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We are frequently asked to parcel Christmas card ideas with dogs. Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Boxing Day, dogs are a region of the festivities .
Consider including your dogs in this year ’ sulfur vacation photograph shoot. You can insert a photograph in your escargot mail cards or make the photograph the main theme of the menu .
Over the by 12 years, we ’ ve collected thousands of dog photos received during our annual vacation contests. Keeping these Christmas and vacation photos to ourselves would be a crime .
These creative card ideas are indisputable to make your vacation poster stand out on person ’ s mantle and are oh-so-perfect for ensnare, besides.

Some of these are poses, some are creative crafts with little attempt, and others are permanent keepsakes to inspire the recipients. hera are our favorite 104 Christmas batting order ideas with dogs .
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Homemade Christmas Card Ideas With Dogs

Custom Paw Stamper

I wanted to sign my dog ’ s pawprint on each Christmas card a few years ago. I am beaming I took on this project because my precious Dexter has since passed away .
alternatively of having him press his paw to several twelve cards, I ordered a custom-made pawprint stamper from a seller on Etsy. I stamped each tease with his pawprint, and many people commented on how fantastic it looked .
Custom pawprint holiday dogtcard

Frame Your Dog Photo

Most of us have a photograph of our dog running through the snow, outside in the bamboozle, or in some capacity near or around the white wintry thrust .
Purchase vacation poster photograph frames on Amazon and insert your pawl ’ randomness photograph into the frame. I ’ ve done this respective times for Christmas cards with my dogs, and it ’ s constantly a fun project .
You can even pair the card with the pawprint customs stamp as seen above for a finish affect .
Take the bamboozle subject to the next floor and material a few miniskirt confetti snowflakes from Amazon into the card. When the recipient role opens your wag, snowflakes gently fall out .
Dog in snow on a holiday card

Holiday Card Paw Project

My ally Colleen O ’ Fallon, of Sweet Paws Bakery, does something very apt with her daycare clients, so I am sharing this idea here .
Colleen has fun doing arts and crafts with the dogs all year round. She sends the dogs home with a personalize piece of artwork. For the holidays, you can borrow this idea .
She uses a pet-safe Crayola Washable Paints to get an actual pawprint to start. She then paints the dog ’ mho hand using a small paintbrush .
adjacent, she draws something “ around ” the paw. Think Santa ’ south sled, a snowman, the paw as the center of a wreath, and sol on. here are a few ideas she used for former holidays. Think of how adorable these designs would look on the front of a chase vacation card .
Custom dog paw holiday card ideas

Customized Photo Ornament Cards

Trim the tree and gift your recipients with a individualized ornament “ menu ” that becomes a permanent keepsake. Photo services like Shutterfly sell packs of these .
Most of them come with a ribbon for hang, which means your pawl wag becomes a permanent part of person ’ randomness holiday traditions every class .
Custom ornament photo cardPhoto from Shutterfly.com

Christmas Card Photo Ideas With Dogs

If you plan to include your dog ( south ) in your Christmas or holiday cards, we ’ ve curated 100 photograph ideas you can borrow for inspiration .
A few tips when taking photos of your dogs for vacation cards :

  1. Never put a dog in harm’s way.
  2. Don’t yell or shout at a dog for not cooperating.
  3. Try a long walk or playing with your dog first. A tired dog is more likely to cooperate.
  4. Don’t expect your dog to pose for a half hour to an hour. Have the background set up and try a few shots without your dog. You’ll get a better idea of where and how to position him.
  5. Don’t feel that you have to go over the top. If simple is more your style, we’ve got you covered in the list below.
  6. We will link to some holiday props and dog costumes at the bottom of this post.

A pack of pups makes for the perfect Christmas or vacation card .
pack of dogs pose for Christmaspack of dogs pose for Christmas Beach baby, Santa is ready for you. Take a cunning beach stroke if you live in a warm climate .
santa dog on beachsanta dog on beach Ask Santa and Mrs. Claus to be a part of your Christmas circuit board this year. Your frank makes for a perfective addition .
mr and mrs claus dogsmr and mrs claus dogs Sharing is caring. An attitude of gratitude makes for a beautiful Christmas card estimate .
ready for santa with dogsready for santa with dogs All wrapped up in love and lights can be your holiday card composition .
two dogs with lights for christmas cardtwo dogs with lights for christmas card If you ’ ve got a backpack of dogs, line them up all together in vacation dress by the tree .
pack of dogs for Santapack of dogs for Santa Santa loves all of God ’ second creatures great and little. Take a photograph of Santa snuggling your frank .
dog in wheelchair ready for santadog in wheelchair ready for santa These Cocker Spaniels are waiting for Santa. Stand outside, get your dogs ’ attention and have person snap photos inside .
three cockers looking for Santathree cockers looking for Santa If you send out New Year ’ s wag, consider a copulate of new year ’ randomness glasses .
dog poses for new yeardog poses for new year Cookies for Santa is always a fun, sweet photograph op .
cookies for santa photo cardcookies for santa photo card One elf, one Santa Claus, and you ’ ve got the sweetest vacation card photograph .
cute dogs ready for santacute dogs ready for santa A beautiful Manger scene pays honor to the reason for the season with respect .
manger photo shoot with dogsmanger photo shoot with dogs wholly original, wholly alone, and wholly memorable. This holiday card is perplex .
Dog photo contest ChristmasDog photo contest Christmas A simple so far elegant decorate and lights serve as the perfect compliments to a Christmas wag .
dog poses for holiday card with ornamentdog poses for holiday card with ornament An outtake can be even better than the original. Everyone is laughing in this photograph !
Christmas card funny dogChristmas card funny dog I wish I may, I wish I might, call upon Santa tonight. Photos by the fireplace .
dog looks up for Christmas carddog looks up for Christmas card A professional photograph shoot like this one can actually make for a memorable photograph and card .
Cocker Spaniel in a sled for Christmas cardCocker Spaniel in a sled for Christmas card Dashing through the snow is a fun and easy way to capture the spirit of the season .
snow running dog for photosnow running dog for photo Celebrate Hanukkah in style with your frank on the front of your holiday cards .
Hanukkah dog photoHanukkah dog photo If your caribou falls asleep on the job, start snapping photos .
reindeer dog nappingreindeer dog napping Using Christmas decorations and some costume fun, you can create vacation menu magic trick from the ease of home plate .
two dogs ready for christmas card photo shoottwo dogs ready for christmas card photo shoot There ’ s no business like snow commercial enterprise .
Christmas contest dog winnersChristmas contest dog winners Have your frump “ write ” a letter to Santa Paws .
Dog writes letter to Santa for cardDog writes letter to Santa for card You ’ ve got the perfect Christmas card when your dogs ’ expressions are invaluable .
antlers dogs reindeerantlers dogs reindeer Dashing through the bamboozle in a one-dog exposed sled. here ’ s a apt mind .
dog sled for christmas card A basket of puppies is the pinnacle of a Christmas card theme .
little dogs in basket christmaslittle dogs in basket christmas May the light of the Menorah radiance brilliantly in your life .
Happy Hanukkah dog Four calling birds, erbium canines .
four dogs ready for christmasfour dogs ready for christmas How about an elegant New Year ’ s calling card featuring your glammed-out frank ?
happy new year idea for dog cardhappy new year idea for dog card Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be elfin. Showcase Santa ’ s little assistant on your Christmas cards .
Christmas card idea for dog funChristmas card idea for dog fun Santa ’ s little caribou is ready to roll !
dog in wheelchair ready for Santadog in wheelchair ready for Santa Santa Baby put some presents under my corner .
cute dog in hat for christmascute dog in hat for christmas Recognize and respect members of the military who are far from home .
military card for santamilitary card for santa Consider photos taken from behind your chase for a sweet, tender impression like this .
Santa's little yelper on couchSanta's little yelper on couch If your dogs are into fashion like these darlings, you must consider them as your batting order focal point .
Cute Christmas dogs A snow makes for the perfect winter photograph and Christmas circuit board idea .
snow dog for christmas card Hail, hail the crowd ’ s all here for a canine holiday photograph shoot .
four dogs sitting pretty for Christmas cardfour dogs sitting pretty for Christmas card Don ’ triiodothyronine overthink it. The best photos are frequently the simple, sweetness ones like this puppy .
Santa hat dogSanta hat dog It doesn ’ thyroxine get more reach than this. Santa reached his paw out to his best canine buddy .
Dog shakes Santa arm for cardDog shakes Santa arm for card Antlers and a Santa bless : Christmas card photograph arrant .
Santa stop here Christmas card dogSanta stop here Christmas card dog These Shelties are taking the whole “ let it snow ” root to a whole new level .
Dogs sitting in snow for holiday cardDogs sitting in snow for holiday card Waiting up for Santa is captured thus beautifully hera .
Dog looking up at Santa near Christmas tree For those with canine and feline family members, have some holiday fun .
funny christmas card idea for cardfunny christmas card idea for card Sulley and Dee are glad about Santa ’ s big man of canine sugarcoat .
Dogs with Santa Claus All is calm air and all is bright for these three sleepy Golden Retrievers ready for Santa.

three sleeping Christmas dogsthree sleeping Christmas dogs Santa Paws, is that you ?
Dog dressed as Santa for Christmas cardDog dressed as Santa for Christmas card Some ribbon and a vacation backdrop create a memorable vacation calling card .
Christmas lights for card with dog professional photographers often offer theme photograph shoots for the holidays .
dog at frosty cafe christmas Your dogs ’ Halloween costumes can double as a Christmas card photograph. See ?
Christmas dogs in outfits coffee bean and canines. Can life get any better ?
Christmas card ideas for dogs coffee This fiddling Terrier is sending his letter to Santa right aside. What a cute Christmas card photograph !
Santa dog with mail Don ’ t shoot your eye out, Ralphie. Pose for the vacation calling card photograph rather. indeed cunning !
Christmas card ideas funny dog Mommy kisses Santa Claus but sol do good doggies !
Dog kissing Santa for Christmas card And to all a thoroughly night .
Christmas card ideas for dogs Creative Photoshopping: Frosty doesn’t need two arms after all.
Holiday card for dog lovers Fans of the movie “A Christmas Story” will love this scene .
A Christmas Story for dog lovers Include the dog in your baking plans
Dog chef for holiday card Writing a canine letter to Santa: Creativity at its finest
Write a dog letter to Santa “If we stay real quiet, Santa will shimmy down the chimney soon”
Dogs waiting for Santa Three Wise Men: ‘Nuff Said
Away in a Manager dog scene Simple says it all: A dog playing with ornaments on a clean white background
Dog playing with ornaments Janice Bryant (no relation) never ceases to amaze with her Border Collie rescue dogs for her holiday photo
Border collie Christmas Silent Night, Visions of Sugar Plums Danced in His Head
Silent Night dog Somebody had one too many doggie biscuits for New Year’s: Creative and funny!
Happy New year dog Just a little ribbon and a cute dog: Christmas Card fun!
Ribbon on Christmas Dog Props from the pet supply store lend themselves well to this adorable Hanukkah photo
Dog celebrating Hanukkah One part Santa hat, one part adorable dog, one part menorah: Holidays covered!
Close up of Great Dane Check for Halloween clearance sales and make a fun costume like this: a previous contest winner!
Dog holiday card Simple. Elegant. Beautiful. Easy to do with some ribbon.
Christmas themed card dog The whole family can get in on the Christmas card fun!
Sleigh ride dog A beautiful religious themed sentiment from Chico of Stella Panzarino
Dog religious theme card  A family affair of Snowball fun: Why not? How clever is this!
Snowball dogs You can’t go wrong with a photo of a cute dog, milk, and cookies for Santa
Santa milk and cookies dog Make the dog the present by the tree: Coco’s mom, Christine Aiello, thinks outside the box on this one
Dog Christmas present Let there be light
Dog with Christmas lights Embrace your Surfin’ Santa if snow is not in your forecast
Beach dog Christmas photo Dashing through the snow: Consider an action shot!
Dog in snow running Merge the dog’s house with the Christmas tree
Dog by Christmas tree Take a current popular character (or a timeless one) like Olaf next to your dog
Disney Olaf with Cocker Sometimes less is more, and these two elves are adorable and card ready
Dog elves Think Pink (or another color) for a unique card!
Pink Christmas card dog Take a familiar shot and snap it at a different angle: How precious is this?!
Santa Dog You have to do an antlers pose
Dog Christmas card antlers Take advantage of scenery for the holidays, as Ryan Jordan did with Quincy and Bentley
Posing in front of poinsettias A cute background with dogs and scarves: Easy and totes adorbs!
Cute dogs for Christmas Some photos are just made for cards
Picking up the Christmas tree Some of us are naughty, others nice: You decide
Naughty christmas dogs Holiday sweaters are everywhere these days: Grab one, pose your dog by the tree, and there you go: (thanks Jose and Rex)
Christmas dog A hat and a beard: Instant Santa Paws
Santa dog Cutest snow dog ever: Again, apparel can make a photo pop
Queen of Dog Christmas A simple window photo says it all:
Dog waiting for Santa White background, dogs in red: Winner winner!
Pugs ready for Santa Humor for sure!
Funny dog Christmas card Rudolph x5: Imagine how fast Santa will get his chores done (Judi G with the Tzu Kids)
Pack of reindeer dogs Phoenix and Gryphon represent a favorite Christmas duo
Freeze Miser Heat Miser dogs Gingerbread is a fun photo theme (thx Colleen O’Fallon)
Gingerbread dogs The Cattle Aussies have a great idea: Three different dogs, three different props, perfect pic!
Stocking time A fantastic background with agility poles and holiday decor
Dog Christmas card A cute Halloween costume makes a fantastic photo card for Christmas
Christmas card dog All snuggled up, waiting for Santa – great background makes for a fantastic card
Dog Christmas card

Holiday Props and Dog Costumes

here are some of our favorite Christmas and holiday decorations and costumes for dogs to use in your photograph shoots :
Christmas Elk and Reindeer Antlers : A two-pack headband style of antlers for dogs .
Four pack of Dog Christmas Bandanas : These dog scarves for ideal for dogs of all sizes and arrant for vacation photograph shoots .
Dog Santa Hat and Scarf Set : giving this fix or use it for your frump during the holidays and beyond .
Letters to Santa Mailbox : Makes a perfect property or a regular decoration all season long.

Dog Pajamas : Some of my favorite pajama come from Fuzzyard. They are warm and machine washable and hold up for years .
So there you have them: 100 ideas for holiday cards for dogs. Do you include your dog in or on your holiday cards?
Watch for our big holiday contests coming up!!! Win prizes and gift cards!!
104 Christmas card ideas for dogs104 Christmas card ideas for dogs

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