7 Christmas Card Ideas For Couples That Don’t Totally Suck

Being in a relationship during the vacation temper is kind of the best thing ever, am I right ? You have person to buy a confront for, person to cozy up with when it gets cold AF, and person to do all your favorite gay things with. If you and your bae are serious enough to send out a card out to your friends and kin this year, you ‘re credibly thinking about Christmas card ideas for couples. Should your Christmas tease be a little extra or thin more to the basic side ? possibly all you care about is making sure your card is n’t fa-la-la-la-lame. An annual holiday circuit board can be the arrant opportunity to let your sense of humor fall or to let everyone know just how a lot of a ability match you are. Will your announcement be anywhere near vitamin a epic as the annual Kardashian Christmas batting order or Taylor Swift ‘s snake-themed vacation poster last year ? Probably not, but that does n’t mean you ca n’t send out a killer card anyhow. What do you and your boo want your vacation card to look like this year ? If you ca n’t decide or barely need a small inspo, I ‘ve got your back. hera are seven Christmas wag ideas for couples that do n’t wholly suck.


Deck The Halls With White WallsStocksy / Melanie Riccardi I personally love white walls when it comes to taking photos, and I think they make an particularly great backdrop for a couple ‘s Christmas menu. Throw on your front-runner ( or ugliest ) holiday sweaters or matching pajama sets and snap a bunch together of photos with a simpleton, clean backdrop.


Snow Bunny BaesStocksy / Julia Volk If you think a snow-white Christmas tease is excessively basic for you, think again, because there are so many different directions you can take this mind. If one of you is a small more television camera diffident, you do n’t even need to show you faces ! Get creative and get blunt — your snow photograph does n’t need to be like everyone else ‘s.


Night Light NoelleStocksy / Michela Ravasio Think outside the box here and consider a night photograph for your pair ‘s Christmas poster. Pose in front of some holiday lights or possibly even drape a string or two around each other. Be fishy, be gay, and be yourselves !


You, Me, And The TreeStocksy / Léa Jones Picking out a Christmas tree or decorating one at home is a classic choice when it comes to holiday batting order ideas for couples. If you love tradition during the gay temper, by all means, keep up the root with your vacation announcement this year.


Play It Up With PropsStocksy / Studio Firma If you and bae are known to push everyone else out of the way whenever there ‘s a photograph booth in the room, think about making your own ! All you need is a childlike backdrop, some props, and a television camera timekeeper. There are batch of photograph booth apps you can download on your telephone or pad, excessively.


‘T is The Tropical SeasonStocksy / Wizemark Do you live in the defect or somewhere a little more tropical ? possibly you ‘re planning to take a vacation during the holidays this year. Work that into the theme of your couple ‘s Christmas wag. Pose near a decoration tree, cactus, or even by the pool. This nontraditional menu mind is a refreshing remix on the typical send-out.


Christmas With CharacterStocksy / T-REX & Flower Be candid, get goofy, and let your personalities shine through with a affectation that represents your true characters. Love eggnog or vacation proto-indo european ? Snap some photos for your card while noshing on your Christmas favs or throwing them in each other ‘s faces. Is one of you more of a grinch ? Play up that active for your vacation card. How will you and your partner say “ Seasons Greetings ” this year ? When it comes to Christmas card ideas for couples, the good news is that there are no rules — you might fair have to get a little creative to nail down the perfect affectation for you and your boo. Do you !

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