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Do n’t worry if this list says “ only 1 left ” – This list will stay available through the vacation season and will be renewed immediately if sold. The workshop owner will make all customizations for you after purchase. even if a digital list is purchased, the item is not an blink of an eye download nor an editable template. purchase of this number means you have read all instructions and information about the product.

Electronic proofread are constantly sent within 48 hours after order. Proofs will be sent via Etsy Conversation for review. I need written approval ( in the form of reaction by e-mail or Etsy ) to move forward with printing. A valid e-mail address should be associated with this order so that proof can be received. If I am unable to reach you for proof approval – your order will be cancelled.

Please note that if printed cards are ordered, they are professionally printed and first-come-first-serve print is not available ( printing may take 2-3 occupation days – this does not include Saturday or Sunday ). Rush shipping via FedEx is available for an excess fee and may be added during checkout. Shipping can not be changed after you have approved the proof.

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Holiday Cards are 5×7 inches in size. If you select to have printed Holiday Cards, they are printed on 120 pound white matte tease stock. envelope options can be selected by the customer ( read below ).

Please select how many printed cards you need from the drop-down menu for “ Quantity or Digital. ” If you do not want the cards printed, you may select “ Digital ” from this menu and you will be sent only a non-editable jpg and pdf file for print or sending on your own.

Next, select the drop down menu for “ Envelope Options ”. You can select from the pursuit choices for your Holiday Card :
-Blank envelope : Your order will be sent with the print Holiday Cards + blank white envelopes.
-Return Address Print : Your order will be sent with print Holiday Cards + a white envelope with your render savoir-faire printed in black ink on the front or back flap of the envelope in a coordinate baptismal font.
-Full Address Print : Your order will be sent with print Holiday Cards + a white envelope with both the render and the addressee addresses printed in black ink in a organize baptismal font – Just add a tender and your vacation Cards are ready to mail !
If you selected “ Digital ” from the first drop-down menu – you will not see the above options. You will only have the option of “ N/A – Digital Only. ” Select this option, as envelopes are not included in digital orders.

For “ Full Address Printing ” you will need to send me the addresses to be printed on the envelopes.

After buy, please electronic mail information for the envelopes as a spreadsheet to LollieJ.StationeryDesign [ ! at ] gmail.com. Please format as spreadsheet or document file ( with a mesa ) when preparing names and addresses. Do not send a photograph prototype, screen injection from a telephone, pdf, or any other non-alterable format. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Google documents/sheets, Apple Numbers or Apple Pages are acceptable formats for submission of this information.

Spreadsheet shall be formatted as :
Column 1 : The appoint of the addressee as you would like it printed on the envelopes
Column 2 : The full moon address including theater count, street, apartment total ( if applicable )
Column 3 : City, department of state, and nothing code

If the spreadsheet is not formatted correctly, it will be returned to the customer for correction to match the above request, which may delay process of the arrange.

Please do not send PDF ‘s, photograph, or documents that are not formatted into tables with divide columns for the information as listed above. Please make certain this information is correct and complete anterior to sending to LollieJ.StationeryDesign [ ! at ] gmail.com.

Shop is not responsible for incorrect addresses or typographic errors. Proofs will be sent for follow-up and it is the buyer ‘s province to check that the proof are chastise and complete. No refunds will be given for any errors on the envelopes if a proofread was sent and approved. Shop is not responsible for missing information provided to it. The shop owner will attempt to contact the buyer to obtain the miss information but if it is not received, a blank envelope will be substituted for that address.

Printing will be in black ink, changes in ink color are at the free will of the shop class and may incur extra fees.

You can submit your photograph ( mho ) by the pursue methods :
– Send an Etsy Conversation regarding this number and your order with the photograph uploaded into the conversation.
– Send an electronic mail to lolliej.stationerydesign [ ! at ] gmail.com

Tips for submitting photos :
-You need to submit the ORIGINAL photograph. It should not be a screen dart from a call or download from social media ( including Facebook and instragram ).
-Do not crop the photograph or apply a filter. I can make any crop adjustments for you.
-If a photographer took the photograph – please ensure it is the high resolution translation intended for print ( and that you have all the proper releases ). They should n’t be “ first look ” images or ones intended for social media upload.
-As an exemplar, most customer images are well over 1MB in size and can be up to 15MB in size – PLEASE CHECK THE SIZE/RESOLUTION OF YOUR PHOTO BEFORE SUBMITTING TO ENSURE YOU ARE NOT SENDING ONE THAT IS TOO SMALL.
You can submit the photograph either here or by emailing it to :
LollieJ.StationeryDesign [ ! at ] gmail.com

If you choose to email it, please make indisputable you upload the photograph as an attachment and select the “ original ” size, if given an option. This works well from a desktop/laptop calculator and not a mobile device.

♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥

Buyers may purchase a digital list, if they prefer. The buyer will not be able to download a file immediately after purchase and they are not able to customize it themselves. The denounce owner will make all customizations for the buyer and once the proofread is approved, a PDF file ( or JPG, if requested ) will be sent to the buyer to complete the order. Files will not be editable or changable by the buyer.

This file can be printed or used electronically for personal use entirely. Please do not purchase without researching the specific requirements of your selected printer as this can vary greatly. All formatting requests should be communicated anterior to finalizing the files and completing the order. Designs may not be modified, changed, sold, or profited from after transfer of the file. No print holiday cards or envelopes will be shipped if this option is selected.
This Shop is not creditworthy for the quality of the impression or printer of the finished product when a digital list is purchased. This Shop is not responsible for changes or variations in coloring material, crispness of images or graphics, etc. between the digital number and the eat up product as the workshop can not ensure the quality of the equipment or whether it has been maintained appropriately. Refunds or exchanges will not be given for purchase of digital listings.

♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥

Please see shop ‘s full list of policies for more information ; abridged details are provided below.

Many of the designs featured in LollieJ Wedding & Stationery Design shop class allow for customization with a photograph provided by the customer. Etsy does not allow for any content to be “ upload ” into the list directly. Any proof, samples, or test files must be submitted to the workshop immediately and an electronic proof will be created for the client.

The shop class is not responsible for the quality of these customer-provided photograph or any editing to the photograph ( early than expansion, aligning, and cropping, as needed for the design ). If the customer would like the photograph altered in any other direction, they must expressly ask for this service ( which may incur an extra fee depending on the clock required ). When reviewing electronic proof, images may show up undimmed or dark depending on the settings of the device used to review. It is recommended to review electronic proof on a laptop or computer device for best color watch.

For best results, the shop highly recommends considering the postdate in photograph choice :
( 1 ) Choosing bright, high-resolution, well-lit photograph. Photographs which are taken at sunset or in dark lighting conditions may not print well. Photographs do not need to be taken by a professional photographer, but screenshots from a mobile device, downloads from social media such as Facebook, or scans of print photograph may not have high-enough resolution for printing. Any farinaceous, bleary, or otherwise unacceptable print will not be refunded or replaced if it was due to customer-provided contented. Please ensure you have downloaded or obtained the ORIGINAL interpretation of the photograph ( not a sieve shot, download from Facebook, or other shared interpretation ) before placing your order.
( 2 ) The print march requires approximately 1/8 inch of the photograph to be cropped on all sides ( when using a broad size photograph ). This is a necessity of the printer and is not evitable or negotiable. Proofs are air showing the approximate crop placement, but actual finished product may differ. Please do not submit photograph with important features at the border of photograph ( such as facial features, signs, etc ).
( 3 ) meekness of high-resolution or “ original ” interpretation of the photograph will yield the best results. Photographs that have been compressed for web-viewing and/or social media may not print adequately. Screenshots from a mobile device may not print adequately. Prior to submission, the customer is encouraged to look at the file size of the intended photograph – versions that are 200 kb or less may not print adequately. Clients are encouraged to contact the master photographer and obtain the highest resolution version of the file.
( 4 ) submission of photograph from a background or laptop computer much works best, but is not required. mobile devices can have settings that compress or otherwise distort the resolution of the image when it is transferred. If given the choice, always send the “ original ” size of the file. Do not send “ little ” versions of the file.

♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥

Work begins when requital is confirmed in full and customize give voice is provided. Customers will be contacted by Etsy conversation if extra details are needed. Proofs will be sent electronically to the buyer within 48 clientele hours after the club is placed. The proof clock will vary per customer based on the numeral of rounds of proof required and the promptness of the customer to respond to the proof.

Please note that because these holiday are professionally printed, haste print is not available ( print may take 2-3 business days ). Rush shipping via FedEx is available for an supernumerary fee and may be added during checkout. Shipping can not be changed after you have approved the proofread.

♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥

Standard Shipping is by US Postal Service Priority Mail or First Class Mail ( at the discretion of the shop owner ) and tracking provided to the customer. transport clock is estimated to be 2-5 business days for most addresses but could take longer depending on the US Postal Service. Priority Mail transportation times are not guaranteed and it is the customer ‘s duty to track their product and locate any rescue failures. It is the customer ’ sulfur province to provide a dependable, accurate cover at the time of ordering. If delivery dates are critical, upgrade to FedEx transportation is highly recommend.

Free Shipping only for USA customers.
More information will happily be provided upon e-mail or Etsy conversation.

electronic mail : LollieJ.StationeryDesign [ ! at ] gmail.com

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