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here at Green Global Travel, we like to put an vehemence on the green expression by finding lots of little ways to make biography more sustainable. Recycled Christmas cards crafts are a great manner to reuse a coarse holiday-related barren product .
Some 2 billion Christmas cards are sent each year in the U.S. alone, and the huge majority of these end up in the dump .
Of course one of the most important aspects of this mission is reducing waste .
With Christmas flying approaching, we want to help by providing ways to reduce waste created by this increasingly commercialized holiday.

“ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, ” has been a popular mantra of the environmentally conscious motion since the 1970s. This popular phrase is a misprint order of priorities in terms of how we can live a more eco-friendly life style .
To reduce your carbon footprint, you should first try to reduce the waste you produce. This can be done by purchasing less stuff .
Next you should try to reuse what you have already bought once its initial purpose has run its course. This is what we will be focusing on in this article .
Recycling should generally be used only as a last recourse, because it even produces more godforsaken than reducing and reusing .
It ’ s besides a actually playfulness Christmas craft for kids, not to mention an excellent way to teach young ones about the importance of lower our pulmonary tuberculosis and waste by reusing what we can !
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Recycled Christmas Card Decorations

One of the most popular ways to reuse old Christmas cards is to make recycle Christmas decorations .
It ’ mho surprisingly easy to use those cards of Christmas by to make newly, eco-friendly Christmas décor that can spread vacation cheer throughout your home .
Or you can give these recycle decorations as gifts for friends and class, which can reduce the measure of things you have to buy ( The Lorax would approve ! ) .
From ornaments to advent calendars, these are equitable a few of the creative recycle decoration ideas ideas we ’ ve seen to recycle Xmas cards .
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Recycled Christmas Card Ornament

Shredded Christmas Card Ornament

If you have an abundance of Christmas cards from years past, you can make this colorful touch of xmas décor fairly promptly. here ’ s what you do :

  • Take clear or lightly tinted glass ball ornaments (preferably that you already have), and open the tops.
  • Take your old Christmas cards and cut them into thin strips. (You can also add in bits of old Christmas wrapping or tissue paper!)
  • Fill the ornament with your most colroful recycled Xmas card strips.

nowadays you have some new gay, environmentally friendly Xmas ornaments ! This mind was inspired by taste of Home .
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Paper Christmas Ornament

Recycled Christmas Card Ornaments

hera ’ s an even easier way kids can make new ornaments out of recycle christmas cards .
You can plainly cut out the designs and shapes that are already on the cards. Or you can cut out singular shapes and designs of your own, like angels, snowflakes, or a snowman ( or woman ) !

  • Gather your Christmas cards.
  • Cut out the designs on the card, or you can cut out your own unique shapes.
  • Cut or punch a hole near the top.
  • Add a ribbon or ornament hanger.
  • You can also add artful embellishments, like glitter or paint.

then you can put these DIY, zero neutralize Christmas ornaments on the tree, adding some personal flare and bang-up family memories you ’ ll gem for years to come .
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Chain Garland

If you ’ re looking for simpleton Christmas crafts for kids, making a chain garland decoration is fair about the easiest. All you need is old christmas cards, glue/tape/stapler, and scissors .

  • Take some old holiday cards and cut them into strips about 2-3 inches wide.
  • Make one of the strips into a circle and glue, tape, or staple it closed.
  • Take another card strip and put it through the first circle, then make this one into a circle.
  • Repeat this process until you’ve made a chain garland long enough to decorate your Christmas tree or fireplace mantle with festive flair.

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Recycle Christmas Cards

Advent Calendar

This is an activity that will entertain your kids for ages. not equitable while they make these DIY recycled Christmas decorations, but besides in the days leading astir to December 25th .
For this craft, you will need old vacation cards, a hardy assemble of framework, glue, staples, and ribbon .

  • Start by cutting out 25 equally sized squares from your holiday cards.
  • Cut out a large square of a sturdy fabric, such as felt. Make sure it can fit all the squares of Christmas cards on it, with proper spacing.
  • Next, cut some accent ribbons to separate the rows of Christmas cutouts. Glue these down.
  • Now you can space and place your Christmas card squares. Staple the top and bottom of the squares to the fabric, so you’ll have room for inserting candy or notes.
  • Next, either cut out or use paint pens to write numbers for the days of December. You can cut these out of your recycled greeting cards and glue them on top of the pockets you’ve made.
  • Then just add a ribbon to hang the calendar from, and you’re done!

You can slip pieces of chocolate, money, small toys, or notes behind your squares for every day leading up to Christmas. This Christmas craft idea was adapted from a floor on Crafty Nest .
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Recycled Paper xmas village

Christmas Card Village

My personal favorite vacation decoration is Christmas villages. These are bang-up DIY Christmas decorations from recycle materials, allowing kids to create their own, less breakable villages .
You ’ re simply going to take used Christmas cards and shape them into little houses, churches, and other buildings .
You can besides cut out the shapes of gingerbread men, snowmen, or reindeer to live in your village ! here ’ s the summons :

  • Take an old Christmas card and draw lines on the inside of the card along each edge with the same width. You should get a square outline in each corner.
  • Cut only the inside lines of the top and bottom.
  • Flip the card over and put glue on each corner.
  • Fold these gluey edges in and fold the other edges over.
  • You can hold these in place with clothespins til they dry.
  • While the main part of the house is drying, you can find other cards to make your roof. Depending on the size of your building, you could place a whole card on top, or cut the card to the right size.
  • Add your roof by gluing it on top of the building.
  • You can either cut out windows and a door before gluing the building together, or make some some using bits of cutout Christmas cards and glue them on.

These little open-back houses are perfect for kids to use their imagination, making up stories for their self-made Christmas town !
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Functional Uses for Old Christmas Cards

DIY Christmas Placeholder

Placeholders for Holiday Dinners

Whether you make them for Christmas dinner this year or a endowment for the next class, holiday-themed placeholders are an comfortable way to make Christmas decorations from recycle materials .

  • Choose your recycled holiday cards: Using ones given to you in previous years by the guests who are coming to dinner could add a great personal touch!
  • The placeholders can all come from the same card for uniformity, or from different cards for variety.
  • Cut along the fold, or fold the card at any place.
  • Cut out a rectangle of the card around 2 inches wide along the fold.
  • You can either write the guests’ name directly on one side of the card, or find a plain section of the card to cut out and glue to the placeholder to write the names on.

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Recycled Christmas Card Gift Tag

Gift Tags

Another simple but great recycle Christmas trade for reusing honest-to-god cards is to make them into gift tags. After all, most use Christmas cards already have fun holiday designs on them that make them perfect for adorning your giving software. here are the basic steps :

  • Simply gather some old holiday cards.
  • Cut out designs or words that are already on the cards.
  • You can also use cookie cutters as a stencil for making your own Christmas-themed shapes, like trees, ornaments, or mittens.
  • Cut or punch out a hole at the top and add ribbon. Voila! Your recycled holiday cards have taken on a new life!

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Gift Box made from recycled xmas card

Gift Boxes

Along with gift tags, you can use your recycle Christmas cards for other gift-giving purposes. The method acting for making these adorable endow boxes is similar to the greenwich village craft in the former department :

  • Take two old Christmas cards that are roughly the same size. Draw lines on the inside of the card along each edge, with the same width. You will get a square in each corner.
  • Cut only the inside lines of the top and bottom.
  • Flip the card over and put glue on each corner.
  • Fold in the edges with glue on them and fold the dry edges over them. This should make a box top or bottom (you’ll want the bottom to be slightly smaller so it can fit inside the top).
  • Use clothespins to hold in place until dried.

When finished, you should have two halves of a gift box, which together will make a whole. Depending on the dimensions of your cards and width of your lines, the boxes can vary in size .
These singular recycled boxes are easy to make and fun to give. You can besides do this for other occasions, such as birthdays, with non-holiday-themed recycle greet cards .
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Old Christmas Cards

Recycled Greeting Cards

This is one of those “ reduce recycle recycle ” examples so bare, you ’ ll wonder why you never thought of it before !
Since most people don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sign the inside cover of their Christmas cards, why not spread extra vacation by making it into a vacation postcard ?
All you need is used Christmas cards, a pair of scissors, and possibly some extra newspaper .

  • Take some old Xmas cards and cut the side with the personal message off.
  • If the card is blank on the other side, you can simply address it, write your own holiday greeting, and add the proper postage.
  • If the card has writing on the other side, simply glue the blank side of another card to the back before addressing it.

now you can give person else the rejoice of receiving a Christmas card. These are great Christmas trade for kids, who can use the cards to write letters to Santa or grandma and grandfather !
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Recycled Christmas Card Crafts for the Rest of the Year

  These fun ideas can be used any clock time of the year, not good around Christmas…
Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish Box

Using the like method acting we used to make the recycle card giving boxes above, you can make a Christmas wish box .
once you have formed the box, precisely use scissors or a box cutter to cut a little cunt in the top .
Your kids can write things they want for Christmas on pieces of paper, or on cut up pieces of honest-to-god vacation cards. Around Christmastime, you can open the corner together and look through their wishes .
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Christmas Piggy Bank

A exchangeable theme is to make a boxlike “ hoggish bank ” for buying Christmas gifts for other people .
Make the like box out of recycle paper Christmas cards, cut a slit in the top, and have your kids start saving change and belittled bills over the course of the year .
They might realize that it ’ sulfur merely ampere much fun to buy gifts for other people as it is to receive !
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Xmas Bingo DIY

Christmas Bingo

Whenever your syndicate is feeling the Christmas intent, you can whip this unique crippled out !
Most use vacation cards have traditional Christmas symbols on them, such as snowmen, bamboozle, Christmas trees, ornaments, Santa, caribou, gifts, or angels .
You should be able to find enough of the same types of images to make Bingo cards with. You can besides make your bingo chips from old Christmas cards .

  • Take an 8x 10 piece of paper or cardstock.
  • Use a ruler to make 25 squares, leaving room for the words “Christmas Bingo” at the top.
  • Find as many different Christmas things as you can on your old xmas cards. If you don’t have enough, you can simply fill empty squares with drawings, Christmas colors, or glitter. Just make sure you randomly assign squares to each card!
  • Cut out random circles or squares of extra cards to make your bingo chips.
  • Now just write the names of the different objects or colors on slips made from used cards, which someone can draw from as everyone tries to fill in their “BINGO”!

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DIY children's book

Illustrated Xmas Book

Another great, creative activity for kids is to make an exemplify Christmas book out of your old holiday cards .
You can lay out all your erstwhile Christmas cards and let them choose the ones they want to make a report from. then follow these simpleton steps :

  • Have sheets of sturdy paper or cardstock cut to whatever book size desired.
  • Cut out the images and words wanted.
  • Glue them onto the cardstock.
  • Write or illustrate to complete the story.
  • Staple the edges of the cardstock together.

This children ’ second craft activity will teach them to write a fib, and it is something they can then read to you or their friends .
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Christmas Scrap Book


If you can ’ triiodothyronine digest to part with your old Christmas cards, but you don ’ metric ton want to reuse them for anything, why not try making a scrapbook to showcase them ?
It can remind you and your kids who has given them cards over the years. You can include all your family ’ second favorite ones, whether they ’ re bathetic or funny story .
then just add pictures, descriptions, and early memento to help you remember each Christmas for years to come .
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Where Can I Recycle My Christmas Cards?

Old Christmas Cards
If making Christmas decorations from recycle materials isn ’ t your thing, but you don ’ thyroxine want to throw those old cards in the pan, recycling Christmas cards is the way to go .
One option is to donate the cards to St. Jude ’ s Ranch for Children. St. Jude ’ randomness has been recycling christmas cards for years, and your contribution helps with a bang-up campaign .
They use the old cards to provide teens with capital biography and work skills by creating new cards from them and selling them .
They ’ ll accept the fronts of most secondhand Christmas cards, but they can ’ metric ton take Hallmark, American Greetings, or Disney cards due to copyright issues .
If you can ’ triiodothyronine send them to St. Jude ’ s, but still want to recycle your cards, just check to see if they ’ ra simple paper cards or have details like hydrofoil, glitter, or beads attached.

If they ’ rhenium just newspaper, you can recycle them like convention. however, if they have ribbon or other supernumerary details, you can not recycle them. Get more detailed recycling tips here. –by Grace Bray; lead image via Canva

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