as unprofessional. In fact, you may want to send a card to the judge’s chambers, rather than to his or her home — that way the current clerk, the secretary, and everyone will appreciate your warmth.)
  5. Old mentors. If you worked with someone over your summer internship and liked them, send them a holiday card — even if you haven’t talked to them in a year. It’s a good way to stay present in their minds — always useful for networking — and helps pave the way from “colleague” to “friend.” You may even want to use the opportunity to casually suggest lunch.
  6. Also consider: Department-wide cards to essential departments in your company. The mail room — the duplicating department — the library — they’ll all be happy you thought of them (and, hopefully, will remember it when you need something). (You can probably interoffice these — every other card should be sent by mail.)

Cards and stamps are expensive, and hand-addressing them ( both on the tease and the envelope ) takes time and energy — so don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate kill yourself on the undertaking. At the end of the day, if you have to cut people, our foremost swerve would be to the people who are at your level who you don ’ thymine know that good. Try to remember who talks to who, besides — the death thing you want is for Boss # 1 to say to Boss # 2, “ Wasn ’ t J ’ s holiday card big ? ” and then Boss # 2 to feel slight because you didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate send him or her one. Readers, weigh in — are you doing holiday cards? How do you figure out which co-workers get a holiday card?

“ Holly Jolly ” images via Stencil .. which co-workers get a holiday card: holiday business etiquette fun Which co-workers get holiday cards? It can be a tricky question of holiday business etiquette, so we asked the readers how they decide which colleagues, co-workers and friends get holiday cards.

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