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It ’ s the most fantastic time of the year, except for agency people who ’ ve been feeling the annual pressure to come up with something playfulness for their agency vacation card. How did they do this year ? Check out some of the more celebrated efforts below .
Britton Marketing & Design Group

This means created a parody book of Goodnight Moon, called Goodnight Marketers, and sent it to friends, colleagues, peers and clients. There ’ randomness besides a digital version here .

here ’ s our beginning It ’ s a fantastic Life parody of the season. CooperKatz & Company takes a look at what the universe would be like if Ralph Katz and Andy Cooper had never started CooperKatz .
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Cossette Vancouver
Swipe left on centuries of lame-ass custom, and try Bltzn rather .

This agency made its Christmas cards by recycling all the discarded, crumpled paper on which the creatives had written their regretful ideas .

LivingSocial interviewed D.C. locals about the best gifts they ’ ve ever given or received .

Nail Communications created the Honest Advent Calendar, featuring little gifts for each day that might come in in truth handy. The agency gave the calendar to clients and media but besides to some Facebook followers who had the best answers to this doubt : “ We hope your holidays are fantastic. But we ’ re not idiots. We know they won ’ metric ton be—at least not all the time. So we ’ ve created the world ’ mho first dependable second coming calendar. Want one ? Tell us your most ridiculous/sad/heartwarming vacation problem. ”

For the twenty-fifth anniversary of Home Alone, redpepper recreated one of its favored scenes— ” with a nerdy, tech-y eddy. We thought about how we could take Kevin’s homemade security system and turn it into an agency party anyone in the region could interact with. So we did just that. ” Read more at .
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Yes, coming up with a bang-up holiday card is nerve-racking. And according to this means, it can be a very repugnance show. One of this year ’ s funnier entries .

If Santa was a womanhood, could she do the job ? A social experiment by Anomaly .

BBDO Toronto
Stress-relieving coloring books for adults are all the fury, but BBDO Toronto went a step far. The agency created a coloring tablecloth featuring a vacation design. “ As a bonus, we included washable markers, allowing the tablecloth to be washed and used again, ” the agency says. “ A new vacation custom, possibly ? ”

Cossette Chicago
This agency ’ south holiday video was allegedly “ written over a long weekend by a modestly paid group of writers, who holed up at a fish cabin within spitting distance of the North Pole to fully immerse themselves in the holiday. ” This is what they came up with .

DDB Chicago
“ The Drunk History of DDB. ”

Havas Chicago
For its # ilovegrandma crusade, Havas Chicago turned its River North lobby into four divide “ grandma ’ s kitchens, ” each representing a different ethnicity : african American, Asian, Caucasian and Latina. The grandma are friends and class of Havas, and the kitchens are equipped with ovens supplied by Kenmore, a Havas customer. The grandma will be serving up dislodge cookies made from classical kin recipes to the public .

J. Walter Thompson
Santa Had Help. This mobile web site allows endowment givers, receivers or anyone else to meet the elves who made this year ’ mho gifts. You scan the barcode on a endowment by using the telephone ’ mho built in television camera, and seconds late, one of 150 alone videos plays that corresponds to the specific gift in hand. The video feature diverse male and female elves at their workstations in Santa ’ randomness workshop in the North Pole .

MKG introduces PRISTINE BALLS ! A dear call in this snowless December in NYC .

McKinney introduces JöLLY, he inaugural wearable that tracks happiness. The JöLLY Tracker is a wearable that monitors barely how much you smile. And if you ’ re not smiling enough, it gives you an electric shock to the face. Enjoy !

Insecure Christmas trees get the Dove treatment in this “ Real Beauty Sketches ” spoof .

Ogilvy & Mather New York
Ogilvy is celebrating the temper by posing for wonderfully brassy stock holiday photos. The whole series is available for purchase on Getty Images, with proceeds donated to the World Childhood Foundation. ”

Plan B
Donald Trump actually doesn ’ thyroxine want to replace Barack Obama. He wants to replace that useless, faineant slob Santa Claus !

Publicis Groupe
Publicis CEO Maurice Lévy offers “ skippable ” holiday greetings in series of juke ads .

R&R Partners
Dress up a snowman like R & R employees !

Ray Agency
always try to catch a turkey ? It ’ second not a easily as it looks .

rethink presents The Ornament That Saved Christmas. This gay DIY combines a candy cane, old headphones and a genius hack of a smartphone ’ s earphone jack to make it fun to unplug this holiday season with an accompanying web site of inspire ornaments .

SapientNitro came up with “ SpeakEmoji, ” the world ’ mho first voice-to-emoji translator .

Dogs and cats recreate vacation movies in this video from SheKnows. Choice spoofs include A Pugmas Story, Love Catually and Frozen Dogs .

Sid Lee
Sid Lee gives you The Christmatizer. The agency created a Chrome plugin that mechanically replaces pre-roll ads with versatile Sid Lee holiday video recording, which you can check out below .

Check out the means ’ mho Merry Auction, where they ’ rhenium sell off “ bespoke human-crafted gifts from everyone in the office. ” Proceeds go to charity .

Team One
team One created a 360-degree video that will actually mellow you out during this nerve-racking season. “ Headphones suggested. Parka optional. ”

The VIA Agency
VIA filmed a cover girl, emotional spot for Preble Street, a homelessness charity in Portland, Maine. It ’ second running on television and in film .

Vladimir Jones
Check out this representation ’ mho Mule Log, so far another christmas Log spoof in a class that ’ randomness seen respective of them from marketers, besides .

Will Creative
Will sent a cryptic survey to clients asking them to identify their vacation frailty ( cookies, wine, eggnog, and so forth ). But alternatively of sending them their frailty as a giving, the Will employees spared them the temptation by consuming it for them in 130 personalize videos .

This Boston agency produced a three-part sarcasm of the agency life themed to the classical history of The Grinch .
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Wunderman NY
Greed vs. good 2015. In partnership with EdgeDNA, Wunderman Chicago and Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, Wunderman NY created a socially controlled deep-freeze, where the temperature rose and fell based on the use of two hashtags : # MeltfortheMoney and # FreezeforGood. Inside the deep-freeze was a snowman stuffed with $ 4,500 cash. That money would either be donated to Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue or won by one of the avid # MeltfortheMoney tweeters. ( plunderer : The # FreezeforGood tweeters won. )

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