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Shipping with USPS Media Mail is the most low-cost way to send educational fabric throughout the country. however, it is frequently misused and misconstrue. In this post, we will go over USPS Media Mail rules so you will know precisely whether you should use this service for your following dispatch .

USPS Media Mail Rules

Using USPS Media Mail to ship can be a little slippery because not all media qualifies to be sent with this overhaul. unfortunately, there are besides many articles out there that have some misinformation. The sources for this article are straight from USPS and can be found at the goal. But this article will break it down for you .
The determination of Media Mail is to encourage the flow of educational material. If you ’ re in doubt of whether your software qualifies for Media Mail, come back to this article to double check. Let ’ s go over USPS Media Mail rules .

What Qualifies As Media Mail?

The first USPS Media Mail rule to know is what qualifies as media chain mail. Media Mail includes books, sound and media recordings, printed music, printed quiz materials, and educational reference charts. To be more particular, these include the follow :

  • Books (must be at least 8 pages)
  • Cook books
  • Graphic novels with ISBN numbers issued by Library of Congress
  • CDs, records, phonograph records – Sound recordings
  • DVDs
  • Instructional flashcards
  • Instruction manuals
  • Atlas maps (but NOT single maps)
  • Postcard, enclosed with eligible media mail items

There are dependent items that can be sent with or enclosed in other eligible Media Mail items. These include :

  • Postcard
  • Personal notes, including greeting cards such as birthday cards
  • Invoices

What Cannot Be Sent As Media Mail?

It is very significant to understand what DOES NOT qualify as Media Mail as the reservation is nonindulgent. even if you have been shipping these items for years and you got off with sending them as Media Mail. here is what you need to know about what can not be sent as Media Mail .

  • If your book has ANY advertising on it, it will not qualify as Media mail.
  • Coloring books
  • Activity books
  • Comic books
  • Telephone books
  • Catalogues
  • School yearbooks & directories
  • Blank portable devices such as CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, flash drives, jump drives, and USB drives
  • Picture CDs, and DVDs with computer games
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • College course catalogs, journals, and albums
  • Single maps
  • Planners and calendars
  • Loose instructional cards
  • Unbound pages
  • Video games

While many may think that any books should be mechanically qualified for USPS Media Mail, it is not the case. Paid advertise is prohibited as Media mail capacity .

The rule of hitchhike is any books containing advertise do not qualify as Media Mail .

If you consider the list above, you will see that anything lacking in educational material such as coloring and natural process books, blank books, and blank portable devices do not qualify for Media Mail. other things that are used primarily for entertainment such as video recording games besides do not qualify .
additionally, if you put ANY OTHER ITEM ( S ) with your eligible media mail, your package no longer qualifies for Media Mail. For example, you can not sneak in jewelry or coloring books with other eligible educational corporeal. You cannot send eligible and non-eligible items together in one package as Media Mail.

How Often Is Media Mail Inspected?

While how often USPS Media Mail is inspected can vary from location to location, be mindful that it is discipline to inspection. Any USPS employee may inspect your box anytime.

USPS Media Mail Weight Limit

The weight limit for shipping as USPS Media Mail is 70 pounds. This includes the weight of the box, transportation labels, and tape. If your software weighs more, you must split your dispatch to be below the 70 pounds doorway .

What If You Get Caught Misusing Media Mail?

If your package that does not qualify as Media Mail gets caught with the Media Mail rate, one of two things can happen. If your box was caught right away, it will be sent spinal column to you. however, if it has moved close to the box ’ south address, it can be held up at the position office until the postage difference is paid .
If it was an order, the software will not be delivered to your customer until they have paid for the difference. This is a situation you would want to avoid .

How Long Does Media Mail take?

Media mail takes longer to ship than other USPS services. hera ’ s how long Media Mail takes compared to other USPS ship services .

USPS Shipping Service Type Delivery
Priority Mail Express Next-Day to 2-Day Guarantee by 6 PM
Priority Mail 1–3 Business Days
First Class Mail 1–3 Business Days
Media Mail 2–8 Business Days
USPS Retail Ground 2–8 Business Days

Media Mail Rates 2021

Below are current Media Mail rates as of 2021 .

Weight Not
Over (lbs.)
Price Weight Not
Over (lbs.)
1 $2.89 36 $22.49
2 $3.45 37 $23.05
3 $4.01 38 $23.61
4 $4.57 39 $24.17
5 $5.13 40 $24.73
6 $5.69 41 $25.29
7 $6.25 42 $25.85
8 $6.81 43 $26.41
9 $7.37 44 $26.97
10 $7.93 45 $27.53
11 $8.49 46 $28.09
12 $9.05 47 $28.65
13 $9.61 48 $29.21
14 $10.17 49 $29.77
15 $10.73 50 $30.33
16 $11.29 51 $30.89
17 $11.85 52 $31.45
18 $12.41 53 $32.01
19 $12.97 54 $32.57
20 $13.53 55 $33.13
21 $14.09 56 $33.69
22 $14.65 57 $34.25
23 $15.21 58 $34.81
24 $15.77 59 $35.37
25 $16.33 60 $35.93
26 $16.89 61 $36.49
27 $17.45 62 $37.05
28 $18.01 63 $37.61
29 $18.57 64 $38.17
30 $19.13 65 $38.73
31 $19.69 66 $39.29
32 $20.25 67 $39.85
33 $20.81 68 $40.41
34 $21.37 69 $40.97
35 $21.93 70 $41.53

Where Can I Buy Media Mail?

You can buy Media Mail at your local postal buffet or on-line, including PayPal transportation or other shipping software such as Pirate Ship. however, unlike other chain mail classes, the price will be the like for Media Mail .

What Are Affordable Alternatives To Media Mail?

united states postal service Media Mail is a cost-efficient service for qualifying packages. however, there are plenty of alternatives to ship your packages affordably. The first step is to make sure that you ’ re using a ship software to get commercial price on your postage. We use plagiarist ship for USPS and for UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express.

You can besides get commercial price through PayPal. USPS Flat Rate boxes are big alternatives that can besides ship up to 70 pounds. If your ship destination is close, USPS Regional boxes is another choice .

Last Tips For Shipping With USPS Media Mail

While the price for Media Mail is the same on-line and at the military post function, we calm recommend buying your postage on-line. Why is that ? You will be saving a lot of time from not having to stand in line at the post function. Make sure you have a ship scale with a high weight capacity to accurately measure your box weight. It is a great creature to have, specially when you will be shipping other mail regularly .


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