Automated Patient Reminders

Ensure your patients are always aware of their next steps and are staying compliant

Buddy Healthcare’s automated patient appointment and task reminders help hospitals and clinics to ensure that patients are always aware of the next steps in their surgical or other medical specialty care pathways.

The BuddyCare care coordination and patient management platform allows care teams to remind patients of their appointments with scheduled reminders and push notifications sent directly to their mobile devices. The automated patient reminders are integrated as a part of the digital care pathway and they have been timed to appear through push notifications exactly at the right time during the patient’s care process.

The importance of automated medical appointment reminders

Forgetting is one of the most common reasons patients will cite for no-shows. Forgetting also plays a key role when patients are not properly prepared for their surgery or procedure day and have, for example, failed to observe fasting or medication instructions.

Automated patient appointment and task reminders are the most important type of patient reminders. They require no work from your care personnel. 

Reduce your patients no-shows with automated reminders

Patients can miss their appointments for multiple reasons such as simply forgetting the appointment altogether, forgetting to cancel the appointment, the reserved time not being convenient for them, or even being faced with transportation issues. Automated care pathways, including patient education and automated patient reminders, support patients staying compliant and engaged. Furthermore, automated reminders and patient education that requires patients to confirm that they have read instructions, or that the reserved appointment or procedure time still works for them, gives a signal to the care personnel that patients are progressing normally in their care pathways.

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