Top 10 Boxed Cat Christmas Cards 2022

Below are my top 10 sets of boxed cat-themed Christmas cards ! These are the 10 I would pick between if ordering cat-o’-nine-tails holiday cards on Amazon.

The post was updated for 2022 on October 21, 2022 .
note : This post contains consort links. If you click on a connection and then make a buy, I will be paid a commission.

Here are the criteria to be on the top 10 cat holiday card list:

  • The cards have a cat on it (obviously), and preferably only cats
  • Be a boxed set (not cards sold individually) as the cost per card is usually less than buying individual cards
  • Be cute or funny (which is subjective) – if I don’t like the style of the art, it didn’t make my list!
  • There is a message on the inside (so no cards that are blank on the inside as writing your own message in each card adds lots of time to the process).
  • Available on Amazon as it’s easy for me to share links and images from Amazon
  • I only allow 1 Lang Brand cat cards in my list as they are usually my favorite and cat cards from previous years are still available.

Note : All links in this article are affiliate links, and I will earn a referral perpetration ( at no extra monetary value to you ) if you click through and make a buy. You may be able to find the lapp cards on other sites or in local anesthetic stores for a lower price .
Read the descriptions on Amazon to find out how many cards are in each box.

My 2021 Holiday Cat Card

For 2021 for my Christmas Card, I used one of my own kat art paintings and ordered the cards through Redbubble. Since Redbubble cards are blank on the at heart, I choose a wintry scenery that could be used a Christmas or a note poster. That way I could use them to write thank you notes equally well.

Beginning in 2018, I have written a vacation letter about my cats. You can read the letters if you want to :

Redbubble sells per batting order and all the cards are blank on the inside. besides, printing and ship can take a few weeks ( it was less for me ). They have alone guy cards and you can order fair the number that you need .

1. “Snowy Wonder” by Lang

Lang is one of my darling brands of cards. The cards are printed on high-quality paper, and I love the artwork .
notice : the Lang “ Squeaky Christmas ” poster is the featured picture at the top of the post. It ’ second on Amazon hera .
The Snowy Wonder card is beautiful and feels like what you might see a kat do in real life when encountering a snow earth. The at heart message is : Wishing you a Christmas touched with wonder and filled with joy.

The first gear picture is from the box. The second image is a photograph of the cards I received ( in 2019 ) which are accented with gold foil .
Snowy Wonder is available on Amazon .

The cards I received were accented with gold foil!The cards I received in 2019 were accented with gold foil!

2. Cat with Christmas Ornaments Cards

This beautiful card features a playful caterpillar. The front confident where ever it ’ s headed !
There are 12 cards in this boxed set .

inside message : Season ’ s Greetings

3. Cat Christmas Cards with cats wearing Santa hats

​This boxed set consists of 10 sets of 2 cards with capricious black cats in different ​poses. These cards are a great choice if you want a bite of variety in the cards you are sending out .
​I like how the red hat stands out on the black kat. besides, the hanker tail looks arch .
The cards are slenderly smaller than a standard card. Click here to see the cards on Amazon .

Inside Message is Season ’ s Greetings

4. Happy Holidays – Cute Kittens!

KIttens wearing Santa hat ! And these kittens are adorable and downy and imperial ! The center kitten calm has a touch of the kitten blasphemous eye color !

The at heart message is May your holidays be filled with the most purrfect moments !
opinion this circuit board on Amazon here .

5. Santa with a bunch kittens card

This Santa looks sol loosen and happy sleep with kittens on his lap.

There are 12 cards in this boxed set that most kat lovers will appreciate !
The give voice on the inside is “ Sending strong Wishes ” followed by “ Merry Christmas ” on the adjacent line .

6. Funny Cat Holiday Card

Cats like their boxes ! In this menu the guy makes itself cozy in the box .
I love the message on the inwardly “ Hope your Christmas is purr-fect. ”
This boxed stage set contains 12 of the like calling card .

7. Cat and Mouse Christmas Card

What I like about this wag is the unexpected giving. A mouse bringing a kat some catmint .
And the artwork shows the caterpillar laying under a tree .
The message inside the card is : Wishing you a season filled with peace and unexpected gifts of kindness. Merry Christmas – Happy New Year .

​8. Cat in the Snow Christmas Cards

This is a sic of 20 cards that features 10 designs of cats in the snow. There are two of each design in the box .
You ’ ll like these cards if you enjoy when cats are given human characteristics. My front-runner of these designs is the cat wearing a colorful hat ( the only guy in the set not wearing a Santa hat ) .
The give voice on the inside is “ Meow-y Christmas. ”

​9. Funny Cat Christmas Cards

Cats can be amused by things at aren ’ metric ton made as cat toys, like crumpled up newspaper .
There are 12 cards in this arrange, with the message “ Have a ball this Christmas ! Merry Christmas ” on the inside of the poster .

10. Christmas kittens in stockings boxed card set

​Kittens ! necessitate I say more ? These cards are on this list because of the beautiful kittens in the stockings .
The at heart message is “ May the holidays be filled with your darling things ! Merry Christmas ”
The saying reminds me of ​the foremost line of the lyrics in the song “ My favorite things ” which are “ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. ”
​Amazon gives you a option of how many you want to order – 10, 20, 50, or 100. Click here to view this wag on Amazon.


This was my list of the 10 best box Cat Christmas Cards available in 2021. To be included on the list, the cards needed to be a boxed set, cat-themed, and the inside message clearly displayed on Amazon .
You can learn more about my caterpillar art here.

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