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Love the expression of early 1900 ‘s vacation greet cards ? Me besides ! here are 9 of my darling Christmas postcards from the early years of the twentieth century. Download and print them at dwelling to send your love ones vacation greetings with a vintage flare this year !
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back when I lived on Martha ‘s Vineyard, there used to be a adult previous barn-turned-bookstore, which I loved to haunt on showery weekend days. I could spend hours poring over the creaky shelves loaded with books, that filled every edge of the old stall barn and lofts .
One of my favored nooks though, was a dark fiddling recess that was home to a battered previous cardboard box, which was crammed to the gills with vintage postcards and cabinet cards.

Vintage Christmas postcard from early 1900s This card has a Philadelphia postmark from 1910, and is stamped “ West Park Station. ” That dark little nook was where my beloved of previous correspondence gear was born. My absolute favorites were constantly the vintage Christmas cards and postcards from the former 1800 ‘s and early 1900 ‘s. Cards of that era tend to be sweet, bathetic, and charming – and very much a little far-out !
Vintage Christmas postcard with horse and carriage This has no postmark, but bears the inscription, “Dear Mother, May the Little Infant Jesus bring Blessings upon us. from Charles” Those erstwhile cards in the reserve shop tended to be quite costly though, and were more than I could spend. so very few ever made it home with me. I did n’t start actually start collecting vintage postcards until many years late .
One day I happened to be looking on eBay at images of old Christmas postcards, searching for some ideas to make my own homemade vacation greetings. There are frequently erstwhile postcards that go up for sale in lots, and they ‘re thus much playfulness to scroll through !
Vintage Christmas postcard from 1908 The postmark on this one is from 1908 One batch of cards in especial catch my eye, and since I was looking in August ( yep, I get the Christmas bug early ! ), the wholly lot was going for very cheap. I could n’t not bid on them – and ended up winning the auction .
Vintage Christmas postcard with holly and snowy scene This was posted on Christmas eve, in 1912 That Christmas, I was planning to tuck the vintage postcards into these photograph frame of reference cards, and send them to friends and family. But when the time came, I precisely could n’t bring myself to depart with the originals !
so I cautiously scanned them, and printed copies onto high timbre watercolor note cards rather.

They came out beautifully, and now I can print extras of my favorite vintage vacation cards any clock time I need one. And – so can you !
To download any of these adorable old cards, all you have to do is click on the image you want. It will take you to the full-resolution double, and from there, you can print them at whatever size you ‘d like .
These are my hands-down favorite postcards for printing vintage images like this, by the way. There are cheaper ones out there for sure, but the texture on these truly complements the historic look of these cards .
Early 1900s Christmas postcard with silver bells embossed This card was sent to a child named Norman, in 1906Vintage 1900 Christmas postcard with kittens“Merry Christmas from Roy”, is clearly written by a lefty on this one. It’s postmarked 1909. Because these vintage Christmas postcards are from the inaugural two decades of the 1900 ‘s, their images now fall into the public domain, so I ‘m able to freely share them here with you .
Please feel rid to download and enjoy these as you make your own Christmas cards and crafts .
( Uploading these scans to another web site is, however, prohibited. )
Early 20th century Christmas postcard with snowy scene This poster was sent to a “ Miss Olive Grove ” in 1929. I ‘m delirious to partake with you these nine favorites from my hoard ! I hope you enjoy them deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as I do .
Does n’t it make you wonder about the lives of those who sent and received them ? I surely do !

Wishing you the merriest of holidays, and loads of playfulness as you use these images to create your own special Christmas greetings !
Have fun crafting!

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