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If you ‘re good trying to get some photos printed and done, Costco is a great choice for convenient, quick, and seriously cheap print with decent timbre. however, the Auto-Correct features on the Costco web site sometimes make your photos look worse because they can override your edits ! You can vastly improve the quality of your printed photos by changing a few settings, including turning off the autocorrect function .

Auto-Correct on Costco Prints: Helpful or not?

Like most photograph printers, Costco ‘s computers default to sealed settings, including an auto-correction feature. Auto-Correct uses an algorithm to enhance the color, luminosity, and saturation of your photos, which helps people who upload their images straight from the television camera.

however, if you have already edited or adjusted your photos, Auto-Correct actually OVERRIDES your changes .
You will get better prints from Costco if you turn off Auto-Correct for anything that has already been color-corrected or edited.
What looks “ right ” to the computer lighting-wise or white balance-wise should not take priority over how you want your pictures to look. For case, you might want a light & bright picture, but the algorithm might think the double is overexposed and try to make everything colored. If you ‘ve ever felt like your pictures are darker than they should be or more gray/blue/green than real life, it ‘s probably because the printer is using an auto-correct feature of speech that is overcompensating for something that was already edited .
This is particularly true if you are printing images from a professional photographer – do n’t let anyone ‘s print software override the editing decisions your photographer already made !
But why is Auto-Correct on in the first place?
Auto-Correct is automatically on because it allows for Costco to make basic changes to photos that need them. Consider that many people do not edit their pictures before printing them, and this gives Costco the prospect to fix glaring exposure errors and white libra issues, both problems that would reflect badly on their print choice if not fixed. For unedited images, the calculator ‘s enhancements are normally a adept thing .

Here’s how to get better prints from Costco!

1. Glossy vs. Lustre Prints at Costco

beginning, you ‘re going to want to change your photograph finish to Lustre. We ‘ll get to Auto-Correct later in the order process !
This is one way to get a higher timbre photo print from Costco. The Lustre photograph finish is a flatness finish that decidedly adds to the professionalism of the print. The glossy finish will attract fingerprints and that ‘s never good !
once you ‘ve uploaded your prints, you ‘ll get to your Shopping Cart page. You have to change the photograph finish of the integral order all at once ( so if you want a combination of slick and luster you have to place multiple orders ) .
Toggle the Photo Finish to Lustre with the radio receiver button, and then decide your desire sizes and quantity. Click Checkout on the bottom of this page .
The following screen is precisely your decision where to print, so do whatever you normally do .

2. How to turn off Auto-Correct on a single order:

At this distributor point, you ‘ll be on Costco ‘s Review & Place Order sieve. The next thing you want to do is turn off the Auto-Correct on the order.

The top of this page has the Auto-Correct options. Click the radio clitoris to toggle between On and Off .
Remember, Auto-Correct “ On ” means Costco will enhance your pictures, overriding your edits. Auto-Correct “ Off ” means your files will be printed as upload .
once your order is placed, you can confirm that it worked on your receipt/the Thank You page .
Ta-da ! You ‘ve equitable instantaneously improved the quality of your Costco prints with only two changes !

How To Turn Off Auto-Correct Forever

The above directions are how to remove Auto-Correct one prison term, on a per-order footing. If you routinely edit your photos before uploading them, do n’t you think it would be courteous to have your account set up to constantly print that way ? Well, guess what … you can !
Mouseover the “ Hi, User ” link on the top right to click on the dropdown option that says “ My report. ” This brings you to the Account Information page .
Click the second option in the leave column, which is called Print Preferences. This will bring up your stream default option settings in the correct column, then choose the blue button on the bottom correct that says “ Edit. ”
here ‘s where you change your default option print settings. obviously, any of these can be changed on a per-order basis, but if you ‘re in a haste, it ‘s so nice to have everything set up the manner you want it to work .
These are the preferences I use :

  • Default print size: I keep my prints at 4×6 (don’t worry about the glossy/lustre mention, it just means both are options)
  • Switch default finish to “Lustre” (glossy just attracts fingerprints!)
  • Turn Auto-Correct to “Off” (Remember, A uto-Correct enhances the color, brightness, and saturation of your photos. If you use printer profiles or have already adjusted your photos using an picture editing program, Auto-Correct should be turned off. )
  • (There is no longer an option for back text printing – Costco retired this option)

Save by clicking Update Info, and you ‘re done. now, every future order will have those options activated unless you change them individually.

Hoorah ! Your prints will all look better nowadays. You might not notice a difference in photograph quality every time, since it in truth depends on the picture, but rest assured that all your hard edit work is n’t getting thrown out by a computer fair doing its occupation. Congratulations !
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