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Costco Photo Center may not have the pizazz or refining of other photograph services, but the company knows how to deliver value. Its books, while not the best, are attractive looking and very beautifully priced. And its calendar is a big dicker. If you ‘re on a compressed budget or are buying multiple items, Costco will please without breaking the bank. Why you can trust Tom ‘s Guide Our technical reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test. nowadays ‘s best Costco Photo Book dealsCostco ( opens in new check )

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( opens in newly yellow journalism )View ( opens in new yellow journalism ) atCostco PhotoCenter ( opens in newly pill ) When it comes to the best value photograph books and photograph calendars, it ’ second hard to beat Costco Photo Center. The big box retailer offers importantly lower prices than many other services, with not a huge neglect off in terms of quality. not only are Costco ’ south prices lower, but you get more for your money, besides. Where most other photograph reserve services offer square hardbacked books around 8 x 8 inches, Costco has an 11.25 ten 8.75-inch hardbacked. And, its larger book besides starts with more pages ( 30 five 20 ), yet it ‘s $ 13 less than the next-cheapest ( and good slenderly better ) rival. The rate situation with calendars is similar. however, you ’ re much more limited when it comes to the invention of your photograph ledger and calendar, and they ’ re not arsenic attractive as rivals ’ products. For our Costco Photo Center review, we awarded it 3.5 stars overall because of the premium we put on top quality. But depending on your budget, you may rate it even higher .

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Costco review: Prices

Costco photo books
Costco charges $ 19.99 for a 30-page 11.25 x 8.75-inch hardbacked ( or a two-pack of 30-page 8 x 8-inch softcover books ). other size include layflat versions of 12 adam 12 inches ( from $ 39.99 for 30 pages ) and 14 x 11 inches ( from $ 79.99 ). Costco calendars
A Costco calendar costs $ 9.99 for an 11 x 8.5-inch adaptation. An 11.5 ten 14-inch agio calendar costs 19.99 .

Costco review: Software

Costco offers precisely 36 design templates for books and 18 for calendars — a bantam choice compared to rivals. Shutterfly, for exemplify, has 67 and 80, respectively. ( You can besides create your own from rub, as I did. ) Its design software has a excess interface with dull-looking icons and text that make it resemble the internet circa 2001, but it packs handy features below the surface. It starts with a spare but helpful optional enlistment that takes you through chief parts of the interface. Tips besides appear when you first open menu, such as for adding backgrounds or borders.

Behind the simple buttons to the exit is a overplus of design options. The myriad backgrounds are arranged in many family-friendly collections such as Animals, Baby, Kids, Wedding, and Christmas. I found the modest excerpt of Urban backgrounds ( brick walls, rusted metallic element, etc. ) preferably fun, besides. There ‘s besides a big survival of solid-color backgrounds ( chiefly in dull colors ) but no ability to create custom colors. ( Given how awkward this process is with the services that do offer the capability, it ‘s not a major downside. ) Clip art comes in 23 categories, such as Baby, Birthday, Flowers, Food, and Sports. The images all have a detail, three-dimensional appearance ( many being actual photograph ) that actually pop and add depth when placed on photos. Most other photograph services offer cartoonish or low-res artwork that barely stands out. ( image citation : Costco ) Costco offers a small assortment of basic straight-line frames for images in a specify selection of colors. It besides offers spend shadows and a solicitation of “ illusion ” frames that are low-res, muted, and a bit grandma-ish in appearance. You can besides entree a solicitation of “ Masks ” that place your photograph inside shapes such as hearts or ovals or surround them in frilled designs such as flowery wreaths. You can not customize the thickness or color of any frames or masks. ( image credit : Costco ) You can make minor edits to individual photos – via an car enhance option, crimson center removal, and “ tints ” that convert the photograph to sepia or black-and-white tones. For text, Costco provides an adequate choice of fonts, with a respectable assortment of color options ( though again, no customization capability ). You have to choose baptismal font sizes from a predefined list, which can be a bit limiting. For case, there are no options between 48- and 72-point sizes. Costco ‘s calendar software has limited design options. You can add one or a number of images to the top page for each calendar month. entirely the very basic trope editing features ( mentioned above ) are offered, and there are no customization options or embellishments, such as frames, masks, or snip art. text is only available in set boxes that are region of the design template you choose ( or page template, if you are designing from scratch ), with a identical restrict choice of baptismal font styles, sizes, and colors If you create your calendar from a pre-built template, you can select an alternative background from a subset chosen for that plan, but you ca n’t select any backgrounds if you create a calendar from rub. And you can apply backgrounds lone to the acme photograph pages, not the bottom calendar grid pages ; nor can you change the grid expressive style. The calendar comes with set holidays, including some non-Christian and international options such as Ramadan Begins, Yom Kippur, and Cinco de Mayo. You can besides create your own calendar events, adding an prototype and text .

Costco review: Print Quality

Costco photo books
Our judges were not excessively impress with Costco ‘s 8 adam 8 softcover book, awarding it the lowest overall quality score, by army for the liberation of rwanda. It was below-average in most criteria. The pages were the thinnest and flimsiest we saw. Skin tones were rated one of the lowest ( tied with Mimeo ). The pale dad in a family photograph on the cover appeared a tad pink. Photos besides show some coarseness in skin tones, specially with blue subjects ( a problem that Mimeo besides has ). Costco was center of the road in terms of line. In a photograph of two women in the park, the one who appears in flimsy shadow is still bright enough to see intelligibly. ( effigy credit rating : Tom ‘s Guide ) The 11.25 ten 8.75-inch hardback koran scored far better, about average in overall quality. This makes it a very good deal, considering that it costs well less than hardcovers from rivals, is substantially larger, and includes more pages by default option ( 30 vs. 20 ). Skin tones were specially hard, trailing merely Printique and Shutterfly. The slightly glossy paper allowed colors and contrast to pop more – for example, in the strands of a woman ‘s coal-black hair. Detail was rated below average, however. In the screen double, for case, hair’s-breadth, eyes, and brow wrinkles in a family portrayal are less distinct than even on smaller equal books. The hardback design appears attractive at first, with a smooth, glistening cover charge and thick endpapers. ( unfortunately, you can not place an persona on the back cover. ) But the sew shows distinctly in the congregation between pages. And those pages had a slight “ chemical ” smell, like photos that have just come out of work. Costco ‘s books ( and calendar ) arrive in minimal packaging — merely trifold cardboard with an inside scoop for the record. But the three books and two calendars we ordered arrived without damage. Costco calendars
There ‘s besides a quality opening between Costco ‘s budget and deluxe calendars — though not about as wide. The 11 x 8.5-inch translation has a rough-finished, cheap-feeling brood evocative of notecard stock. ( Although it ‘s not the worst breed ; that differentiation goes to Shutterfly. ) The dull finish to pages hurts color impregnation. Skin tones are besides weak ; we saw limited key in a pale East Asian woman ‘s front, for example. The print process besides gives her, and other people, a farinaceous texture. however, that like calendar beats all rivals in terms of sharpness and detail. Wrinkles around people ‘s eyes, for example, show clearly. ( double credit : Tom ‘s Guide )

apart from asperity ( which is a tad below average ), the 11.5 adam 14-inch bounty calendar beats the smaller model in all choice categories. In fact, it beats all rivals in line and cover timbre. This model features rich, thickly, glossy pages that enhance contrast arsenic well as color. And images are smoothly printed, with none of the coarseness seen in the smaller model. Skin tones, as in the East Asian woman ( and her spouse ) show greater key. As with the larger photograph book, Costco ‘s premium calendar is even a better share. While midpack in overall quality, it ‘s both well larger and well cheaper than rivals from other brands .

Costco review: Verdict

Costco was a pleasant surprise to both me and our jury of judges ( who did n’t know the identity of any of the products ). It ‘s not the top performer in any category. And there are some yellow flags — particularly the questionable sew in the hardbacked book. But its products are estimable looking. And they provide much bigger canvases and ( in the casing of books ) more pages to enjoy your memories. If you measure image timbre above all else, then it ’ s deserving spending the money on Printique, and Mixbook offers far more tractability when it comes to designing the best photograph books and best photograph calendars. We ‘re all overflowing with digital images on our phones and computers. With its combination of large size and low price, Costco provides more opportunity for those bury digital memento to rise to the surface .

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