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2017 last minute Christmas card
Hey guys ! I ’ thousand back again talking more about Christmas cards. Exciting stuff, proper ? Well, I am a Christmas tease lover ! On my end post, I shared how we display our Christmas cards. today, I thought it would be fun to show you how I created our ( last moment ) Christmas menu in ONE day from start to finish. boom ! I even mailed them out. That ’ s how slackers do it ! !

I normally begin thinking about our Christmas menu movie around Halloween and try to plan a little kin photograph shoot for our card sometime in November. Well, let ’ s precisely say this year I forgot. It may have something to do with having a new baby, but I very have no apologize. It actually didn ’ thymine hit me that I didn ’ t have a Christmas menu until we received our first one in the mail. stool ! ! Mom fail at its best. I know, I know….no boastfully deal, but it ’ sulfur something I love to do each year. Well, if you want something done then sometimes you have to use what you have, and I happened to have 3 chippy doors all decked out for Christmas. So, I decided to do a playfulness small shoot with my kids. thankfully, it turned out rather cunning !

Christmas decorated living room

The Background

This is my living room and these doors are everything to me ! ! I found them at the flea market a couple of years ago after searching long and intemperate for something to go on the large wall behind my couch. The chippy key and the achromatic colors equitable spoke to me. I love decorating these doors ! This class, I added lots of reasonably wreath and some outdoor lights that I had. The glow at night is seriously the best. I just want to lay here and eat cookies and watch Christmas movies all night. It ’ randomness that kind of cozy ! I knew it was the prefect backdrop for our photograph. Step one accomplished !
children on couch in Christmas decorated room
a soon as the kiddos got home from school, I made them put on some gay clothes for the movie. You would think I asked them to go scrub the toilets american samoa much as they moaned, but they did it and put on their biggest ( bogus ) smile. Oh, except for pamper Drake. He is badly the happiest baby, but he wanted no part of smiling. Oh well, you can ’ t have it all .
carissa's children around christmas

I actually just wanted to capture a cute photograph of the three of them. They are my everything, and they are getting then boastful. It ’ s in truth not about the Christmas card itself. I just love having a small keepsake of our Christmas each year. It ’ south about capturing sweetly Christmas memories more than anything else .
brown family children on christmas couch
brown family children on couch candid shot

Printing the Cards

After we got a few cute photos, I edited them. Lots of clear up and cropping went into these photos. In the end, I thought they looked pretty estimable for a “ give together ” photograph shoot… .. in my be room… .. in one day. I used the Walgreen ’ s Christmas card feature to create my card. It is badly so easy to use, and you can do it all on your computer. It took me about 5 minutes to make to make this last minute Christmas batting order once I decide my format. I even had a 50 % off code. My Christmas cards cost a exalted sum of $ 9.99. so, what do you think ?

2017 Brown family Christmas card
Cute, correctly ? It ’ second nothing fancy. It was finished in a few hours, but the best part is that I created another memory to keep away and tearfully bring out each year. If you get anything out of this mail, I hope it ’ mho to start making a Christmas calling card each year or some kind of Christmas keepsake. It lone takes a few minutes, but it in truth is so worth it to have those angelic family memories. I truly hope you enjoyed and thank you then much for stopping by ! !
Merry Christmas ! ! !

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